Earth Tones Are My Kind of Spring Colors: On Trend for 2019

I cannot tell you how excited I was a few months ago to read that earth tone colors were on trend for Spring 2019 fashion! This is why you have seen so many browns around the stores recently.  I have always preferred earth tones to pastels…though pastels can be refreshing and very springlike!  These are my kind of colors and I truly love them.  But, last Saturday we got an example of how some of you don’t like (in fact hate)  earth tones, when there were comments about the brown striped dress indicating a distaste for browns and other earth tones. (Prison-wear? Seriously?) You might call this outfit I am wearing drab…but I call it CONFIDENT.  This is my happy place and though I do wear other colors, earth tones have always been my favorites.

Isn’t it great when you know what your best colors are?  I was so thankful when a “color specialist” told me that black was actually one of the colors I look best in…I knew I loved it!  And I am glad that there are some of you who know for a fact that you do not like these colors….just don’t put the rest of down when we are in the earth tone category!  This is a great spring outfit for me. The fabrics are light and cool, and the colors suit me best.  All of these pieces have been in my wardrobe for a while, but here is the information:

Black Cardigan with pockets – JJill

Green pants, rust sleeveless tunic – Eileen Fisher from Dillards

Necklace – Chicos

Bronze ballet flats – Cole Haan from Dillards

Anyone else out there who loves earth tones for spring?  Of course we want to hear from the pastel lovers as well.  Tomorrow is the last day to register to win the Soft Surroundings Beauty Giveaway valued at $200.  Just enter HERE. I will announce the winner on my Instagram on Monday!  There’s a fun slideshow below and, of course, this is a great time to shop…lots of sales going on for the holiday weekend!

For those who commemorate Good Friday, I hope tomorrow is a special day for you….and for everyone, please





  1. Since I have gone gray, I can’t wear as many earth tones as before (near my face). I do love olive, however I can’t wear ivory/cream. I loved some of the olive and white combos in the slideshow. Those look springlike to me.

  2. I have always associated earth tones with fall but I am happy to learn I can wear them in spring as well. These are the colors I look best in! In fact, the purple top in the slide show is one of my favorites.

  3. I’ve always loved Earth tones – pastels (even before I went white/silver) just did not appeal to me…. I have NEVER liked pink for some reason. Love it on other people – just not on me! A few years ago I had a gauzy summery top that was brown with a little white design – I wore it with white pants, white capris……I wore it out! Seriously, I washed it so much the fabric started coming apart – I LOVED it to death! Bronze or pewter sandals are a staple in my closet…Olive green looks good with my hair now, as well as brown, black and a deep ruby red (not fire engine or tomato). Love the colors/outfits in the slideshow! However we do it, let’s celebrate Spring! And Good Friday! Have a Blessed Easter!

  4. There’s nothing drab about this look on you Pam. I’m loving that necklace too. The funny thing is, I’ve always seen earth tones as sophisticated but they don’t look good on me. Perceptions are so varied. We must dress to please ourselves while having the grace to allow others to do the same.

  5. I might be way off base here, but do you think it could also be a regional thing? I like what you are wearing very much. Whatever colors or shades of colors appeal to us and suit us is what we should be wearing. And if we love a color that isn’t our best, there are ways to still include that color in our wardrobes. The regional idea though, I can see this as a spring look in the southwest because I associate rich earth tones with that region. Where I live we have an extended dreary cold season, and I think that due to that, what I’m starting to see around here now is more yellows, pinks and blues, definitely more pastels. I like jewel tones personally and look best in more saturated colors, but I wear navy and black all year. I love to wear a black shirt with my white jeans and think that says spring too. I love olive and have quite a bit of that color, my nod to earth tones along with coral and orange. We need to know what appeals most and then just have fun with it, no matter what the calendar says!

  6. Two short stories re earth tones: I’ll never forget the elegant look of my sons’ kindergarten teacher – she was tall, slim, wore her brunette hair in a sleek chignon, and dressed only in beige and brown neutrals. Oh to look like her! I tried, but quickly realized it was impossible… I’m a summer and need rosy pinks, pastel blues, and navy as my neutral to look like I’m alive.

    While shopping for a car recently, one of the interior color choices was brown. As the salesman opened the door he said, “People either love or hate this one!”

  7. You look great and HAPPY in those colors. I like earthtones on others, but many of them don’t look good on me. I also look washed out in pastels. Jewel tones are what I look best in. I guess I’m not one too interested in trends, only in what looks best.

  8. Now that I have taken the plunge and begun to let my grey out, I find I need to steer clear of earth colors. I think most have too much yellow in them .Im sad about this because they have been my go-to colors forever. Guess Ill have to find my “new” favorite colors now.
    Love the rust tunic on you!

