I have one more garment I purchased at the Macy’s Black Friday Sale for under $20, and went for it because it is lightweight and easy breezy.  Now, I know you are looking at my black and thinking what is light about this.  But, most of the black tops I wear under jackets and cardigans for work are heavier fabrics and, this time of year, can feel…well…clingy! So when I saw this lighter INC top with the V neck I prefer and it was $19, I said SCORE for affordable fashion. It is exactly what I had hoped for.

I have it paired with JJIll pants, and a shorter JJill cardigan.  I am feeling more confident in the shorter lengths lately now that I am losing a little weight.  (Hope to keep that going, but birthday weekend did some serious damage…my birthday and National Ice Cream Day on the same day? Had to celebrate!).  I did give myself an unusual birthday gift. Many women gift themselves spa services, or Botox; but I paid to zap spots!! Here is what I mean…

I go to the dermatologist for regular checkups since a few spots needed to be removed.  But, I am covered in spots…the doctor calls them wisdom spots and they are hereditary! So, I elected to get 15 of them zapped with the intention of seeing them go away.  For three weeks, they actually look bigger like this.  I am trying to wear higher necklines to work as not to scare the other employees.  I hope this works so that I can enjoy my V neck tops with confidence.  It is the most flattering neckline on me…at least, when big spots are not there. Make sure you see your doctor on a regular basis.  Skin cancer can actually be the spots you least expect.  The wisdom spots can be zapped!

Besides wearing spots, my other accessories today include an older Coldwater Creek rope necklace, and my new James Avery Beaded Cuff Bracelet…which I love and I am wearing often!  The shoes are my second pair of Clark Flats from Macys.  Hope you were able to stomach the spot discussion!  Has anyone else tackled this issue of too many spots given you from your parents! A gift I would like to return.  Please share if you have discovered how best to deal with them.  I appreciate your participation and make sure you



MORE GREAT ITEMS ON SALE…Don’t you just love July?


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