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Happy Saturday, everyone, and welcome to Would You Wear It with me and my friend Jennifer.  We find fashion displays around our towns and look for ones that we want your opinion to know what you think of the style.  One Big Note  Please, keep your comments personal to you and tell us why the styles work or do not work for you personally.  There may be another who loves something you don’t or vice versa. We do not want any reader to feel attacked for their tastes.

I found a trio team, but you do not have to comment on all of them.  You may select one or more.

So, ladies…just look my selection over and tell us



Now, make sure you go to A WELL STYLED LIFE and tell Jennifer and her audience what you think of her selection.  And, as always,



  1. I think all 3 of these outfits are great! My fave is in the middle. I think the jacket is really cute & could be worn with jeans or dress pants.
    It looks like the blouse has some lace detail, which gives a nice feminine look. I like the necklace too.

    1. I like pieces but not put together this way. Not a fan of the color of the pleated skirt. I like the animal print shrug,but not with white under it. I think the dress print would be better as a blouse.

  2. I rather like the center outfit and the style of the v neck dress on left. My only problem is the bold design and where certain designs are placed on this dress. This would be a case where I must absolutely try it on.
    The center outfit just works for me perhaps switching up the low cami for a more covered up tank(higher on chest). I might vary the necklace too, for a chunky one.
    The skirt and sleeveless top on right just will not work for my body.

    1. The center outfit caught my eye. I love the colors (different!). The snakeskin I think might be too trendy (for Ohio vs your south Texas), but it might be just what I would need to make my classic wardrobe more current for a season or two. It would depend totally on the price. I can guarantee I will see it on clearance shortly, and then I might try it on. I would never have thought to pair it with white, but I like the idea for this transitional season. The outfit on the left has actually managed to make its large, high contrast print look like both a diagonal -and- a horizontal stripe. I shudder to think what even a try on would do to my self esteem!

  3. I would wear the gold bracelets on the pleated mannequin. That’s all folks.
    The prints, colors and pleats do not work for me.

  4. I would not wear any of these. The bold print on the dress is so large and forceful, I’d feel like it was swallowing me up. And honestly, I don’t like the dress anyway. The middle is put together in a sloppy manner so for me, it doesn’t show well. I’m already growing weary of seeing animal prints every time I turn around. They are kind of becoming a cliché this season. The black skirt is fine, can’t go wrong with a pencil skirt, but it’s nothing that would cause me to stop and try it on. The orange and black outfit is just a huge “no!” If I was in the store and saw this display I would definitely walk right on by!

    1. My feelings too. Animal prints are my least favorite of all and they are everywhere…. too much! None of the outfits are my style but there are women out there who love these. More power to them if they can pull it off. Happy Weekend to everyone ?

  5. I like the first two outfits and would definitely wear them, except the shoes. If I can’t walk, it’s not happening. I like the dress because of the graphics and color and it looks good! The out fit in the middle is my favorite kind of layering . The last outfit is a no go for me because my body looks huge in pleats.

  6. A big NO to all three outfits. Not my style, would not put these colors together and certainly would not wear “snake” print. Mustard is not a flattering color for me. I would run away from this display!

      1. I would give each outfit a pass – this colour palette doesn’t suit me at all. I love long pleated skirts but burnt orange is so not my colour.

  7. Yes to middle jacket and black skirt with different shirt under! Love all of them, but for me the other 2 outfits would need 3/4 sleeves and the orange skirt would have to be shorter. All the gold jewelry rocks!

  8. I would only wear the dress in a different print…preferably subtle print. The center jacket would look cute with Jean’s. Too many pleats in that skirt.

  9. The dress could paired with a black blazer and black half boot heels. One can never have enough black skirts.

  10. Though I do lean towards silver/white gold; I do like all the choices in the jewelry. As for the garments and for myself beginning with the process of elimination; the micro-pleated skirt and the bold graphic designed pattern dress a definite no, as though relatively slender in body type I would appear ‘all hip’ in both. (No pun intended.) As for the shoes, too high of a heel for me to be comfortable in. (Sustained two fractures in my back last winter while skiing and am still mending and unlikely will ever be a 100% at my age …. ☺.) Whereas, the pencil skirt and for the tops a definite yes but would co-ordinate the marabou feather trimmed (?) camisole with something else. i.e.: I would save it for a special occasion and wear it with a long length skirt or a pair of wide-legged dress pants in a quality fabric. (A wool crepe for example.)
    P.S.: Have you found your dress yet for your upcoming event?

