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Happy Memorial Day Weekend, everyone, and welcome to Would You Wear It with Pam and Jennifer!  In case anyone is new, here is how this goes:  Jennifer and I find mannequins in our areas (me in Texas and Jennifer in California) that we find interesting and wonder if you would wear them as styled in the display.  You give your opinion of why it would or would not work for you.  The comments are important…ladies learn from one another.  I think this is important for the fashion industry to here what you think.

After you comment on  my display, then head over to A Well Styled Life and comment on Jennifer’s.  I also have a fun slideshow below…lots of holiday sales this weekend!  So, ladies, look over my display and tell me


Thanks for being here and always



  1. Good morning Pam,

    No, I would not wear these two outfits.
    #1 the colors are definitely not in my color palette. A different color combination and I might try them.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


    1. I would wear the striped pants and floral top with the black jacket. It looks fresh. Other look seems boring to me.

  2. I like the outfit on the left, but it needs a necklace for a more finished look. I normally wouldn’t think of mixing florals and stripes, but this works!

    The outfit on the right has way too many bows/ties that make it look cumbersome and heavy. I think a plain white shell would have been more flattering. Again, it needs a necklace and or other accessory.

  3. I like the one on the left not sure about the black jacket , definitely do not like the one in the right it’s not appealing at all

  4. I agree with Beth about too many belts & ties going on in second outfit, but I understand they were probably trying to illustrate the versatility of the pieces. I thought the black blazer looked a bit harsh with the spring-colored shell beneath; perhaps gray or cream would have been more appealing. I am not sure if I’m ready for the full pants look again! ? I do like the fresh look of the pin stripes, however.

  5. I would wear the black blazer and the gold pants. I like the fit, length, belt and side pockets of the gold pants. I would really like them in black or navy. I would not wear the floral top, striped pants or striped blazer. They look blah to me. I would wear the shirt with the tie if it is sleeveless. It would look nice under a jean jacket. Happy Saturday!

  6. The ensemble on left would be my choice with a few changes. I like the floral top with the striped pants but mustard is a big NO. Substitute a cool hue floral. I would also take the striped jacket from the right and wear with striped pants with the floral top or solid, for a pantsuit vibe. Don’t care for the belted mustard pants on right although I see that these two outfits can be coordinated!!

  7. Would definitely wear the gold pants, and would like them in different colours. The black jacket I like, it would team up with lots of my outfits. Not so much the blouse with the bow, a shell would be better for me. I enjoy the tips.

  8. I would wear all the pieces of the outfit on the left just not together. I really like the pants but for me they would be better with a lift colored top and a spring colored blazer.

  9. I would wear the white shirt with the striped jacket and pants. Yellow, no. The black jacket is too heavy for these summer clothes. I have a similar one, but I don’t wear it in the summer months.

  10. I would wear the striped pants and the matching jacket, maybe not together, but would wear both. I wouldn’t wear the stripped pants with that shirt. Not my colors, but the floral shirt would look much better with the solid pants.

  11. The floral top would have been an immediate turn off for me as is the bow on the white blouse; however there are other pieces that I like separately such as the black jacket and the mustard pants. I do appreciate that merchandise buyers are finally trying to create capsule wardrobe ideas for shoppers. These particular combinations just do not work for me.

  12. I would certainly try on the striped pants. I like that the loose airy pants are full length, as I don’t like the shorter version on me. Looks like something I could wear all summer. The blazer looks a bit heavy for my liking and the top would need to have another colour than yellow for me. Do like the look though. The one on the left is a no for me, mostly the colour and the short full pants. Have a good weekend.

  13. I would wear the one on the left.
    Not the yellow pants especially not with the tied front belt.
    Thanks for sharing.

  14. I would wear the outfit on the left.
    I would not wear the yellow pants. Also, the belt would be too bulky for .e.

  15. I love the colors (definitely my color palette!) and would not put floral and stripes together but seeing it here, makes me think maybe it would look okay. I agree with others, all the ties and loose ends on the second one look too messy and add volume (which I don’t need). Not sure I’m ready for wide leg pants again although the stripes lengthen the leg so maybe.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  16. As is, I would not wear either of these outfits. I do not wear yellows or golds. I like the pattern mixing, and I like the cut of the jackets. I would need more structure in the pants.

  17. I like all the items but would not wear the flower top with the stripe pant. I know it is an acceptable style, but I’m not there yet. I like everything about each piece..

  18. I like that the two piece striped jacket and pants are shown split into two different outfits. It reminds me that a suit can be pretty versatile. That being said, I would definitely wear the outfit with the floral top and striped pants, but not the other one. The first outfit looks sleek and slimming., the second has too many ties going on. I think the frumpy, sloppy top needs to go in favor of something a little less voluminous with a more open neckline. I do think the colors work together well, though perhaps not for me.

  19. I am usually not a fan of wide legged trousers, but the striped ones appeal to me. I am not sure about the floral top with the stripes. I still have trouble with that. I like both jackets, & the blouse with the bow would be fine if it were tucked in & not askew. The gold pants are a no for me. I am not fond of the color, the length or tied waist. The length & waist would not be flattering to my figure.

  20. I prefer the outfit on the left. The bows on the waist and around the neck would be too much for me and I am a pyramid shape so the vertical stripes on top then the yellow pants wouldn’t be the most flattering.

  21. My favorite piece here is the yellow floral top. Everything is too fancy for my taste but the outfits do look cheery!

  22. No…the stripes & flower pattern mixing is not for me. I really don’t care for the mustard colored pants with the busy sash belt. I’d not wear either outfit. I think both outfits would be vastly improved by switching the tops & pants! Then there may be a chance?.

  23. I like the white striped pants and the jacket but it might look too much like pjs to wear them together. I wouldn’t wear either the flowered top or the mustard pants – not a good colour on me.

  24. I am not a fan of striped suits, so that’s out for me. I would wear the shorter pants on the right with the floral blouse on the left but in a different color. I like the blazer, but would not wear it with either of these outfits, but again, in a different color. My biggest problem with the fashion industry in general is the lack of clothing in colors which are suited to women like me who look best in the cool, muted, mid-tone summer palette colors. Too many black, bright white, bright colors, light washed out colors like peach and dirty beige or the mustardy/rust palettes and earth tones that do not flatter summer women. Would love to see basics year round in all stores of muted navies, greys, burgundies, plums, taupe, soft whites and would love to find casual tops, dressy blouses,and athletic wear in complimentary colors in cool, muted, mid-tone shades of blues, lavender, roses, pinks, greens and raspberry. These colors are very challenging to find in many stores.

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