Make Every Day an Occasion Week

Happy Monday!  Let’s call the styles this week “Make Every Day an Occasion Week!”  No matter if I am working or just around home, I make it a point to fix up and look my best.  Why?  Because…life is short and I want to enjoy each moment of it…no matter what is on the daily agenda.

About 8 years ago, I read an essay in a book titled “Stepping Out of Sweatpants and Into Style” by Debbie Wright.  She says, “I am here to tell you that, regardless of your size, lifestyle, or budget, you deserve to present your best self each and every day of your life.”   She also writes, “when you respect yourself, others will respect you in return.  Learning how to dress beautifully and appropriately for your body, today, will directly affect your emotions, your confidence, and your accomplishments on a daily basis.”

My life after 50 has been all about not allowing age challenges to shut me down.  As a result, I have experienced more joy and confidence than I have ever known.  I have also been able to do more for others…because I step out in confidence every day.  I even speak to strangers more and enjoy meeting others.

I have many challenges…just like the rest of you.  I do not allow them to cause me to stay inside and dress frumpy as if I have given up on life.  It just takes courageous steps forward.  For example:

  1. I am larger: No matter your size – dress the body you have today and do not compare yourself to others
  2. I have funky feet now with many issues – but cute flats and sneakers are amazing
  3. I have a ripped ear – but love my necklaces and bracelets
  4. I have wrinkles (Duh) – but practice good skincare
  5. I do not have perfect teeth – but keep smiling any way

Each day is a gift and therefore each day should be an occasion to dress our best, even casually.  Coco Chanel said it best,”The badly dressed woman, people remember the clothes.  With a well-dressed woman, they remember the woman.”  I hope with my grandchildren and the people who come my way, I will be memorable.  Looking my best in one of the reasons I choose to


Notes on the Post

Yes!  I got a haircut this past Saturday.  I am still not sure how I feel about it.  I have not had it this short in many years.  So, what do you think?  It grows pretty fast, but I might maintain this for awhile.  Though I am not sure!

One of the best retailers to make every day an occasion is Soft Surroundings.  The top I am wearing is from there.  It is a great piece.  I have a pictures below of statement pieces which go great no matter the occasion and my favorite pants from there, the Metro Leggings and Crops are on Sale!  Don’t let the word “legging” scare you, these are just great fitting denim pants.


  1. LOVE your new haircut! It is really flattering, and the shorter look is perfect for our Texas HOT months (and months and months. . . ). This outfit is a great look, too.

  2. Love your hair: it’s very youthful and flattering, frames your face (and pretty smile) very nicely!

  3. The first thing I noticed was your hair! I really like the cut, it looks wonderful! I know what you mean about having it cut, it’s kind of a shock! Mine is always long too, but often I think I’ll have it cut to change things up. As you said, it grows back. This cut is causing me to seriously consider a shorter length for summer! It looks really good Pam! I certainly agree about fixing up to always look our best, even around the house. I like this outfit a lot. Soft Surroundings is a good way to accomplish looking chic while being comfortable, AND they are having that sale…!

  4. Your haircut looks fabulous! Your posts are always positive & inspirational. I love that you are open & honest about what your personal challenges are; it says, “You can overcome your challenges & embrace life, too” instead of presenting a carefully curated- but false image. Thank you, Pam!

  5. You look fabulous from head to toe. I noticed the hair first thing and it is GORGEOUS on you. It hugs your face and you look so happy. Where ever you are headed in that outfit, you will be noticed for how put together you are. Again, great post.

  6. I think your hair looks great, The length is perfect for your face:. I have a question about the Metro leggings. Do they run true to size or should I size up or down? I have no store close to me.

  7. Yes! The haircut is fabulous!!! This truly is a great photo of you. I appreciate all your inspiration for fighting the frump and not giving up on ourselves!

  8. Hi Sue, They run true to size. They are tight when you first put them on but they give after wearing for a little while. I have owned mine for years so I am hoping nothing has changed.

  9. Your hair is DARLING!!!! Wow! What a difference the change a few inches in length makes! Now we can see your beautiful face, which is what I noticed first. Your outfit is nice but your hairstyle is stunning and flattering. I don’t see lots of hair … I see you. LOVE IT!!

  10. A big yes on the haircut. I noticed something was different right away. I think it opens up your face.

  11. As soon as I saw your post, I thought something is different…then “really” looked at you hair…cut is perfect for you…bet you end up keeping it that way?…
    As always, a great post and love how all blends together.
    I receive Soft Surroundings catalogues, but have never ordered..may have to, though. You do them a great service with your posts. They do have lovely things.

  12. Love the haircut! When I first saw you I thought you looked both younger and slimmer! Beautiful!!

  13. I opened the post and immediately went “WOW! Pam cut her hair and it looks fabulous!!” PERFECT style and length for you! Your beautiful skin and smile just shines! Oh – and loved the outfit, too! 😉 I agree wholeheartedly – dress for the body you have NOW. My husband (God love him) says – “I remember when you used to wear those sleeveless dresses to church in the summer – why don’t you do that anymore?” Honey, that was 20 years ago and I don’t DO sleeveless anymore, remember? Great article – and I vote keep your hair this short for summer! 🙂

  14. Thanks Karen! I had a couple of anxious moments while it was being cut, but right now I am liking it!

  15. Thank you so much, Michele! All of this encouragement is making me want to keep it this way!

  16. I was just going to comment on your hair when I paged down and read that you got a new cut…love it! Very slenderizing….don’t we all want that? ?
    I love the Soft Surroundings catalogue however most of their items, sadly, don’t fit me well. The top you are wearing looks darling on you. On me I would look like I was ready to fly. I’m just one of those people who needs very simple cuts.
    Love reading your uplifting blog!

