Since I began to wear shorts less and less, cropped pants have entered the picture more and more.  But, I am pretty particular about how I wear my cropped denim.  First of all, it must be a great fit with a slim leg line.  I just do not like (on me anyway) the look of the flared cropped pant.  I have a couple, but I rarely wear them out of the house.  This is my go-to Cropped Metro Legging from Soft Surroundings (you see them often in my slide shows) that I have worn for years and will continue to wear.  They fit great and I have never really considered them a true legging, but more so a great fit, slim pant.

This is a weekend, going out to run errands look for me.  I like to look nice and put together…and for summer, this color says Fun!  I found the sandals last weekend at Marshalls and I was super excited because they are Clarks.  Recently, I purchased my first Clark sandal in red and I have loved the comfort.  I literally looked at them that morning and thought I need to order a white pair and hours later they screamed at me from the shelf at Marshall’s…WHITE CLARK SANDALS HERE…In Your Size!!  So excited.

It is just a fact for many of us that aging takes it toll on everything…including the legs.  While they are getting better through work at the gym, I just do not see that some of the issues will change.  And I am hopelessly white!  I have skin-envy for all of you will natural dark, beautiful skin tones!  So jealous.  But, the cropped pant, if it has a great fit, works.  If it is baggy, then it becomes a frumpy fit very quickly.  I try my best to avoid that.  I want to feel confident in what I am wearing no matter how casual the moment is.

Thanks for stopping by!  Let me know if there are any topics you would like to see discussed here that perhaps you have missed.  Would love to know!


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