Yesterday on Would You Wear It, we discussed this visual display.  I recently came upon it in Dillards, and (Despite what many of you thought) I was attracted to the blue coat in the front.  I am always looking for completer pieces and they are much harder to find in the summertime.  I went up and touched the jacket and it was so lightweight and airy, I thought I need to try this on.  Those are important words.

My mother-in-law rarely tried on clothing.  She hated it and would take home so many things she thought would work and end up either stuck with them or having to make that extra return trip.  I really attempt to take the time to try on as many things as possible, and when I am purchasing online, I ask myself a lot of questions before going for it.

I took two sizes into the dressing room.  The XL was way too big, and this is the L.  I really did not like it on me…at all…  because of the fit.  It is a good reminder that mannequins have no shape and clothing rarely looks the same on us that it does on a mannequin.  It was worthy of trying on, but not of purchasing.  Now, I left the dressing room thinking I need to find more piece for work in the summer that do not need a jacket or topper.  That was when I met this Peter Nygard top…

I was surprised that I liked it as much as I did.  But I am looking forward to styling it for work and posting it here.  I think it will be fun.  The summary is, I expected to like the jacket and didn’t at all, and I did not expect to like the top as much as I did.  We just need to take the time to go to the dressing room and not be in a rush.  Then, we should never beat ourselves up when an outfit doesn’t work.  It is the clothing…not us.  It is the shapeless mannequin…not us.  There are plenty of pieces out there, you just have to take a little time with them.

Always ask yourself, what does this say about me?  What am I communicating if I wear this? Does it have the structure to fit well and be confident building?

Today’s slide show is starts off with this blouse, and then I located some fun summer pieces for your consideration at great prices. Have fun shopping and always


(Monday will have Father’s Day gift ideas!)


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