  17. First thing I noticed – the fabulous new haircut! It really is flattering, and takes years and pounds off. Not to say you weren’t pretty before, but this is a gorgeous new you!
    I love some of you combinations that you wear, and they look great on you, however, I’ve not had the same good luck with pieces from Soft Surroundings. I’m very pear shaped with a long torso and find some of their tops I’ve bought too short and had to send them back. I’ll keep looking at them and maybe give them another try.

  18. You look fabulous in your new haircut! It showcases your beautiful smile. Love the jacket/kimono and the necklace.

  19. My hairdresser has always said “a change in your hair is a change in your life!” Note that almost every comment says they noticed this first, in a positive way. Almost didn’t know what was different, but something was . . . All are correct as to the effect that the cut has on you.
    Your work colleagues will see the same thing as we do. Smart move!!

  20. LOVE LOVE LOVE your new hair cut. It is so flattering and youthful. You have a great head of hair:)

  21. Thanks Bobbi! All of these comments are making wonder why I waited so long. You guys are amazing!!

  22. Your haircut is absolutely amazing. It frames your face beautifully. Very youthful too!

  23. Love your haircut! It’s good to know that the Metro Legging from Soft Surrounds is more slim denim pant than a true legging. I’ve considered buying them several times and knowing the fit and that they run true to size is helpful!

  24. I have been a follower for years but this is my first comment. Your hair looks fantastic! And so do you. I love being a woman in my 60’s. The best is yet to come. Thanks for the inspiration.

  25. I really like them. They are tight when you first put them but they give soon!

  26. Your hair looks fabulous, I think it is the best ever. I love the first outfit too!

  27. I love your haircut! I wear mine in a similar cut. I couldn’t agree more with your post. It is especially important for those of us whose main job is to manage the mundane things in life to treat each day as special & do little things that bring us joy. If I look good, I feel good & have more energy. Thanks for presenting such a positive outlook.

  28. Your hair is perfect! I truly like it a bit shorter. It’s gorgeous to begin with and thus new shaping adds a bit of chic!! I love today’s look a lot! Thank you for sharing….

  29. A lot of feedback today!!!!
    Your hair cut is great and your smile is infectious.
    Such an uplifting post. I look forward to reading your blog as you are so upbeat.

  30. I love your haircut! I was reading another blogger earlier today and her remarks were-you can always wear classic clothing but keep your hair and makeup updated. I’ve always thought I’d love a shorter hairstyle on you, Pam-not criticizing your hair before because I know we have to make some changes gradually. This cut literally takes years and pounds off and makes you look lighter and happier and more open. You’re lucky to have such beautiful hair!

  31. You are so sweet! This was hard for me to do but the comments here have made me feel much much better!!

  32. I LOVE your haircut! I noticed it right away…I recently did the same and think I will keep it that way for quite awhile ?

  33. Your haircut looks absolutely stunning on you. Literally you look ten years younger. And dare I say, thinner! It’s amazing how long hair can weigh us down.

  34. Your haircut looks great and so does your outfit! You are always so positive and have a good outlook. I wish I could be as positive as you!

  35. Love the hair. Frames your face. Love the jacket too. Looks great with Jean’s, but would also look great with something dressier.

  36. You look gorgeous! The new haircut really suits you. And you always dress like a dream. You always inspire me to look my best!

  37. I love the new haircut as well – frames your face perfectly and if i can say so, makes you look a bit younger. Love the outfit and your outlook on life.

  38. You haircut looks great. Coincidentally, I cut all my hair off on Saturday as well. When I was in my 20’s and 30’s I would change my hairstyle every few months, it was fun and daring. I am starting to do that again. Your confidence is inspirational to me. After years of set backs, called life, I have been physical, emotionally and spiritually getting healthy again. Looking the part is helping me to feel the part, thanks for your inspiration, wisdom, and advice in your blogs.

  39. I agree with all of the comments posted. Your hair is fabulous! I recently cut my hair to a Very Short bob after wearing it shoulder length for twenty years. The compliments are rolling in. High five for being brave enough to make the change! Now I have Togo shopping at Soft Surroundings for some white Metro leggings…lol!

  40. Thanks for your ‘list of challenges’. (Boy, can I relate to those.) And yet, you have chosen to keep moving forward and try to encourage others to do the same. You admit your set backs but celebrate your successes. That, in itself, is one of your greatest pieces of advice. Your photo in the upper right hand corner of the blog page compared with your updated summer look is a testament to the benefits of your positive outlook in these past several years. Thank you for putting yourself out there, Pam!

  41. So glad to hear you are on the road to healing! Get ready for the blessings! Now we can be haircut buddy’s! Thanks for sharing your journey too!

  42. A+ to the hair, skinny jeans, v-neckline, darling topper, coordinating gold bold necklace, and copper shoes. EVERYTHING about this outfit is a winner! Wow!

  43. I’ve secretly been thinking a shorter cut would suit you, and it looks great! You smile shines brighter now.

    The quote is a good one to remember.

  44. Great haircut! Love the look!! It shows off your pretty face more than the longer hair ! It also shows off your beautiful shinny smooth locks!
    The top is also beautiful !!

  45. The haircut is very becoming and I think you look younger and updated! The whole look today is awesome

  46. Your hair looks great. Years ago we had a wonderful British friend and artist who dressed every day as if she was going to a wedding. Including wearing a hat when she went out. She was well into her eighties and was simply fabulous and fun. She said “life should be celebrated”. And although I don’t manage the same – I really admire the sentiment. She’s gone now but just thinking of her makes us smile. You reminded me of her today. Thank you !

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