It’s getting closer to the weekend, so let’s take our Style Tips for wearing Black, Brown and Confidence and LIGHTEN UP a bit!  It has been such a great week here on the blog and I appreciate so many of you participating with your thoughts and ideas.  Hope you are getting ready for Fall and thinking of all of the different outfits you can compose.



I feel confident in writing that all of us have new and developing physical challenges which happen with age.  We cannot stop aging.  All we can do is look and feel our best every day with what we have.  You have to decide where you are going to draw the lines or make investments.  I still color my hair…it is quite gray under there.  But, I feel more confident right now with the highlighted hair.  I do not however, participate in Botox or anything like that.  I just practice good skincare and use excellent plant based products.  ( Check out Chamonix Skincare Here).

Sadly, I am a walking…or barely walking…body of challenges.  I have a ripped ear and it is the second time it ripped through, so I have not been wearing earrings.  I am considering a return to clip ons, just to see if there have been any advancements that don’t hurt as much.  I write often about my funky feet with hammer toes and callouses.  I see a nail tech every two weeks just to keep my feet functioning well.  But, heels of any kind are in my past.  Isn’t it great that we have such fun jewelry other than earrings, and such cute and comfy flats??  I have chosen to show you outfits as I wear them.  For me to wear heels in a post, would trigger to you, the audience, that I am just wearing them for the image and not for real life.  I do not feel right doing that.

For the past 15 years, I have dressed my curvy figure to look slimmer and confident.  There was a time in my life I stayed home because I was over weight and did not attend events…when I began to dress my body as it existed, I returned to the world of fun and laughter.

In order to be confident from the inside out, do not focus on what isn’t working, focus on what does work and choose to look your best every day.  Do not let aging keep you from experiencing life.  Life is Short…don’t waste the time.

Believe it or not, the foundation of this outfit is black and brown.  The top is black and the pants are brown.  I lighten it up with a cream colored topper I purchased earlier in the summer on Nordstrom Rack for a very reasonable price…I think it was $19.  I love Nordstrom Rack, but you do have to act fast when you see something.  The items go quickly.  Several of you sweet ladies commented on the length of my jackets.

I like to wear both the shorter and the longer, but know at 5’8″, I do tend to select longer ones more.  When I wear a shorter jacket, I believe it communicates classic, polished, professional.  The longer jackets on me are communicating artistic, creative, flair.  This is why I tend to go longer, because I love to communicate creativity with my looks.  But, I agree with all of you that the shorter length is more flattering.  I am glad I can have fun with both and not be placed in a box with just one.

I have added gold to this style because all gold is a Fall Trend as well…and I just wanted to pop the whole look with a leopard flat (as you know, animal prints are a fall trend!).  I might add here that I use to be 5’8 1/2″.  That was my height most of my life.  But, when I tested for Osteoporosis, I also discovered I had shrunk!  This was six years ago and what lead me to begin strength training.  The weights turned the disease around and I have not needed medication and I reversed the bone scans.  Lift weights…it works, but do it with a trainer!

I hope these three styles have given you some ideas for fall looks.  Have fun with it and by all means…..


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