I began the week wearing black & white and want to continue that theme today.  Wearing black & white is empowering to me…it takes this outfit with leather flip flops for a casual summer evening up a notch. It does not take a lot of time to quickly turn a summer look nicer.  The outfit on Monday was black pants with a white top, and this one is (as you see) is white pants with a black top.  But this past Chico’s purchase in the top is light and breezy.

My husband wanted to go down to our favorite neighborhood eatery and I could’ve dressed even more casual than this.  But I decided to dress up the Clark Flip Flops and the Soft Surroundings Metro Cropped Leggings in White with a nice solid black tunic and a Chico’s white necklace.  Sometimes we do not have to do much at all to make a summer style a little nicer just to go down the street and around the corner a bit.

I feel so much better when I take off the old around-the-house top and replace it with this…even if the occasion is simple.  I know he appreciates it.  This is what a wardrobe with great basics in it will do…make it easy to have a little nicer look when the event is casual and quick.

Would anyone else like to share a quick tip to take your casual style quickly up a notch??  Please do and remember your best accessory is when you


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