Celebrating Creative Women Over 50: Paulette Martsof of Allie-Coosh

I am so excited today to update you on the life of Paulette Martsof, an amazing creative 0ver 50 talent who is located in the Dallas, Texas area.   I first introduced you to Paulette’s talents in 2013, in this post Paulette Martsolf: Exquisite, Graceful, Creative Designs.

So here I am, six years later to tell you that her success as a clothing and jewelry designer continues over 60.  These are not fast fashion…they are gorgeous pieces of art created by an artist who truly understands women.  She has a loyal clientele and recently opened a creative space for all types of artists in Richardson, Texas.  The address is 521 Interurban St.  Richardson, TX . 75081.  This is a new creative, artistic journey for Allie-Coosh.

I asked her a few questions just to update us on her decision to move from upscale Dallas to Richardson.  She said, “The new space is in a quirky area of Richardson where I purchased the property seven years ago for our manufacturing.  After 25 years in an upscale part of Dallas, the landlords decided to raise my rent 100%.  I felt it was time to close the doors but our clients said ‘no…….please do not…..we will follow wherever you go’!  So in the last quarter of that year our customers shopped and it raised enough money to pay for all our renovations.  I always wanted to combine my work with art and then I met a talented man, Jim Lively, whose work I really like.  Jim is a retired attorney, turned, artist, film-maker and author.  He decided to relocate his studio from the Dallas Design District to this space and we christened it Martsolf Lively Contemporary.  We have featured several artists and have enjoyed combining art, film and fashion.  Oh and on top of all of this he is now my fiance!”


As I said before, Paulette is an incredible talent.  I asked where she finds a lot of her inspiration.  She said, “Most of my inspiration actually begins with the client.  I have always listened to their needs.  I take that and incorporate it into the current colors & fashion.  Often when I buy fabrics I do not know what the ultimate end garment will be until I get all the purchases for jewelry and clothing together and then everything begins to gel into a collection.”  Paulette makes jewelry I dream about.  Her pieces are amazing.  Allie-Coosh Necklaces here.

“We dress many Mothers and Grandmothers of the Bride and Groom.  They usually bring in the colors of the bridal party and we begin selecting styles and colors from our Atelier that house bolts and bolts of fabrics and many of our unique designs.  We do dress real women who have specific needs ie. ‘please cover my arms’!  We have a variety of jackets with beautiful collars and cuffs that can be paired with a skirt or pants.  Also we have a variety of dresses that can be translated into many materials.  Our two key stylists, Kelly and Caroline are experts and are adored by our clients.  We love women in all shapes and sizes and our goal is to make them feel beautiful on that special day!  Please remember we create everything in house and have done so for 28 years.  When you support Allie-Coosh you are keeping jobs at home!”

I realize many of us are not the Allie-Coosh customer, but there may be some of you looking for a unique wedding dress which makes you feel fabulous.  There are also may be some of you, like me, who love an artistic accessory every now and then.  If you live in the area or you are visiting, go by and see Paulette and tell her I sent you.  I also want her story to inspire you.  We can really do anything we set our minds to at any age. Let’s celebrate the over 50 women who are determined to persevere.  Tomorrow, I will show you how Paulette takes my professional dress up a notch and share her advice for other women.  Let her journey inspire you to do more.



Disclaimer:  I was provided product for this post, but the words are my own.





  1. Thanks for this introduction Pam. I spent far too long drooling over the necklaces. They are gorgeous. I love your sandals.

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