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Happy June 1, everyone!  Around South Texas, summer is on!  I saw many different styles on mannequins this week, but these two caught my eye and made me wonder what you would think. So, all you do, is look the display over and tell us if you would wear one or more of these styles or if you would not…always explain your answers in ways that help others to know why an outfit works or doesn’t.  Please give careful attention to your comments…they are the main reason so many women like this post theme.

After you comment on my display, please go over to A Well Styled Life and tell Jennifer what you think of hers.  Then I hope you will enjoy the slideshow below for some summer fashion fun! Ok, it is time, look above and tell us


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  1. I like the dress and coordinated sweater. A light sweater is a part of most of my summer outfits, and I like the way the patterns look. I’d be sure and break the pair up, putting the sweater with other outfits.

  2. I like both the toppers, but I probably wouldn’t tie the one on the left. I’d wear either one of them with white pants or jeans, but not with the dress that’s shown. I don’t care for the pattern over pattern look. It seems too cluttered and my eye doesn’t know where to go.

  3. I would wear the first outfit. It is a little twist on wearing a shirt that I like. The second just isn’t a pattern I like so it doesn’t help the pattern mixing of the two pieces.

  4. If I wore dresses, I’d give this dress a try. I don’t usually wear a lot of patterns, but I think the colors & pattern of the dress are not too overwhelming. I like the flowing nature of the dress.

  5. Oh my — both mannequins look very sloppy and thrown together to me — especially the one on the left with the tag showing. It doesn’t seem like much thought was put into these outfits. Accessories would have been nice.

    The jacket on the right is lovely but it gets lost over the patterned dress.

    I think the individual pieces would be fine. I’m just not a fan of the way they were put together.

    1. I would not wear anything that showed a part of my belly. No one wants to see that! That being said I love the pattern of the fabric in that blouse. For the dress and sweater/jacket on the right I would wear the dress and maybe put a solid color jacket with it probably the navy blue.

  6. I like the print of the dress on the right but the jacket on top has got to go. It’s already a flowy dress so to add a flowy top over it would just add pounds – who needs that?! The top on the left is an OK pattern but the way it is styled would emphasize my rear and belly, which I definitely don’t want to emphasize!

    1. Love both! I like blues with white or beige for my summer wardrobe, and both these mannequins appeal to me. I would definitely wear the pants with topper! On the dress with topper, would have to try it on, maybe shorten the skirt a tad.

  7. I really like this print and style. When I was working in the business world ( we won’t say how many decades ago), dresses & suits were much more prevalent. I loved the ease of a dress or separates like this one; effortless & stylish at same. I would wear this to church also. I also love this color combo. With fun shoes, bag, jewelry that might echo or contrast the colors, this one is a winner for me.

  8. I love blue but not here. The dress and the sweater are too full for me. Together they look confusing. The stripe top with the butt covering tail, no thanks. I don’t like the tail on anything. I’ll take the white pants.

  9. I agree with the Beth’ s comment above about the display itself. You can’t really tell what’s what. I don’t mind being able to see the price tag before I get all excited about something though! I love the colors in both outfits. The shirt and pants outfit I think I would like, but why they thought they had to tie the shirt all up in a wad in the front, letting the back hang down like a tail, as Mary said, and then belt it, for cryin’ out loud, is a a retail display mystery. I do like the mixed patterns in the dress outfit, but not that top with the dress; I don’t think they do anything for each other. Overall I think the colors are great.

  10. I like the fact that you are able to button the shirt up the sides or leave them open. I like to tie a knot in front of some tops for interest and to add dimension. I would wear the sweater over a tank and white jeans for a fun look that covers the arms. It looks very light. I usually wear a solid sweater over a dress. Love the colours in both looks.

  11. I like the lines of the sweater but I too wouldn’t wear it over the “matching” print dress. I would wear the dress if it skims the torso before flaring into the skirt. I’d wear the pants but I’m not a fan of a roll and tab sleeve on the shirt. I also wouldn’t tie it up in the front like it’s shown on the mannequin. The snaps on the side look interesting so if it came in a solid color and I like the fabric, I would try it on even though I don’t like the sleeve. I can always change the sleeve length!

  12. The shirt worn without the knot would suit me, either unbuttoned with a tank top or buttoned. Judi Dench is superb in this style, I can strive, can’t I?

    1. I’d wear all the pieces but not together–the white pants, maybe the shirt (without the tie and the dropped back shoved over my behind?), the dress, and the cardigan). I like the pairing of the dress with the cardigan, in terms of shape and the pairing of colors, but I think the prints are too busy to be worn together. Maybe on a tall person? I’m puzzled by the details on the shirt: does it button or snap along the sides? Are those ties in the front or a shirt front tied together? It’s trying too hard.

  13. I likely would not tie the top but give the retailer points for showing the customer another way to wear it. Both looks are cool, comfortable, and look nicely crisp despite being flowy, I think because of the color scheme. They could be accessorized with espadrilles, but also with red, lime or bright yellow accessories for a bit of versatility.

  14. I love the dress with the coordinating jacket and think it would be a flattering look for a pear shape and provide coverage where I want it in a stylish way. Blue and white look cool in summer and I like that it isn’t a floral print. Do you happen to have a link for this outfit, Pam?

    The striped top is interesting, but I find a collared shirt and tab sleeves to be too warm in summer.

  15. I would wear the dress and sweater and mix it with other pieces . The long top and pants are nice but I would not tie the top – as a shorter heavier woman the tie would cut me in 1/2.

  16. Like some of the other ladies have mentioned, I would wear the striped top & white pants, but I would not tie the top as shown. A bare mid section is not flattering at this stage of my life. I might wear it open with a tank or buttoned with a belt. The dress & sweater combo has too much going on for my taste. I do like the color pallet just not all the pattern.

  17. I would wear the striped tunic and skinny white pants but would tie it lower so my tummy didn’t show. I might even wear it unbuttoned with a white tank top underneath. The skirt and sweater are not my style and wouldn’t flatter my shape.

  18. Oh, my. I don’t “get” the shirt on the left. And the look on the right is just too much. Too much fabric, way too bold of print. I guess I have boring taste, lol!

  19. Tying the shirt at the waist (outfit on the left) totally negates the effect of the vertical lines which elongates the look. By tying it at the waist, you introduce a horizontal line at the waist and thus drawing attention to the waist. Just does not make sense!

    And the outfit on the right is just too much “pattern on pattern”.

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