What to Wear on July 4: Controversial or Not

Happy Fourth of July, everyone!  I hope everyone has a special celebration going on today.  I will be with family at a backyard barbecue and I know what to wear.  This Chico’s poncho from the past is perfect with it’s blue and white stripes, and I have on a red tank underneath.  It is light and airy which makes it a go-to garment in the heat.  I style it with my Soft Surroundings Metro Leggings, Clark leather sandals, and blue toes!

But, I want to boldly say how proud I am to wear red, white and blue.  I am proud to be American, and I love my country.  I always have.  When I was 11, I won an essay contest hosted by a local newspaper and I titled it Today, I Saw the Flag.  It was about all of the special pieces of America that I saw inside of our flag and the special people who came from everywhere.  I even got to ride in the town’s July 4th parade in a convertible…an impactful day for that little girl.  But, I understood at a young age that this country was incredible and to live here is a gift.

I do not get political on this blog, and will continue to hold to that.  In this divisive world today, I do not want to drive unnecessary wedges between us.  However, somewhere along the line, being proud of America and wearing the colors or displaying the flag or even holding our hands over our hearts during the national anthem has become controversial.  I do not think it should ever be controversial.  I am so thankful for our country.

So, I hope you will join me today in wearing your red, white and blue.  I am even going to make one of those American flag cakes with blueberries and strawberries on top. It is a wonderful day to be thankful for our country.




  1. Good for you Pam. Have a really fun day and enjoy all the festivities. I hope your day is as great as our July 1st was, and also, we will be enjoying your fireworks on TV tonight. They are always spectacular. I love the blue and white stripe top, looks so cool but still covers.

  2. Standing right there with you Pam! I am so incredibly thankful to live in this country and proud to be an American. I’m reading this right now with my coffee on my front porch, looking at my flag waving in the sunshine! I love this country!! What you are wearing is perfect for the day. I like how it’s got the patriotic colors, but is not overdone. I was going to wear my white denim skirt with a navy tank, so will look for that touch of red. Have a wonderful time with your family! !

  3. Love that blue and white top. Wish it were still available! And I am also so very thankful to be an American. God bless America!!

  4. Off to Jamestown Rhode Island a little island off our coast. The breezes will be great on thus humid day! Wearing a baby bathing suit by covered by a navy and white striped beach coverup with red accents! And my big spf straw beach hat! Lots of sun block! Looking at the waves roll in will remind me how lucky I am to live here!

  5. You look wonderful! I have that same Chico’s poncho and never thought to wear a red tank underneath! I am proud to be an American and live this country! Happy 4th of July!

  6. Great post! I am also a proud American, wearing my red, white and blue today! Happy Fourth!

  7. Well said, love my country! You look so great Pam. Enjoy the friends, family and fireworks.

  8. What a beautiful message! How blessed we are to live in this wonderful country!

  9. Really like the striped top. You just reminded me I need to paint my toenails! I’m not used to seeing them bare, looks like something is missing. I have a dark blue that will be perfect for today. I really don’t think pride in America has ever been controversial. We may not like everything that happens, but we love our country.

  10. I too am a proud American, although it has never been my thing to wear the colors on the Fourth. My big flag hangs outside though. I hope everyone has a happy and safe Fourth.

  11. Back in the day, I spent a year studying in France and traveling in Europe. Even though I had a wonderful educational and culturally enriching experience, I wanted to kiss the ground when I arrived back in America. And when I hear that Lee Greenwood song “Proud To Be an American”, I get a tear in my eye. As for fashion, I always wear a certain T-shirt to our local fireworks display. It is red with a flag/cat design–“celebrate red white and blue”. Also, I wear vintage Chicos shirts with patriotic & flag designs. Happy Birthday America!

  12. I, too, am a proud American. Today is a day for setting aside politics & being thankful for the freedoms we enjoy & sometimes take for granted. Happy 4th of July to all.

  13. I love wearing and enjoy seeing others in the red, white, and blue on the 4th. I believe it’s the one day that brings all of us together every year. I love that top too. I think making a patriotic cake is a great idea and I still have time before the grandkids come for BBQ and fireworks! Happy Forth.

  14. Love your outfit. Would love a top just like it.
    Happy 4th of July from your Canadian friend.

  15. Beautifully said Pam!! I am also proud to be an American and blessed to live here. Love your outfit!

  16. Good for you, Pam! You look festive as well as patriotic. No one will ever make me feel ashamed to be an American; I will always proudly wave my flag and wear my red, white, and blue when the occasion calls for it.

  17. Pam, greetings from yet another proud American! I feel blessed to live in this great country and agree with your comments above. I’m flying the Stars and Stripes today with love and gratitude!

  18. Love your message and childhood story. I proudly wear my red, white and blue on July 4th each year. I love your top and am a fan of Chico’s. We have many flags flying outside our home and inside as well. I am very thankful to have been born in America. I love my country and am a very proud patriot. Looking forward to seeing the fireworks over the lake as a yearly tradition in my family. God Bless America!

  19. Didn’t give the 4th a thought and avoided any news. I am out of the country celebrating July 1st with Canadians and attending Jazz Fest in Montreal.

  20. That’s a nice outfit.
    I don’t care for clothing that looks like it’s cut from a flag.
    The Girl Scout in me remembers rules about how to treat it. Your outfit hits the theme without being too literal.

  21. Well said, my dear Pam! My family and I always attend the local 4th of July parade, dressed in red, white and blue. So happy and proud to be born and raised in the best country in the world…. God Bless the USA! ???❤️

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