  9. Great slideshow. It is giving me ideas for wearing clothes that I already have. I have always loved earth tones as I love nature and have brown hair and olive eyes. Earth tones also cone in lighter fabrics and lighter tones. Good topic today.

  10. With your coloring, earth tones are beautiful. Just because certain colors don’t work for me, doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate them on others. With my fair skin & bright white hair, most earth tones don’t flatter me. Everyone needs to wear what enhances their coloring & boosts their confidence.

  11. When I was younger, women of a certain age didn’t wear black. So, I chose brown and navy blue and loved wearing them. As black became a wardrobe staple I find I go to it more cause its easier. I’m glad to see my old favorites coming back. You look great and congrats on you weight loss. It shows.

  12. Yes, Pamela, I LOVE Earth Tones! I’m so happy that they are BACK!! I cannot wear pastels at all, nor have I ever been attracted to them, although some women look beautiful in them (like me sweet sister who is no longer with us). ??. Thanks to you and Jennifer of A Well-StyledLife, I am much more discerning about what I buy; I no longer buy out of desperation. I must like the way I look in something & like the way it makes me feel when I wear it- which includes quality, flattering colors, shape, neckline, etc. I used to just buy things because they fit & I needed something for an occasion (in other words, out of desperation!) Now I shop my closet first, because I now have things that make me feel good when I wear them! Thank you both! ♥️?

  13. Earth tones are my colors! Pastels wash me out and so are not what I ever wear no matter what season it is. Even now that I’m no longer coloring my hair it is still a dark grey not silver or white so I can still wear my warm colors. So thankful to havesome available in spring this year. You look great in earth tone colors!

  14. I have that same necklace from Chico’s but have never worn it. Your look inspires me to get it out, take off the tag and see what I can find in my closet to go with it.

  15. Isn’t it great…maybe some will begin to think differently about seasons and color! Thanks for stopping by Lee!

  16. That’s right Shirley…let’s all celebrate the beauty of spring! I think it is great when we have favorite pieces that we literally love to death (the clothing death!) I have a few of those I have worn until they could be worn no more.

  17. That is right…it’s so important to learn what our best colors are and then OWN them! Thanks Jennifer!

  18. Perhaps it is regional but I think it is more about what looks good on us. The trends are rolled out for everywhere and for me it is nice to see them in the spring collections. You may be right about the regions though Karen.

  19. I think the salesman is right, Ann. We saw it last week with the Would You Wear It dress…some hate the brown and some love it…few in between. I love brown with just about anything. Thanks for sharing your stories…loved it.

  20. I am happy in these colors and I hope all of us can find the colors that make us feel that way. Thanks Nanci.

  21. You are the second one to say that…so now I have another reason to hang on to my color a little while longer! And yes you do need to find some new favorite colors. Hope that will be soon. Thanks Kathy!

  22. So happy to give ideas and offer inspiration, Mary. That is why I am here. Thanks!

  23. You are so right Becky! I love it that we all can wear different colors and support one another. I hope that will happen on the Would You Wear it Days too! Thanks so much…I have friends who have bright white hair and look stunning in bright pinks and purples…it can be so gorgeous.

  24. Oh Wendy, you are so sweet. I will share this with Jennifer…we are good friends. We are both happy to give ideas and inspiration. Thanks for reading both!

  25. Thanks Lynne. I am glad to hear someone who has grey can still wear earth tones. Thanks for sharing.

  26. I love this necklace, Cheryll. I wear it often and always get compliments. Take that tag off and have some fun!!

  27. I LOVE earth colors. With my hair an auburn color, I can wear some of them. I have lamented the lack of brown basics for years. I hope this signals a return of them. I can wear rusts and oranges, but yellows and wheats are problematic. I didn’t comment on the brown striped dress, but it wasn’t the color that put me off, just the width and contrast of the stripes. It would have overwhelmed me, Plus I have a hard time with dresses. I am a pants and capris person. Thanks for all. (Website below in progress; not yet up

  28. Thanks Shelia! I wish you had commented on the dress. I love constructive comments on all sides!

  29. I love the browns-just too bad you can’t find more basics in brown or rust. The top I’ve worn almost to death is an abstract print of black, brown, and white. You can wear it with anything! Olive actually is pretty perennial- I see it every year so I think it’s a neutral. Oddly I can’t wear cream or most yellows- the colors that look best on me are clear bright teal, periwinkle, deep reds, browns, and greens. Strawberry blonde hair and light hazel eyes. I can’t let my hair go grey as I don’t have a clue what I’d wear! Your outfit looks just right- I’d wear that too!

  30. Maybe now it is a trend color, we will see more of them. There are a few pieces in my slideshow below! Thanks Susan.

  31. Earth tones don’t love me. If I do want to wear them, I keep them away from my face. Pants, shoes, boots, msybe a purse?

  32. Accessories are a great way to add a color that doesn’t work near the face. thanks for the idea, Binky.

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