Today is my birthday and I am gonna’ have a good time! (can you hear the music). I am the ripe age of 66, which has had me thinking what is ahead on Route 66 with some trepidation.

I did not expect to feel this good at age 66.  I do not feel old at all and am pleasantly surprised by that.  Definitely over 50 and feeling good.  But, sometimes I think it is also beneficial to look at the reality of being 66.  Things will probably need to change soon. We love our home, but lately the repairs are more draining and the yard work more difficult.  My husband and I are having discussions about the future that I was not ready to have yet…but the reality of being 66 means those discussions must happen.  It is past time to weed belongings out, and past time to think about what we want our lives over 60, 70, and beyond to look like.

We are both still working and that will not change for a while…which is fine by me, but we must discuss what life looks like when one or both of us cease to work.  I hate those discussions.  I prefer to sjng “Que será, será!”   Not exactly prudent thinking. This past week I walked through our home often with tears in my eyes pondering what it would be like to not be here.   However, each day has been a little easier as I think about it and this decision is not going to be made tomorrow (I don’t think so, anyway).  While the future holds some fear with it, there is also a little bit of excitement to know change can also come with fun and new adventures…though they would be very different.

So, for today, I will celebrate with family and eat ice cream cake (my favorite) and go one more day not pondering the future.   My sweet friends from the gym brought me home grown veggies and this card…I had to laugh…veggies are what you get when you turn 66!  But, I say this with all honesty, home grown veggies are the best!  I am not complaining…just laughing. The card does speak truth!  They also brought me the awesome balloons.  Thanks to women who encourage other women to walk this walk in healthy and joyful ways.

If anyone would like to share advice of how you have walked through changing lifestyles as you age, please share.  And, know, that no matter how difficult these changes get, I now that God is with me and I plan to always



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