Welcome Back for another day of black, brown, and confidence from the inside out!  You ladies ROCK.  Your comments yesterday were so incredible, encouraging and open.  I truly hope a post like that will help others in many ways.  So thank to all who participated with comments.  Now today, we are moving forward with a new black & brown style and a new tip below.

Today’s Confidence Tip is:  STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHERS .  

I confess it is easy to say this and harder to do, but, seriously at our ages, you would think we would learn by now.  Did you know that Christi Brinkley is on Dancing with the Stars this season?  SHE IS MY AGE!  I have been envious of her my entire life. However, it is very humorous for me to compare myself to the Uptown Girl at any point in my past or future life.   Although, I have to say…me on Dancing with the Stars would make for could comedy TV!

Women are the best at allowing comparisons to rob us of confidence and joy.  Now, to make it even more challenging for some of us, we have all of these bloggers for women over 50…who are thin, rich, and perfect in every way.  The struggle is real.  But whenever, I begin to give envy authority over me, I have to shout STOP out loud and go back to being thankful for who and what I am…at my age and size and income level at this moment in time.

I learned a long time ago to accept myself right where I was at that time…to allow myself to love ME and accept ME.  It was freeing and I could feel so much weight melt from my shoulders.  When I learned to love myself and care for me, then I was able to get healthier…lose some weight and learn how to dress in ways that gave me confidence.  When I was trying to do all of that to gain acceptance from myself and others, it was a nightmare…a road block that would not budge.  It lead to frustration and sadness.

YOU are gorgeous and incredible just as you are right now! Accept that.  Dress the body you have.  Have fun with fashion despite your age.  Dress with the income you have.  Begin to accept yourself and find joy in doing all of that.  You will be amazed at what can happen and your confidence will soar.

I am happy to say….I AM NOT CHRISTI BRINKLEY!  I AM PAM (PAM I AM) and she makes me happy.  At least Pam doesn’t have to worry about looking good in a dance outfit or a bikini! (Now, that would be really humorous!)

The black and brown outfit #2 is actually…YOUR FAULT!! I put this tweed top by Ming Wang in a Dillard’s dressing room post and your comments convinced me to invest in it.  I do love it and I know I will get my cost per wear very low because it is going to be worn often! I am going to be wearing it with jeans too.   Now, the shoes are old.  They are by Halogen and I purchased them years ago in a Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  I have loved them well and they are a bit scuffed…so my photographer/husband said…”Just polish them! ” (I think men think of polishing shoes more than ladies do.  But I am going to polish them.)  This fabulous necklace was designed by Dallas Fashion Designer Paulette Martsolf of allie-coosh.  Her true works of art are phenomenal…I love her jewelry and she has some incredible black and brown pieces on her website also.  The necklace I wore yesterday was also one of hers.

One last word…it is great to be inspired by other women and use that inspiration to discover our own personal style.  But, it is defeating when we try to be just like those women in every way.  You are unique…no one exists like you…discover what you want to say with your style to the world.  What can you wear that will send a specific message and tell the world who you are?  Then wear it with pride, and confidence, and




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