Avenova Direct: A Better Solution for Dry, Aging Eyes

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I am happy to bring to you today a product I have been using for the past month.  Avenova Direct is a better solution for our dry, aging eyes for a couple of reasons.  I have struggled with my eyes becoming particularly dry and itchy for the past year.  I think aging is part of it and partly where I live in San Antonio. First let me say, this is a wonderful place to live…so many benefits.  However, here are actual headlines from publications:

San Antonio Allergies Don’t Just Suck, They’re Some of the Suckiest in the Nation

New study names San Antonio an “allergy capital” this fall

Texas Is One of the Worst Places for allergies and here is why

It seems most of the year there is pollen and a light dusting of some tree all over us. You should see my car during the high pollen times.  This also gets in our hair and lashes.  I have talked with my doctor about this very thing before I knew about Avenova.

Dry Eye Disease has always been a natural part of the aging process historically treated with artificial tears. However, now we know that artificial tears don’t do anything to address the root cause of Dry Eyes, which is bacterial. I know many who struggle with the same issues as me, and also struggle with what has been available on the market for treatments. So many, including me, hate to drop eye solutions directly on to our eyes.  It is uncomfortable…and a little unnerving.  After the anxiety, then many of those products do not help at all.  That is because they are not treating the bacteria on our lids and eyelashes.


To best understand MGD Dry Eye, read the information here.  Then read what I read that caught my attention, “With clinical studies demonstrating reduced bacterial load on the skin around the lids and lashes, Avenova has been prescribed and trusted by thousands of ophthalmologist and optometrists to manage their patient’s Ocular Surface Disease, including Dry Eyes. Avenova has the only patented chemical manufacturing process that produces pure Hypochlorous Acid. Spraying your lids and lashes daily with Avenova is the easiest and most effective way to improve your overall eye health.”  It has been clinically tested as well.

It made complete sense to me that cleaning my lids and lashes daily of bacteria with Avenova Direct would make a difference.  And it has.  I have been doing this twice daily for over a month and the irritable eyes are now reduced to tired eyes from too much time on the computer….and there is a difference that I can tell between tired eyes and dry eyes. The daily solution provided effective, fast acting, and soothing relief after two weeks of use. Yes, you do spray it directly onto your eyes…but they are closed when you do it!

Of course, I always recommend that you talk to your eye doctor or doctor.  There are also specialists available HERE to speak with you Also, check them out on Amazon HERE.

I encourage you to give it a try and give your lids and lashes a good bath!  It just might reduce your signs and symptoms of Dry Eye Disease! Check out Avenova Direct.


Disclaimer:  I was compensated for this post, but the words are my own.


  1. I’m certainly interested. My eyes don’t feel dry during the day, but I do notice when I take my contacts out in the evening that they are drier than they used to be. I don’t mind drops, but this sounds like it’s getting to the root of the problem, like you said. I had no idea about the bacteria. Thank you for providing this information!

  2. I too have dry eyes, age and meds will do that. My eye dr has me washing my eyes twice a day with Thera Tears, I find it’s helped tremendously. I will ask him about this new product. Thanks, Dale

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