How I Wear Animal Print for under $20

Happy Monday, everyone!  I have really enjoyed the July sales this year and today wanted to show you how I rock a little animal print for under $20!  This is what I wore to my birthday breakfast Sunday morning…always good to start another year with a little leopard’s roar.

Macy’s recently hosted a Black Friday Sale in July and I picked up a couple of blouses by INC for $19 each.  INC is my favorite brand at Macy’s so I was all in when I saw great sale prices. I really like the neckline on this little top also as well as the shade of print.  I will easily wear it all year long.  The knit cardigan and pants are from JJill, and my Clark flats from Macys.

SNOOZE in San Antonio provided the perfect birthday breakfast.  This is the Avocado Benny and they provided a Pineapple Upside Down Pancake complete with a candle and cinnamon butter….no judgement!  It was my birthday!

I do want to lift my latte to all of you though.  The conversation yesterday of hope, encouragement and expectation was the best gift you could have given me.  I have gone from tears to possible excitement over what lies ahead.  You are the most amazing group of women.  I am so thankful for this audience!

Remember to pay attention to the sales…they are worth it.  I have picked up some fun items for now, for cooler weather and for gifts.  I put together a fun slideshow below for you with these pieces up front and then some affordable fashion.  Thank you for being here, remember to always




  1. That’s the way to rock it. I have a blouse that I bought last year that looks like that one. I put it together with black pants, shoes and chose to pick up the brown with my jacket. It wasn’t until we took pictures outside that I realized the jacket I though was brown turned out to be a dark olive green. I need my glasses changed. ?

  2. I bought a top and a pull-on denim skirt at Macy’s last week. Great sale prices. I like your animal print top. Sam’s Club has a selection of Chelsea & Theodore tops for less than $10. I picked up a silky “snow leopard” animal print with short sleeves and a high/low hemline. Thanks for the continued inspiration!

  3. So glad you had a wonderful birthday! You are not getting older, you are getting better! I think you look fantastic- your new hairstyle is so flattering! I enjoy your blog and look forward to new posts. Thanks for lifting us!

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