Fall Home Decor: In a Cozy State of Mind

One of the reasons I love to decorate my home for fall, is really one word…COZY!  I love the cozy feeling it gives to the house and when the weather changes (and eventually it will change) it is my favorite time to be at home.  I hope to never stop doing this.  The children have been grown and gone for awhile, but I do this for me and for the family when they are here.

Many items I have collected over time, and combine with family heirlooms.  I do not spend a lot of money on these decorations.  The foundation of this wreath was found at our local Goodwill SA.  I paid two dollars for a wreath of autumn leaves which was in great condition.  Then I went to Hobby Lobby (one of my favorite places!) and purchased the pumpkin and acorns and added them along with the bow.  Viola!  I think it looks great.  The autumn leaf hook was bought last year at Marshalls for $5, but I believe they have them again this year.

I am blessed to have two family rooms which both have fireplaces.  The front room, I call the White Pumpkin room.  It is softer and more subtle with mostly white pumpkins around a couple of smaller green ones.  The first picture in this post is from that room and I love the white pumpkin, magnolia leaf wreath.

The den area is full out red, golds, and oranges.  During spring and summer, I have a bluebonnet painting above the mantel.  But, switch it out with this Thomas Kinkade picture for fall and winter.  This picture was also a gift from some special people in my life.

This family room sits next to a little breakfast area which is perhaps my favorite cozy space.  I love to have my morning coffee there until the weather changes and I can go on the patio.  The newest items in my decorations are the chalkboard type decorations…again, I love the farmhouse-bed & breakfast-french country kind of style.

It is also about little details…like autumn scented candles around the rooms, and small things such as little signs occasionally in a window, or this Cottonstem Co vase I found over the summer on a clearance rack for $2 and I placed in it old dried foliage and feathers which was in the bottom of the fall decor box.

The sunflowers are in an antique pitcher from my grandmother’s farm which I use often around the house as a vase.  If I were asked what my autumn decorating theme is, I would say, “Give Thanks!”  A great reminder to be thankful for what we have every day.  Every year, I do purchase a few extra small pumpkins so if a grandchild wants something to take home for their room, then they can have it.  As I get closer to Thanksgiving, I will add some real pumpkins and flowers.  Sometimes I throw in a Cinnamon Broom…love those!

My cozy home is so special to me, but especially in fall and winter.  Do any of you like to decorate your home?  Do you any of you join me as empty nesters and still decorate though the children are gone?  Please share.  I have placed some fun items from around retail world for you consideration today.  I love to shop for my home as much as for me!






  1. How lovely Pam! You certainly have created a cozy atmosphere! White and green pumpkins are my favorites! I can’t say that I do quite that much fall decorating, but do a little. It’s Christmas when I transform my interior. My kids are long grown and in their own homes, but they come over and always mention how much they love to see the house still looking decked out like they remember. That makes it all worth the effort. They do the same in their homes. We’re still having summer here in Ohio, and that’s fine because we know what’s coming! I’m not quite ready to put out the fall decor, but you have inspired me to do just a little more when the time comes!

  2. Some how doing this helps me tolerate the heat more. We are still in upper 90s and 100s. Looking forward to a change. I love seasonal weather! Glad I could inspire you to do a little more.

  3. What a wonderful idea, Pam, I would never have thought of decorating for Autumn, but I love my home and really go overboard for Christmas. Thank you so much for this post, our weather has changed so tomorrow I will see what I’ve already got and complete, hoping to create a wonderful atmosphere as in your photos. All the best

  4. Your new house would look beautiful in the white pumpkins! But I know you need to finish bigger projects first!

  5. What a wonderfully cozy home (sanctuary as I like to call my home) you have. Your decor is warm and inviting … I’m sure any visitor would love to sit and chat over a cup of tea or coffee.

    I like your windows … I’d find a comfy spot and relax.

    You’ve inspired me to add a fall touch to my decor!

    Thank you for the inspiration, Pam!

  6. Your home looks wonderful. I love decorating for the different seasons, & fall is by far my favorite. I also do it just for myself. I spend a lot of time at home & think it should always look special. I just told someone else that Joanna Gaines’ recent blog post really resonated with me because I see fall as a fresh start, too.

  7. Your home is lovely! I love all the special touches you have celebrating the season and reminding us to be thankful! Love the message not only to be thankful, but to do that which makes us happy and gives us gratification. I have been an empty-nester for many years and still love to decorate for every season. When I’m in my home I want to feel comforted and relaxed, especially when returning after work or spending a rainy weekend in my house. I also burn candles in the scent of the season. I’ve just spent the entire weekend getting my summer things put away and all my fall decor put out. I’m in the northeast, so fall is coming much quicker for us than it is for you!
    Enjoy your beautiful home and thank you for such a great post!!

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