How Wearing Black & White Can Make A Casual Summer Evening Nicer

I began the week wearing black & white and want to continue that theme today.  Wearing black & white is empowering to me…it takes this outfit with leather flip flops for a casual summer evening up a notch. It does not take a lot of time to quickly turn a summer look nicer.  The outfit on Monday was black pants with a white top, and this one is (as you see) is white pants with a black top.  But this past Chico’s purchase in the top is light and breezy.

My husband wanted to go down to our favorite neighborhood eatery and I could’ve dressed even more casual than this.  But I decided to dress up the Clark Flip Flops and the Soft Surroundings Metro Cropped Leggings in White with a nice solid black tunic and a Chico’s white necklace.  Sometimes we do not have to do much at all to make a summer style a little nicer just to go down the street and around the corner a bit.

I feel so much better when I take off the old around-the-house top and replace it with this…even if the occasion is simple.  I know he appreciates it.  This is what a wardrobe with great basics in it will do…make it easy to have a little nicer look when the event is casual and quick.

Would anyone else like to share a quick tip to take your casual style quickly up a notch??  Please do and remember your best accessory is when you


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  1. Pam, you look lovely, as always! As I’ve learned from the style blogs that I follow, at my age (72), I look better with a bit of color near my face, either a scarf or necklace. In cooler weather, a third colorful piece, sweater or jacket, would serve the same purpose of brightening our well-loved basic black.

  2. When I had my colors done, I was thrilled to learn that black is actually in my color palette, Diane. So for me it works both ways. I know for others it does not, but I think as I progress forward with age, you will still see me in some black!

  3. Love the black and white – it’s one of my “go-to” looks in summer! (I actually have a very similar outfit that I love in my closet!) ” 🙂 I agree with Diane – for me (silver/white hair) the black looks better on top, with the white (pants/capris) on the bottom. Also, my favorite way I elevate my casual summer outfit is with the earrings/bracelet/purse combo. An outfit I’d wear to town for errands/get my hair cut/etc. can be “dressed up” if my husband says “Let’s go out for supper”! Love it!

  4. Love your outfit but I would love to see you in pants that were not so baggy…expecially with a very full top. That’s my preference and I think it would look great on you, too!!

  5. Here’s the good news… they are baggy because I am losing weight!! Sorry do not have the extra dollars to replace it all right now!!

  6. You look wonderful in this outfit; black and white are a great color combo I wear all year round. To dress a work or casual look up a notch, I add pearl or crystal jewelry, an envelope clutch I have in a slight metallic finish from Brahmin, and/or metallic footwear. I also like to do a hard juxtaposition: 90 percent casual and one very formal piece (like a red carpet glittery necklace with a tank top and dark jeans), or vice versa: trousers or a skirt, a silk shirt, with leather flip flops and less structured bag. I open my blouse button one more to create a longer neck. I also think a one color look is really dressy. Any color works, but I’ve been loving the white and khaki combos that are on trend this summer. I liked your comment that your husband appreciates it. Mine seems to too, and as you noted, it makes simple occasions just that much more special and fun.

  7. Pam, you look lovely. Just the correct outfit for a dinner out.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Hi Pam,
    So jealous you look great in black! I love wearing black and white and I also like to add a bit of turquoise in earrings and jewelry for a bit of a pop. Lots of folks like to add red as well but that is not my color palette.

  9. Because I am retired & spend a good deal of time at home, I treat each time I leave the house as an occasion. Even if I am only running errands, I try to step it up a bit. You never know who you might see. I once ran into a former colleague while pumping gas. She told me I looked great. It made my day.

  10. I also do the all one color neutral look-not usually black in summer (altho I love it with white or silver accessories or pearls) but khaki and white, or different shades of cream. For dressier wear I sometimes pick a collared shirt in nice cotton or linen, something with structure. Then I add tortoise accessories and maybe a low heel sandal. I’m actually afraid to wear flip flops out-even my nice Clarks only go to the pedi salon with me.
    I think another way to dress up casual looks is to add a heel-and there are comfy ones out there, block heels are still fashionable. Rockports are my fave personally. After all, usually we’re only sitting eating dinner so I can manage them that long!

  11. I love black and white so much that I often have a tendency to drift right to it when I shop and then reprimand myself to look for color. When I do add color, I wear a red coral necklace and carry either a red bag or red shoes. I only wear one or the other. A bright yellow is a good accessory color too. Your necklace is perfect and it’s length and bright contrast is slimming. Although you are really looking slimmer already!

  12. I like a more fitted top but that is because I am wider on top than on bottom. I am busty but have no hips or behind. I do love it on you however.

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