Would You Wear It with Pam & Jennifer

Time for Would You Wear It with me and my friend, Jennifer.  We go around our towns in Texas and California and locate fashion displays that we want to know what you think.  All you need to do is look the display over and then tell us in the comments if you would or would not wear it and why.  It is a fun group of ladies discussing one of our favorite topics…clothes!  We just explain what is it about the style that we like or do not like.  You might mention if you would even try it on.

Yesterday, I mentioned mixing animal prints as a Fall 2019 trend with other prints.  I would like your opinion on the pant outfit.  This is subtle mixing of an animal print with another print and texture.

So, tell us, ladies………………WOULD YOU WEAR IT??

Make sure to visit A WELL STYLED LIFE and tell Jennifer and her audience what you think of the selection she has discovered.  Remember when looking at the slide show if you find something you like there may be further savings at the retailer site.  LOTS OF GREAT SALES THIS WEEKEND!!


  1. Well, if the blazer were shorter, instead of longer (newest trend) Id wear it. I’m more short waisted so this look does not work. I like the jeans, do not care for the boot for me. For a taller, younger woman this would probably work wonderfully.
    Now the dress is cute! I like it, but as usual for an older lass, like me, Im not sure of the all over animal print and the sleeve might be too youthful. I could see thus on my daughter!

  2. I like the shoes & would wear them. I like the fabric of the jacket but there’s something about the cut of it, the way it hangs on the mannequin, that doesn’t seem flattering to me. The jeans are a definite no – all those buttons are too fussy for me!

  3. Yes, yes, yes! I love the Chanel inspired jacket with the casual jeans and shirt and the snake print booties would be worn with so many other items!

  4. I would walk past this mess. It looks confusing to me. The jacket is a blah color and the stripe trim is unnecessary. The jeans are too skinny (skin tight), and I would avoid all those buttons. The animal print boots absolutely NO! I like subtle and this outfit is the opposite. The dress is not for me either. The sleeves are too poofy and the skirt is too short.

  5. Like the entire look. Have been coveting a Chanel inspired blazer for awhile and happy to see they are showing a longer length these days. Like mixing in the animal print on the shoes as well.

    1. You might look over the blazers I placed in my slide show above, Chris. They are popping up at all price points right now! Thanks for being here.

  6. I would definitely try these outfits on. The dress should be perfect for me. I know it’s supposed to be on the shorter side but on my 5’4” frame the length should be just right. I love the slightly poofed up sleeves, very sweet. The animal print very stylish. I would ditch those shooties because on my short muscular legs I feel they make me look dumpy and frumpy.
    The other outfit, yes and no. No to the boxy, frayed blazer. It looks overwhelming even on the stick thin mannequin. I’d go for a more sleek smooth boyfriend blazer or maybe even a light cardigan tied jauntily around the neck. (Is that still considered stylish?) The French sailors striped T and the naval looking button-front jeans, I adore. But again, no to the boots. I’d go for a ballet flat.

  7. I like the idea of the fringes edge of the jacket, but the darker trim doesn’t appeal to me. Also, I would need a cooler color. No to the jeans (buttons) and boots (too much animal print).

  8. No, I would not wear any of these things. I don’t like the cut of the jacket, how it is styled to split open right over the area that is a problem for so many. I don’t like the fabric at all either. Way too much going on there with the heavy-looking fabric, the dark trim and those buttons. I would not wear button fly pants/jeans, just a personal preference. The puffy sleeves on the dress look too “sweet” for my taste. The snakeskin booties are a pass, but the other booties look like something I’d try on, possibly. Something about this display is tense. It’s as though they were determined to include as many trends as they could jam in there. The result, to me, is just trying too hard.

  9. Yes, yes yes!! So cute and on-point. Love the jacket and the jeans. The shirt is perfect for the ensemble. And those booties…!!!! I need that outfit.

  10. Good intentions, but this look is just too jarring to me. The dark piping on the jacket is not necessary; the fringe is enough adornment. The stripes are too wide on the tee. The tight jeans are just waiting for the buttons to fly off (after digging into the tummy) , and the loud booties are too much for that shorter pants hemline. This outfit got my attention, but not in a good way.

  11. I love the look of the tweed jacket paired with jeans and snakeskin footwear. I’m in the market for both a tweed jacket (the color and fit I haven’t found yet) and snakeskin loafers or booties. Looking forward to the labor day shopping!

    1. Hi Laurie, Make sure you check out the items in my slideshows! Fun pieces there and you can compose an inspiration look!!

  12. The snakeskin boots! I like the rest of the outfit, but I would wear the boots with everything. The dress is cute but too short for me

  13. Not a fan of this mannequin. Would not wear the blazer or the pants but I am partial to striped tops. Don’t like animal prints, not now nor in the past. 70’s? Sorry this has been revived but that is just me. Pam, I generally like your slideshows. Something for everyone!

  14. A yes to the jacket but might tweak and change out the buttons if chintzy in appearance/quality. As for the boots being paired with it; a yes due color/pattern/texture though I would not invest in them as too trendy, whereas if a shoe a definite thumbs up. Re the striped ‘T’; it reads as a blue-black (?) to me so a no to it but a yes to a stripe possibly in a true black and wider. (i.e. Horizontal awning) As for the pants do like their fit/cut but ‘not’ in a button fly (don’t have the patience for such … lol! ) or in an ankle length as would prefer the latter longer when wearing short boots/booties and quite possibly add a type of stocking/sock to the ensemble for aesthetics so when you sit down and the pant leg has a tendency to ride up. -Brenda-
    Footnote: Re the dress like its print and style but far too young for my age group but otherwise okay; however for Fall wear would pair it with opaque tights with the boots.

