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Happy Saturday all!  I hope you are cool where you live, we are expecting up to 105 degrees today…a little early for this in June…not even officially summer on calendar.  Bummer…but, on the happy note, it is Would You Wear It Saturday with me and my globe hopping friend, Jennifer Connolly.  Though she has been celebrating on a European river cruise, she wanted to keep participating.  If you are new, you look over the fashion merchandising display I post, and tell me if there is anything here you would wear and why or why not.  Please explain in full because the comments on these posts are loved and read by all.

Then, after you comment on my display, head over to A Well Styled Life to comment on Jennifer’s.  I hope you will return for my slideshow below.  And, tomorrow I am going to write a full post response to my display here…so please come back for more.  So, tell us ladies…


Stay Cool, and as always,




  1. Today I am leaning toward the right rear mannequin with the slightly mismatched blouse and striped culottes. The front center pieces seem too warm just not quite right for summery temperatures, and the jean shorts are something I Own, and not exciting me…..
    I see myself (a rather average- built person.) in the mismatched set. Lol.

  2. I would wear the cropped pants with a navy tshirt. I don’t like anything else in the photo. When it’s hot enough for shorts, they aren’t denim!

  3. Well probably not. If you carry weight mud section would be unflattering and uncomfortable. I love the striped shirt, vibrant colors though I don’t care for sleeveless. They never fit correctly, cover correctly and I have older upper arm bottoms. Culottes are perfect as long as material isn’t heavy.

  4. Love the colors on both mannequins, the texture & details of both white tops they are wearing. Also loving the bright orange of the jacket on the left one. Although I love the pattern on the jacket on the right, it seems a bit too long. Can’t have too many olive green cropped pants either! Which outfit would I wear? All of the one on the left- on a cool day or evening, chance of rain- which is almost daily where I live! I might also wear all of the one on the right but it would depend on the length of the jacket; the pattern & color is awesome but I’d have to try it on. I’d definitely wear the top & capris though.

    1. I do like the orange jacket and would wear that. I like the striped shirt and wide cropped pants, but the colors on the shirt don’t inspire me at all and I don’t wear wide crops, so not likely to wear that. The jacket on the center has an overwhelmingly large print and I’d get lost in that, but a cute style. Again, no to the cropped pants. The denim shorts are much too baggy. I have denim shorts but prefer a closer fit in bottoms. Of all shown, I’d wear the orange jacket.

  5. It’s very hot where I am today, too… I like all three of your looks, however, I’ll agree with Mary,.. where I live denim shorts are spring, fall or even winter.. my favorite outfit is the striped shirt with cropped straight leg pants… I’ve cheated and looked at Jennifer s page already and I love both outfits on her page and would happily wear those

  6. I’m drawn to the denim shorts and bright tomatoe red hooded jacket. This would be a great travel outfit. With my 72 year old legs would probably opt for skinny jeans rather than shorts.

  7. I would wear the look on the left. I do have similar shorts. The front look is ok if the jacket is light and filmy, but if heavy would be too hot for me.

  8. I would wear the pants with the waist tie but not the striped shirt – while it’s pretty, it’s not my best colour. The other two outfits are a bit blah. We’ve had an extended wet spring and now that the sun’s finally out, I want to wear bright colours and light fabrics.

  9. The diagonal plaid-patterned shirt leaves me cold–such a late-60s look to me, which is when I wore it. Actually, I don’t see anything that I would wear. The shorts are too long for my short thighs, the orange jacket too boxy.

  10. While I like all the outfits the center jacket is a bit too long for my shorter heavier frame. I also like the olive cropped pants but would prefer a narrower cropped pants. I love the bright jacket and would love to wear it! Such a cheerful color and perfect for an evening on the water. The jeans shorts are a little too short and would prefer a clam digger length.

  11. Cute,cute, cute. I like the whole layout, but I can’t wear cropped pants because i’m too short

  12. These would not suit me at all. The colors are wrong for me. There is no style. No, I won’t wear these.

  13. I would wear the outfit in the middle. I actually have several versions of this in my closet – neutral bottoms and simple, classic tee. Last summer, I purchased a black and white gingham anorak at Target that is perfect for summer. I would wear it as well as the plaid jacket in this look. The overall look is polished and yet simple and easy. I like pieces in the other two outfits also – striped bottoms, white top, and coral jacket. Nice looks!

  14. I like both outfits with the exception of the wide cropped pants – love the color and would wear them if the legs were narrower and shorter.

  15. I’d definitely wear the diagonal print jacket. It would fit right into my present wardrobe. I’d also try on the capris that are shown with it. They look rather baggy on the mannequin, but I suspect that they’d actually fit better than that.

  16. Oh yes! I love wearing sporty casual clothes, and these outfits are all adorable! The jackets look very functional as well as fashionable. I like the long denim shorts and the olive crops. I could add any of these pieces to my wardrobe and wear them tomorrow!

  17. I would wear the outfit on the left if the shots look ok on me. Like the hoodie and the colour.

  18. I saw a few (American) women wearing the knee length denim shorts in Europe this week. They aren’t my style but obviously work for many. I’m not flattered by cropped pants so would not wear them.

  19. I like the olive pants — and I agree with Wendy above — you can’t have too many!! I think they look really cute with the t-shirt but the plaid topper looks too big and wouldn’t be very flattering on me.

    I’m big on accessories and find that these outfits look a bit unfinished — necklaces, bracelets, etc. would be great!

  20. I would wear the orange jacket with the stripped shirt outfit although I like the shirt, it is too busy for me.
    I would deep six everything else.
    Why can’t they dress the manikin in a manner that draws you to the outfit?

  21. The way the display is styled makes me want to say no to all of it. The jackets are interesting but look oversized & sloppy on the mannequins, as do the denim shorts. The sleeveless blouse & cropped pants are the most attractive, but I don’t wear either of those things. I think a better presentation might have made me more interested in at least trying the items.

  22. I really like the sleeveless striped blouse. I love to wear prints in the summer. I’m not so thrilled by the cropped pants and definitely not the shorts.

  23. I wouldn’t wear any of these as shown but I would at least try on some of the pieces. The denim shorts are a maybe but only if I like the leg length on me. The orange jacket isn’t my color and not really my style. The white t-shirt looks too long for the shorts but is a possibility when worn with something else. The neckline on the white T with the black trim is too high for me. I prefer a slightly lower neckline or v-neck. I don’t like the cut of the capris with the long blouse. The blouse has possibilities if worn over something slimmer and in a different color. I like the overall look of the culotte and striped blouse but not the colors in the top.

  24. For my taste the tops are too loud. Loud red, loud stripes, large plaid. The bottoms are too full and I don’t like the lengths. So, no for me.

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