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Welcome to Would You Wear It on a lovely holiday weekend!  This is where you tell Jennifer and I what you think of the mannequins we have found around town and want your opinion on the styling.  We ask that you remember that every mannequin has positive and negative feedback, so keep your comments personal and not delivered in such a way as to make someone else feel bad about their different viewpoint.  Tell us why this look would or would not work for you personally.  The comments on this day are read and enjoyed by everyone.

Once you comment here make sure you go over to A WELL STYLED LIFE to tell Jennifer what you think of her look.  Then, of course, I have a slide show below.  So, tell us, ladies………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………


I will be taking tomorrow off to spend Easter with family, but return on Monday with a blog post and new posts for Instagram.  The Soft Surroundings winner will be announced on Instagram on Monday.  For those who celebrate Easter and Passover, I hope it is a wonderful time for you and your family. See you soon!




  1. I do like this outfit! If the pants were full-length and didn’t have the buttons on the fly it would work much better for me.

    Navy and yellow is such a great color combo for spring!

    Happy Easter, Pam!

  2. I like the white top and would get lots of use out of that. I love the yellow and navy color combination, but would not wear cropped flares ever. These are too memorable. The jacket falls into that category also, too memorable. While yellow is my favorite color and I like plaid, this plaid is too large for my frame and would be overwhelming. If it was a smaller plaid, I’d at least try it on to see if it would work. The only cropped pants I’d try would be something very slim fitting. Flares just aren’t attractive to me.

  3. Yes, yes, yes! Love this look. Love the navy and yellow! I think the entire look would fit my body type. I can definitely picture myself wearing this……
    Thank you!

  4. I would not wear these pieces. I don’t wear yellow, and while I like plaids, this particular one is not all that appealing to me. Since I am on the short side (5’4”), embellishments at the bottom of pants only shorten the look of my legs. Also, I don’t really like the button fly. I do like the cut of the jacket, however.

    1. I love the jacket! I’d wear it. It looks like it would be sharp to wear for going to lunch or to your doctors office….now the button fly/fflare legs….that would be a no! I have so much trouble with long legs…that even I can make flooders look highwater lol

  5. Ahhhhhh, now why did I donate all of my flared crops from 15 years ago? LOL They were cute then, and they’re back.

    *sigh* Yes, I would wear it- and did. But not this time around. I’m way heavier now, and my focus is on proportion. These tend to interrupt that long leg line.

      1. Not a fan of the outfit, I think I would donate the whole thing. The plaid jacket looks like it’s poorly made. ?

          1. No I would not wear this outfit. The plaid is too big for an under 5’ person (me) and the pants scream “teenager” to me. Talk about shortening your leg line! I’ve gotten rid of all my cropped pants in favor of top of the shoe or really long – to the floor-length. I look taller (5’1?) and thinner.

      2. I love the shirt & jacket & would wear in many different ways. I like the pants but would not wear. I am tall with long legs. I have fought the too short pants forever. I know any length of pants are now in style but I still feel odd wearing pants that look too short on me.

    1. I love the blazer and the white top. I’m not to taken with the style of the pants. While they are cute, I feel that they are skewed toward a younger person.

  6. I would not wear the jacket. I don’t like the plaid. I don’t like the cut of the jeans or all the buttons. The top looks interesting. I would need to see the sleeves. Happy Saturday!!

  7. I am happy that jeans with a higher rise are available again, but I do not want buttons/attention on the fly of my jeans. If these were full-length I would consider the jeans but not as shown, cropped flares. The white blouse looks great for summer, though I would want to know what the sleeves were like. No thank you on the plaid blazer.

  8. I don’t care for this outfit at all! The top and jacket combo is way to busy with the plaid and the cut-out pattern in the blouse. The pants look like a tall person put on a pair of petite pants! There is definitely too much going on between the plaid jacket, cut-out blouse and buttons on the pants. Can you say CONFUSION? Sometimes I wonder who dresses these manequins, did they take lessons from my daughter when she was 7?

  9. I’m not a fan of the eyelet fabric on the blouse. It feels too “sweet” and feminine for my style goals. Yellow doesn’t flatter my coloring so I would skip the jacket. The pants might be full length on me which would work, but I’d only want one set of buttons. On the legs or on the front to close the pants. That makes the whole outfit a no for me.

  10. Absolutely would love the jacket and blouse, but definitely not pants….too many buttons! I love navy and yellow, combined with white…maybe a skirt for a casual but put together outfit.

  11. I like the summery, nautical feel. I would want my plaid on a gauzy scarf instead of such a heavy feeling jacket. The buttons and the flared crops do not fit my style goals. As one of them is Aware, I try to find clothes that last several seasons, out of respect for the planet and my pocketbook. While I might dip my toes into a trend that I think particularly suits me, I try to make it less of a dramatic statement than these flared crops. Not to mention that my belly is probably the part of my body I’d least like to accent!

  12. Absolutely! This is so chic, the pants are the most adorable,. These three pieces can be worn so many different ways.

  13. Cute outfit but as others have noted the leg length is not ideal for a shorter heavier woman. I like the jacket but the plaid is a bit large for me. Maybe if the pattern was smaller it would look good in me.

  14. Love the jacket and I think I could wear it as I’m pretty tall. I don’t like the eyelet blouse, never have liked that look on me-I look better and feel better in less fussy things. The pants are a no-if they had a regular fly front then I’d wear them for sure. Just too many buttons! Wish I still had my flared denim crops-but I wore them to death the first time the fad came around!

  15. I like navy and yellow together and the white adds a crisp fresh touch. But I would pass on this outfit. There’s a lot (too much for my personal taste) going on: the large plaid in the jacket, the floral lace pattern in the shirt, buttons on fly and legs of pants, the flared crop of the pants. If I were in the store, I would check the sleeves and fabric of the white top, it might be a good piece to add to my wardrobe. Happy Easter!

  16. I love the jacket & top & would definitely wear them. I like plaid, & blue & yellow is a favorite combination for me. I like the feminine details of the top. I like the jeans but wouldn’t wear them. The cropped style is not flattering for me, & the buttons would make trips to the ladies room a time consuming chore.
    Happy Easter! I hope you enjoy spending time with your precious family.

  17. The plaid on the jacket pocket is mismatched with the bodice. That alone would drive me nuts. I like the pants, except there are too many buttons. I remember being taught by my Mom that too many buttons on an item of clothing cheapened it. Not sure about the top–I’d have to see all of it.

  18. Those pants would give me flash backs of high school, so maybe not. I have never liked eyelet with a print or plaid. It’s just too busy for me. I don’t like the colors in the jacket. I guess this is an all around no for me.

  19. The jacket and the top don’t appeal to me. Eyelet seems too girly and the yellow plaid looks very bland. I like the pants, but I would find a button fly inconvenient, so I would prefer button detailing on the legs only. Interestingly, I haven’t worn flared crop pants before , but I purchased a dark denim pair just yesterday!

  20. Love the outfit. I would definitely wear the shirt and the pants. I’m 5ft tall so the pants would fall just past my ankles and make me look taller. Love the jacket, but couldn’t wear it, as the check patten is too big.

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