Welcome to my first fall editions of News for Women of a Certain Age!  Grab a pumpkin spice latte or join me with an hibiscus tea and lets look over some recent news stories you may find of interest.  Remember, as always, when we are discussing any health related issues or advice do not do anything without consulting your doctor.  I did this just last week and learned a lot more from her and learned to stop doing a few things I was doing…bye, bye bananas!

Though it is still very hot where I live, I am so ready to eat mass quantities of soup!  I suspect there are many of you soup-lovers in this audience as well. So here is an article that caught my eye, called 17 Rich Soup Recipes That’ll Convert Soup Doubters to Soup Lovers!  Can’t wait to try a couple of these.

I smiled when I first saw this article, but I also work at a public research university and I know the research is to be considered and taken seriously, especially when it is Harvard.  I am not certain what I think of all of this, but would love to hear from you about THE END OF AGING.  Seriously?  No more?

I must be hungry!  Today’s post is mostly about food.  Maybe I should start a cooking blog?  Oh well, I was happy to see sweet potatoes on this list…because I do love them so.  These are the 10 anti-aging foods to support your 40s-and-beyond-body and since we aren’t aging any more, this anti-aging list seemed appropriate.

Shape Magazine ran an article about their 5 Fall Fashion Tips.   There is one I really disagree with…can you guess which one??

I guess we will end with food!  My husband and I are all about controlling inflammation from exercise to tumeric.  So, Bicycling Magazine grabbed my attention with 8 Inflammation Calming Foods that Might Help you Live Longer……not aging again!

Please comment on any or all of these articles and I hope you found something interesting here.  There is so much to read these days that I hope it helps for me to locate a few of these for you.  I promise next time to easy up on the food…anyone hungry? Below, you will find a slide show of OCTOBER SUPPLIES!


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