Fall 2019 Foxcroft Blouse Collection: Putting Bold into Neutrals

I am excited to show you a piece from the fall 2019 Foxcroft collection.  You all know I am a huge fan of Foxcroft tops, and so are some of the best fashion retailers in the country.  This is because Foxcroft is a trusted brand.  Customers always find quality pieces, great fit, and fun design when you go to their site.

This is the WAVERLY FOIL DOT SHIRT, and San Antonio get accustom to seeing it, because I love it and am going to wear it a lot.  Won’t it be cute with my jackets or black vests?  I love the foil silver and gold dots within the shirt…I wish it was easier to see in the pictures, but these are a little shiny…and that makes it more fun.  The Fall 2019 collection has taken neutrals up a notch with fun creativity in the prints and design.

This shirt is 100% cotton (my husband thinks all shirts should be 100% cotton!) and I can hand wash it in detergent for darks at home.  It will line dry (as most of my clothes do) with a light ironing on the opposite side of the shirt…this protects the foil.  Foxcroft is a brand we can trust with fit…they offer plus size and petite and are made to fit our womanly shapes in flattering ways.

Foxcroft has some beautiful prints in the pre-fall collection which can be found on their website, and you will see some great choices whether you are classic or a little bit relaxed.  I am going to be wearing this to work soon and enjoying it immensely.

Now, a special surprise…if you use the code PAMFOX at checkout you will receive 20% off your purchase for a limited time.  (I Love the code PAMFOX!)

Make sure you VISIT FOXCROFT to see what is out now for fall!  I just love this time of year…..




Disclosure:  I was gifted this product, but the words are my own.


  1. Great design, and aren’t metallics still trending? This is a perfect way to have fun with the trend in a quieter way! That inky blue is one of my favorite neutrals! I can see why you will be wearing it often!

  2. Hi Pam, You always look great! Question about your laundering of 100% cotton shirts. Don’t they come out of the washer in a ball of wrinkles? Mine do and I have to iron everything on high with steam to get the wrinkles out ?

    1. Mine do not. I was them in cold water with Woolite…then hang up to dry…then spray with Downy Wrinkle Relaxer and put in dryer on Refresh. Some may need a light iron touch up after that. Hope that helps.

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