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Happy Saturday, all and welcome to Would You Wear It with me and my good friend, Jennifer.  We select fashion displays which catch our attention and make us wonder if you would wear the look or not.  The comments on these posts are read by the followers so make sure you explain your answer as to why or why not the outfit works or doesn’t work for you.

After you comment on my mannequin, then head over to A Well Styled Life and write to Jennifer what you think of the one she is posting.  This is such a great way to discuss current trends and fashion merchandising.  So, what do you think?  Look at this outfit above and tell us


Then in the slide show below I found some fun items on sale all under $50! July is just the best time to shop!



  1. I like it. My arms aren’t perfect and my waist isn’t so trim, so what? I’ve spent the weekend at the shore looking at bodies in tiny swimsuits who should really have considered whether they should be wearing those suits, and it reminds me that my flaws are mostly obvious to me and me alone!

    I’m short so I’d be thinking about shortening it. I can’t tell for sure, but the pattern seems to run out towards the bottom of the skirt, leaving a mostly white area that’s not truly a border. I’d take up that part so the skirt was below the knee and the white bottom not-border was gone.
    The top is cute and I like how it flares at the hem. I might belt it.
    And yes, that olive jacket next to it would be a part of my fantasy outfit as well. I’m near the water and it gets cool and breezy there after the sun goes down.

  2. Love the skirt….price?? Only because it is a “statement ” item!
    I don’t wear the rust, ronde color so might go with the royal blue for a top…cute outfit!

      1. I thought so!!!
        Wish I still sewed!
        I think I had a wild skirt in the ‘ 70’s that I made from curtain material!!!!!!
        Love the idea though!
        Let’s go bargain hunting!

      1. Thanks Dell Ann…it is an on trend color for this summer. The summer colors selected by designers for the summer include many colors we previously considered to be autumn.

        1. I love the outfit. The top appears to be more of a coral or terra-cotta which are great summer colors. Love the culottes too. Would look so cute with a cognac pair of espradille wedges or even sandals . The addition of a light jacket was a great idea too.

  3. This is a cute summer outfit. I like the skirt length and the colorful print. The skirt is not too full. I would wear this with a short jean jacket and probably change the color of the top to black or a blue shade.

  4. Yes, I would wear this. I like the cut and color of the top very much. The length and flowing style of the skirt is so feminine, it’s definitely something I’d wear. The print is a little stark and attention-grabbing, but with the tank it really does work. If this was in my closet I’d probably have it on right now! Would also be a perfect vacation outfit for the beach or beachy type resort. I can just picture walking along the shore in this!

    1. Just looking at this again…are those coulottes? If so, I think I’d still wear it/them since it/they appear so flowy. It looks enough like a skirt that I’d still wear it!

  5. I like it ! I would however want the top in the teal color, I look terrible in Orange. I am also short so I would shorten the skirt so that it was just below the widest part of my calf.

  6. I love the colors in the skirt and its pattern. The tank on top I couldn’t wear due to my gravity affected upper arms (and the color is a bit “fall-y”for the bright
    skirt.) This whole sleeveless thing is becoming a problem for me. You can’t wear a jean jacket in 100 degrees. Therefore I would not buy just the skirt for fear of never finding the right top.

  7. Interesting presentation of a bold print! I like the idea; however too much orange/yellow overall for me. This appears to be culottes and not a skirt since there is a seam down the front. I would wear culottes but with a different color top with 3/4 sleeves in blue or black/or same tank with a white jean jacket.

  8. Yes I would wear this for sure, but change the colour of the top to the deep pink or the blue in the bottom. White crisp shirt would also look good and I have many styles of those, so yes to this.

  9. Yes, I like it! I would prefer a white basic top but it’s ok ? perfect for a holiday and with a jacket I could wear it for work

  10. I think this is a cute outfit, just not for me. The colors wouldn’t be flattering & the print on the culottes is too big & overwhelming. But I think it is a nice summery outfit for the right person.

  11. I really like this outfit….not my colors so would change that….just needs a little jacket to complete. Would definitely buy could dress up or down

  12. I love this outfit and would definitely wear it. I am 73 years old and pretty fit so I have no problems with this. I think older people should wear more colour especially in the summer.

  13. Cute outfit. Loving the wide leg pant this year. Colors are a little loud for my red hair but I would give it a go.

  14. I would definitely try the top on. The armholes seem to be cut quite low, but that might just be the way they fit on the mannequin. The pattern on the culottes is to big and overwhelming, so I wouldn’t wear them. The olive jacket on the right catches my attention because I love that colour, but I can’t see enough of it to know if I’d wear it or not.

  15. I like the outfit but did notice from the side view how deep the armhole was. If I had to wear a cami underneath, that would be a deal breaker

  16. I like the shape of the top. I look horrible in orange but if it came in a color I wear I’d try it on. I’m not a fan of the big print on the culottes. Big abstract prints just don’t appeal to me. Again, if they came in another fabric/print I’d try them on.

  17. I love this outfit–the bright colors make me happy! I especially like the color and shape of the top, and I would wear it out (like on the mannequin)–not tucked in. However, the bold print of the culottes would overwhelm my short figure.

  18. My first reaction was WOW — this is a very striking and classy look. It looks like a million bucks (as they used to say in my younger years)!

    The rust color is gorgeous — and looks amazing with the print on the culottes! I love the simple and elegant necklace. All in all, very classy!

    I’m not sure if this would be a good look for me, but I would definitely try it on. If I saw this in the store I would stop and check it out!

  19. Love the colours of the culottes but would prefer to as a skirt. I’m not a big fan of rust so close to my face (not my best colour) but lots of other colours in the bottom piece to chooses from.

  20. No. The color of the top is wrong for me, & I don’t think I would like the fabric. The bottom would not be flattering to my figure. I also can’t imagine where I would wear such an outfit.

  21. I love it, though I would prefer it if it were a skirt. Count me in as one who loves the autumnal palette done in linen and cotton for summer. I have purchased a few linen and linen knit pieces in olive already this season. The skirt/culottes would transition into cooler weather with either a jean jacket, or, my preference: an olive utility jacket. It begs for espadrilles tied around the ankle. I bought some huge raffia hoops this summer for $5 at Charming Charlie’s, and they are now about a penny a wear, and they would be perfect for this outfit. Don’t you love the idea of buying $155 culottes to go with your $5 earrings?:)

  22. The style is fine and the color of the top is fine, but I wouldn’t wear it because I don’t think large prints are flattering on my body type (short and overweight). If it were reversed–solid color on the bottom, print (smaller please) on the top with a solid colored light sweater or jacket, that would work for me.

  23. I love this outfit! Cool, casual, comfy. I’d probably add a jean jacket with the sleeves rolled up a bit.

  24. I like it, but I don’t think I could wear it. I would try it on. You never know. They seem to make so many clothes that would look good on someone tall, that don’t work so well on a 5′ frame.

  25. I was in Montreal for 10 days and saw a woman wearing a similar look. She looked cool and fabulous in the summer heat. I think the key to this look is a great color and balancing the wide bottoms with a simple restrained top. I’m now on the hunt for wide, linen pants. Don’t know if they will work for my body type until I see them in a full length mirror.

  26. I love the look on this mannequin. I love the vibrant colours and think these would be ideal summer vacation clothes. Would likely wear the orange top under a small shrug to conceal flabbyarmitis! The sskirt/ culotte I would have to try on but I love the length. Thanks for showung us this, Pam, and have a happy week!

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