Rounding Out Our Week Of Fall 2019 Fashion Trends

Happy Friday, everyone!  I have been using the Fall Fashion 2019 Trends Runway Show from Neiman Marcus in San Antonio to discuss trends that some of us off-the-runway ladies may want to participate in.  It was a fabulous show with gorgeous styles, and as you can see from this week, I did have several takeaways.

From these two styles, I took away not to just do the safe thing and style animal prints with basic neutrals, but to occasionally be bold and style an animal print with another print…like the plaids in these two looks.  I am filing this one in my overstuffed filing cabinet (called my brain) and looking to see if I can find ways to make it work.  I am not sure, but if I do I will post what I come up with.  I do like the idea of searching for some new, unexpected ways to wear the animal prints.

I love this entire look, and with a smaller heel on the boot, I would wear it as is.  I have been searching for an affordable sequined jacket in gold for a couple of years.  Since I would not wear it that often, and the cost per wear needs to justify the price, I have not found one yet. But, I would love to own one and I would probably wear it with almost anything including jeans.  So glad to see they are still on trend.

As I said earlier in the week, I am going to a ball this fall, so I did pay attention to the evening gowns.  I began shopping for this event in July and still have not found “the dress.”  I am not a fan of shopping for these types of events…but more about that another day.  This show was fabulous and I learned so much and was inspired by so many.

So, how do you feel about mixing animal prints with other prints, or even with owning a sequined jacket?  In or out?  Please share…enjoy the slideshow of new collections hitting the racks..and have a wonderful Friday…THREE DAY WEEKEND…Woo Hoo!




  1. Not a comment, just a question. How on earth do those models get up onto that block and down again without falling on their faces? Seriously, that’s a big step……..they’re in heels and clothes they can’t muss……….

  2. I have owned a sequined dress and a sequined jacket in the past … when I was much younger & thinner.
    Since I’ve downsized dramatically, I don’t have space for clothing that I will only wear once in a while. So no sequined jackets now. I might purchase a sequined top (doesn’t take up much space) if I found one that was fabulous.

  3. Finally Carol! Someone asked THE question I was asking myself everyday. ? Thank goodness no model was harmed in this show. Thank you Pam, this was fun.

  4. Interesting but nothing remotely would fit in my super casual life style. Dressing up is clean jeans and shirt. Still, I enjoyed hearing about the clothes. Thank you.

  5. Really enjoyed the posts of this show, Pamela…wonderful images; but like many others, that high block those models had to navigate…YIKES!

  6. About 10 years ago I found a silk-blend black sequined sweater that I couldn’t resist! I didn’t really need a fancy lined (in pleated chiffon!) cardigan but it was on clearance for $45 and I knew it was a classic. I think my oldest daughter was the first one to wear it. I don’t see myself mixing animal prints with another type of print. I’ve seen it done successfully in pictures but it’s not something I feel comfortable doing myself. Like Jill, my lifestyle is pretty casual so I can’t see myself wearing any of these clothes but I love looking at pretty new clothes!

  7. I have a pair of leopard Chico pants and several oragne blouses that I could team together. Seeing the runway ideas help bring that together, instead of my usual black shirt!

  8. For years now I’ve hung on to my silver sequined pumps that I wore to my niece’s wedding in the late ’90’s. Each time I think I’ll donate them, I just can’t do it!! Glad I haven’t let them go! They mostly get worn with jeans for going out with friends, but they are pretty timeless! I only wear animal prints in accessories, so in this way they do get mixed with other prints, but I keep it subtle.

  9. Have you considered Rent the Runway for a gown? We attended a gala last year and I rented my gown. I was happy with the experience.

  10. Many women including my daughter have been very pleased with renting. I am skeptical only because I have to try on so many to find a great fit. I think it is more of a challenge for those of us with “curves.” Thank you though for the suggestion.

  11. When you find that sequined jacket, don’t pass it up! I found a gold sequined ombre jacket that went from black to bronze to gold on board a cruise ship last month. Despite it being a terrific price, I passed. That jacket still haunts me…

  12. Can’t really see myself in a sequined garment as a tad too flashy for my ‘personal’ liking but admit, I do have a weakness for beaded ones. As for mixing animal prints with patterned ones; yes by all means provided the formula of color, scale and different textures is taken into consideration. To conclude; thank you Pam for sharing all the fabulous fashion eye-candy as enjoyed it immensely. -Brenda-

  13. Yes to mixing animal prints with other prints, but I usually like to keep them in the same colour family and vary the size of the prints. The sequinned jacket is lovely, but it wouldn’t really fit my mostly casual lifestyle.

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