Many of you know I like a seasonal touch to my home decor and nothing says summer home decor better than the color YELLOW.  Now, I realize many of you do not like to wear yellow, but it is a bit different when your home is wearing it.  Yellow is the bright touch of sunshine that just says summer!  Think of it as your yellow highlighter which just makes summer stand out inside the house.

Recently, we hosted a few friends for dinner and I wanted that touch of summer in the decorations.  After a little Pinterest-inspiration, I decided to cut some limbs from the backyard, add a few large lemons and happy sunflowers in a vase.  It was exactly what I wanted for the dining table that evening.  Now, you can buy lovely artificial lemons and I have them in the slideshow below.  But, I will use these lemons since I keep fruit water in the refrigerator.  It gets good and cold for the warmer days.  There is just something I love about fresh fruit and flowers in the house.  For those who can pick the lemons from your own tree, I am totally jealous!

We also have yellow lantana planted in our front flower beds.  It is a great flower for South Texas heat and sometimes, drought-like summers.

I am in search of cute plasticware for summer meals with family and friends…some of the contenders are in the slide show below.  It took a long time for me to finally get Christmas dishes, and seems to be taking longer for this.  Though I do not understand why since our summers go on, and on, and on…sometimes well into October,  Of course, a nice touch are the outside string lights for a summer evening…add a great wine and you’ve got this.

Does anyone else have ideas of how they use yellow for summer decor?  Please share!  And allow this sunny time of you to have you




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