  15. I meant to add that I like the shorter jackets featured in your slide show. To me, they accentuate the female figure and look flattering. Also, they are more classic in style as opposed to the trendy, longer jackets. The long jackets look more masculine and pretty much obliterate the waist. I get it that they are going for that kind of look with this trend. The shorter ones are so pretty, and look like they are meant for a woman.

  16. I like this outfit and would try it. I like the lighter colors with the dark bottom. It would work with dark pants for work or jeans. I like the mixing of patterns. I’ve been doing more over the summer and really like the interest it gives to an outfit. Plus, it increases my clothing options. I like mixing stripes with other textures and patterns.

  17. I don’t look good in jackets that length. The fabric texture is OK but that color would not flatter me at all. I prefer the shorter, collarless style of Chanel-look jackets. No to the button-front skinny jeans too. I have a jean skirt with decorative buttons and, since I no longer tuck in my tops, finding tops that work with it is challenging. I avoid horizontal stripes so the t-shirt is out too. I think the boots are cute but I wouldn’t buy anything that trendy.

  18. Love both outfits, the dress, you can do a lot with it, adorable with leggings. The second outfit is equally adorable minus the snakeskin boots.. everything is so versatile.

  19. I like the jacket fabric, but there’s something about the cut that doesn’t appeal to me and I definitely don’t like the trim. I like the look of button front jeans, but at my age, I wouldn’t wear them because they don’t undo quickly enough! I like a pop of animal print, especially leopard or zebra, but not snakeskin so I’d pass on the boots too. The striped top is a definite yes though.

  20. Well, I like the idea of the first outfit but would give it a few tweaks. No double breasted blazers for me; they only emphasize my ample bustline. I don’t care for the buttons on the jeans, either. Like many others, this is an area I would prefer not to showcase. Yes, to the striped tee and the snakeskin booties. Love them! I like the dress and booties on the other mannequin, but that dress is a little too girlish for me with those sleeves and the very short length. I would prefer a much sleeker fit with perhaps a midi length, 3/4’s inch sleeves and a slit up one side.

  21. The cut of the jacket is just not right for me. If it were shorter I would be fine with it. I wouldn’t wear the Jean’s. The buttons just draw attention to an area I try to avoid drawing attention to. No to the snakeskin booties, but I do like the ones shown with the dress. The dress is too little girlie.

  22. I am really tired of the animal print thing everywhere. I own a lot of basic pieces but will not wear them as this look is over saturated .I consider them basic and will survive later.
    ! I loathe snakes and won’t go near any of these items.
    I love the look on the mannequin but would not try on the pants with button enclosures down the front as they bring too much attention to an area I don’t like to broadcast! I would try on the jacket. They are showing longer this year. We are again having to work on how this proportion fit with our figure.The dress and booties, which I love, are cute but the dress is too girly and screams not for me!

  23. Love the jacket paired with striped tee!! Not sure if those jeans would work for me … if not, I’d wear a pair of dark denim pants. What a fabulous look this is … classic with a bit of flair.

    As for the dress, no way could I wear it with those boots. I’m thinking dark tights and black flats.

  24. Hi Pam,

    I love it and would wear it but with a few minor modifications for proportion: the jacket would be shorter, maybe in a petite, but love the tweed. So on trend yet timeless. I’d keep the shirt as it is and swap out the jeans for something baby boot cut and high-waisted. I actually like the buttons and how they draw the eye up to the waist ending at the stance of the jacket, with the lower ends of the jacket creating a triangle. (I had a pair of similar jeans in 1990!) Love the animal print boots with the block heel. Would be perfect with a baby boot cut jean. The entire outfit has the potential to lengthen the leg and create a slimming waist, if that’s what you’re looking for.

  25. No, Thank You….i am not a fan of animal prints. The buttons on the pants are never going to work for anyone with the slightest paunch, cute on a 20-something though. I love shoe boots, but i never style them with anything other than jeans that reach just to the top or below. The jacket has too much going on for me, the fringe, the lining, the pattern..and the cut wouldnt work on me, im a blazer or bomber jacket type. Thanks for soliciting our opinions, how often have i walked past some displays and kept them to myself, now i get to vent!

  26. I love the jacket on the left! and the jeans are really cute with the buttons. Having said that, neither item would look good on my figure. I do not like the snakeskin boots at all. too trendy for me.

  27. Love the outfit! The jacket doesn’t have a traditional cut to it (hooray!), love the mix of patterns. I would try it on, for sure.

  28. I like the combination of the jacket with the stripe and would not have thought it would work. However, the jacket needs to lose the pockets to be more appealing and less busy. Then the dark trim works as well. The length would work but I would wear it open. Not to the pants and shoes for same reasons others have pointed out.

  29. Definitely as I have some version of all these items in my wardrobe. The jeans and striped top are staples. I love animal print shoes of all kinds and find they go with everything. And I have tweed jackets, not in this exact style but still one that works. I love the mix of colors and textures. Great fall look!

  30. I like the look of the whole pants outfit. The blazer might be too long for me since I’m on the short side. The boots don’t look comfortable and that’s important to me these days.

  31. Love the outfit. I purchased a similar creme jacket in pastels from JC Penny on clearance that’s perfect for the office.

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