This is the second post during Make Every Day an Occasion Week and I want to discuss statement pieces.  The jacket I wore on Monday, HERE, was certainly a statement piece and so is this jacket I am wearing today.  But, I warn you, you will be noticed wearing statement pieces and you need to be ok with that.

When I saw this Ming Wang jacket at Dillards, I immediately thought of these IC Collection pants hanging in my closet.  I have only worn them a handful of times, but with this jacket…they are about to be worn more often!  Today, I am wearing this look to work and to a blogger event for a new Parisian restaurant, Sweet Paris,  at The Shops of La Cantera in San Antonio.

Speaking of Parisian, author Tish Jett writes in her book, Forever Chic that French women dress for the day to be noticed and they are perfectly fine with that. “Some non-French women imagine they’re invisible if they venture out in sweats, shapeless message T shirts, no makeup, and ponytails, but nothing could be farther from the truth.  We’re giving ourselves a bad reputation in the neighborhood, the grocery store, the mall, on vacation, chez nous, wherever. Getting dressed and getting out there garners respect and conveys self-confidence.”

I completely agree with Tish and her believe that our clothing is a form of instant messaging.  You do not have to spend a lot to look fabulous every day.  It only takes a little time and, perhaps, a little creativity.

I am going to enjoy this jacket often…with other pants as well.  It is lightweight and will go throughout the year for me.  Do you have those statement pieces . you love?  There are a few in the slide show below if you need some ideas and July Clearance sales are just around the corner! Now, what do you think about standing out?


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