Fall Beauty Trends and Tips from Chanel at Dillard’s

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live and what is happening.”  – Coco Chanel

In the picture above, I am modeling new products from the Fall/Winter 2019 beauty line by Chanel.  When my friends at Dillard’s in the Shops of La Cantera, invited me over for a demonstration, I wasn’t going to say no…it’s Chanel!  We all love a little pampering and learning from one of the best.

The wonderful Alessie was my beauty designer for the evening and she is living a dream job with a smile which shows it.  She explained the Fall 2019 Beauty Line is inspired by Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel’s love of Paris and the simple and chic style of the Parisian women.  This means the makeup is lighter  with soft luminosity and elegance.

Of course, all great makeup begins with great skincare.  Alessi massaged the products into my face and neck for a long time.  Chanel says, “the longer the massage, the more success you will have with your makeup.”  I rarely take the time for facial massage when putting on my products.  She said if I do not have time in the morning to at least take the time at night, because it makes a huge difference especially with aging complexions.  Chanel is all about radiance with the skincare products.  They are silky smooth.  There is a special moisturizer for the lip area and she said to apply it first with horizontal movements, then vertical once from the top of the lip to your nose.

At this point, I would like to introduce you to one of the customers who stopped by the counter to pick up product.  She is a retired cosmetologist and just moved to San Antonio from Florida.  She said she has worn and recommended Chanel for years.  “The people who think Chanel is expensive,” she said. “do not understand how to use Chanel.”  She said just a tiny bit of product goes a long long way and will last much longer than the less expensive brands.  I enjoyed visiting with her.

Alessi introduced me to a cream bronzer that I really liked.  It looked more natural than the powder I have been using, and it added a glow and shine I liked.  I usually contour with my bronzer, but she patted it with a foam applicator from my ear and hairline into the bottom of my cheek and it looked great.  The foundation was a lighter version they recommend for women my age in order to not settle in the creases.  Other advice she offered for women of a certain age, was to go lighter on eyebrows and blush.  She says it is a common problem for women to darken those two areas and that is actually aging.

This is the shimmer you see on my chest which is a part of the Fall Collection.  I am considering making this a purchase for events in November and December.  I will be attending a fancy ball for one of those, but I have not selected the dress yet.  She also used this around my eyes and it really brightened the area.

Now, about my eyes.  This is my best feature and I know we all love to play with our best feature.  I like to wear darker eyes because I wear glasses…all of the time. I liked it that Alessi also wears glasses…she got what I was going for. You may be able to see the new White Eyeliner Alessi placed inside of the bottom lid.  This widens the eye…not an issue I have, but I know some of you would welcome the appearance of a wider eye.  You can also see it on the model’s eyes behind the product I am holding in the picture below.

One thing she did that I have not done before, was to use concealer as an eyelid primer to keep shadow on longer.  I am going to do this, because between my two jobs, I have very long days.

Now, to my extreme delight…the Fall Collection has the most gorgeous purple shadow in it.  You know how I love purple on my eyes and I fell for this color. 

The icing on the cake was their Velvet Lipstick which is really like butter, with a touch of liner and gloss.  I honestly have not tried a lipstick I loved this much as far as how it feels going on.

I would like to encourage all of you, if you live in a city where Chanel is at Dillards, CHECK THE LIST HERE,  to go let them do your makeup.  There is no charge.  They will even do it for a special event.  Also,  if you want to have a fun luncheon or tea with girlfriends, they will be happy to show up with a demonstration and tips for everyone.  Just call your Dillard’s and schedule an appointment.

For those in or around San Antonio, you have a very special opportunity on the horizon.  All you need to do is call Dillard’s at the Shops of La Cantera and ask for the Chanel counter, make an appointment, and you can have your makeup done by a Chanel master.

We all deserve a little pampering and these types of events are so much fun.  Plus as I said on Sunday, it helps me to push my boundaries a bit and know how to be a little bolder without piling on product.  It was wonderful to be pampered for an evening by Chanel.

And, yes, since I left there I have been doing facial massage when I put on my skincare products.  Feels great and is relaxing.  What are your favorite eye colors to wear in the fall and winter?  Please share………..put on some beautiful lip color…………..and…………………..



Disclaimer:  I was gifted product for this post, but the words are my own.


  1. This is a wonderful post! I found it interesting that a luxury brand may actually be the better choice for cosmetics. Thanks for all your blog posts – there is so much to learn.

  2. I like the lip color in the first picture of you. It looks good for fall and looks natural. Interesting about the facial massage. I use oils on my skin but don’t spend a lot of time doing a massage. I’ll have to try that. Makes sense that it would help!

  3. Thank you for this very informative post. I wear minimal makeup everyday, but always avoid the expensive makeup counters in Dept Stores. Also, the choices and brands are overwhelming. Appreciate your research on our behalf.

  4. Enjoyed this post…love all the makeup “tid-bits”…I recently was in an Ulta, here in Va. Beach, to purchase eye shadow. The young lady helping me asked if she could apply on my lids, which I agreed to. She also used concealer on my eyelid and under eye, very lightly with a sponge. Then applied the shadow. She said it not only helps shadow stay on, but evens out the eye area, before applying eye makeup…

  5. Pam, your skin, hair and outfit look amazing! You are glowing and look so youthful!! Great job on your blog, great article! GiGi

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