    1. Hi Brenda, so sorry about your fall! I am now in all flats for other reasons so I get it. I have not found the dress…search continues!

  11. Like the status print, not the dress. I would wear the jacket probably with the same other colors. Wuuld not wear the skirt,it would emphasis the tummy area which I prefer not to do!

  12. I couldn’t wear any of these outfits. The print of the dress would be better, for me, as a blouse. The feather top is not my style at all. Can’t go wrong with a black pencil shirt. The pleated skirt is too long for my 5′ frame, and while I’m not over weight, I am “hippy”.it just wouldn’t hang right on me. I know snake skin the the thing this year, but I am not a big fan of a piece this prominent. I will probably accessorize with animal print scarves and, maybe, shoes. I would fall, off those shoes and do some serious damage! For younger people, or anyone that wears heels every day. I like all the jewelry.

  13. The new season is just starting and I am already overwhelmed and tired of all the animal prints. Wearing one item is fine but I see women wearing multiple prints all at once. Just not a fan.
    I’m not getting the WOW factor in any of these 3 outfits. I’d love to have that vibe if I am thinking about buying and wearing it. I think these 3 looks are okay but I wouldn’t purchase any of them for myself.
    I always like to see what women of different ages like and the opposite sex too.
    Often I do a random very unofficial survey with friends, family, and co-workers to get their opinions. And I’m finding that women in their 50’s and older absolutely love the leopard prints and that men, in general, don’t seem to like the animal prints as much as women.
    But I think we should all just wear whatever makes us happy.

  14. I wouldn’t wear the dress since I don’t favor big prints. The middle outfit feels a bit dowdy for my taste. I like the pleated skirt but the colorway is not good for me; so I have to say no to that outfit, too!

  15. I like all 3 and at 77 I would wear
    all three. As a long ago model in
    high school and college # and someone who is just retiring from
    my own interior design business,
    syle is important to me. I have
    also done styling and ‘shop your
    closet’ for people. I realize at 5’10”
    I have anadvantage but I have styled
    all sorts of shapes and sizes. I can think of many, many ways to style
    each of these outfits. Good job,ladies.
    I am new to this site and enjoy it!

    1. Carol, I agree with you, and these can be styled so many ways. The only reservation I have about these mannequins is the pleated skirt… but I keep trying them on because there might be one out there for me lol

      Pam, I so enjoy being able to look at an outfit and see at least three… it means my wardrobe is starting to look like I want it to. 🙂 thank you for all the work you do!

  16. Like the jacket, skirt and top look but would modify to pants or jeans and a different top under the jacket. Also like the footwear but I couldn’t wear them. No to the other looks. Thank you Pam for all you do!

  17. I will be brief. Second time sending….Although I usually don’t like animal prints for me I like the middle fashion choice. The colour and style of the jacket is trendy and looks comfortable. I would likely swap out the cami fir ablack shell. Would wear it with fitted black pants. Great for fall in Canada and upcoming Hallowe’en.

  18. No to the dress. Definitely not my style.

    A big yes to the outfit in the middle. That jacket is fantastic and the necklace really pulls it all together.

    I like the pleated skirt, but don’t care for the waistband. I’d have to cover it with a wide belt or wear a top that covers it.

    The gold and black color mix here is fantastic!

  19. I like the dress but I would have to try it on to make sure I like the print on my body. The middle outfit is a typical look for me! I’m not sure about the color of the jacket. It looks orange to me and I look awful in orange! I like the look of the tank and pleated skirt but I would wear the tank untucked and I’m not 100% sure I’d like the skirt on me! My hourglass figure has more width in the middle than it did when I was younger and the extra pounds influence what I wear. I’ve learned that fit and proportion can make me look pounds thinner. Lastly, the heels on all three pairs of shoes are too high for me!

  20. I’d wear the dress on the first mannequin, with a jacket or blazer, and the blouse and skirt on the middle mannequin, with a short leather jacket. The other pieces do not appeal to me.

  21. Center outfit is the one for me. I’d probably wear it most with slacks and a more substantial chunkier necklace and flats or sandals. For fall a top with a collar would be great with the outfit. The jacket would work for mixing and matching. The pleats add too much width for me and the dress is so unique that it would be hard to wear repeatedly in my small town with limited social occasions.

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