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Good morning, everyone!  How I wish we had a quaint little coffee shop where we could meet to discuss News for Women of a Certain Age.  But, our virtual coffee will have to do.  I hope this finds all of you well this morning. This audience rocks…your encouragement yesterday meant the world! Thank you for your kindnesses and at this point, how could I return to my old hair? You have really been great friends and readers.

Here are some headlines you may enjoy…..

At 103, Hurricane Hawkins is my new hero!!  Be inspired by her in this story and her advice to LOOK FOR MAGIC MOMENTS.  Remember she did not begin this part of her life until she was 100!  Anything is possible with the right attitude!

For the travelers in our group, I thought you might enjoy this story from the Guardian about European travels.  Hope I am helping to plan that next getaway!

We all know that nothing is truly anti-aging!  But the Huffington Post brings advice on when to begin using anti-aging products.  I though age 2…what say you?  Here is the article with advice from dermatologists.

I am always in need of advice for how to build energy into my day…that does not involve a can of Red Bull!  So, this article with 7 Ways to Build Energy caught my attention and I thought I would share it.  One of the ideas was news to me…can you guess which one

I wondered how Mick Jagger does what he does in his seventies….after heart surgery…this article reveals the KEY TO JAGGER’S SUPERHUMAN PERSEVERANCE.

A friend told me to do this a year ago and I scoffed at it, but last summer I was so hot after my morning workout that I thought I would practice taking cold showers.  I did and I persevered and came to like it ….. alot!  Before you scoff, give it a try.  Read more 7 Reasons to take cold showers.

Hope you found these helpful and interesting.  Please leave comments on any or all stories.  I have a fun slideshow below (fun items and great prices)  Now, for the rest of the day,



  1. I had read about the 103 year old and found that so interesting. What I like about this is her practical advice about staying mentally sharp. I really think there is so much to simply walking. I’ve seen a lot of evidence of this with older people I know (much older!) And then what the article about Mick Jagger says…basically the same. Exercise and not overeating. I tried looking up the 7 Ways to Build Energy, and there are so many articles like this, I didn’t know which you selected. Do you have a link? The cold showers Pam…I don’t think I could do it. I tried several times in my life…once was at a campground at Cape Hatteras where that was the only option and once in a hotel where there was a problem with the hot water tanks. Just not for me! Lukewarm in the summer is okay though!

  2. Loved the article on Hurricane Hawkins (she is so on-point) as well as the one on travel. Thank you for the referrals. Actually i’m Having coffee as I read this. Is that close enough?

  3. I always enjoy seeing what articles you choose. I do think the article about anti-aging is over the top. Do they really expect women to use 7 steps with 7 different products twice a day? That sounds like it is just meant to sell us more stuff. I think good genes, avoiding the sun, staying well hydrated, and not smoking have more impact than stuff slathered on the skin (although I do use moisturizer daily). My mom is 92 and is starting to get that look that fine old porcelain has with the crazing over the piece. She has never had deep wrinkles. Her mom never had deep wrinkles either. We can’t choose our genetics (yet), but the rest is in our control.

  4. Thanks Pam for the Guardian article on rail travel. We are planning to take a rail tour at the end of our European cruise next year. We enjoy cruising Europe for a taste of different countries but are ready for more in depth travel experiences. I also appreciated the anti aging article. I don’t think everything is meant to be used at once. I do use the ROC nightly and appreciate seeing other brands of similar use to try…especially sunscreens, since I go through so much of it!

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