Casual Style Tips for Every Day Fashion Over 50 And Great News!

Happy Thursday!  We talked earlier in the week about making each moment a special occasion and dressing to look our confident best.  So, I thought I would offer a few casual fashion style tips going into the weekend.  This is an outfit I would wear on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon to run errands.  I have also worn this on Casual Friday at work.

I decided to pop it with my white paper-mache necklace for more interest, and the necklace and the white sole of the shoes actually tie the whole style together.  Here is a tip…white is now acceptable all year long, no matter how you wear it.  Another tip is to take time and put an interesting accessory with your casual outfit.  Sometimes these are great conversation starters with other women.  I love to speak with others when in line at a cashier or just shopping in a store.  I have met lovely people that way and it often begins over a complement.  Either me complementing them or vice versa.  An interesting accessory can open all types of doors.

These Via Spiga leather shoes was a treasure I found at Nordstrom Rack at the beginning of the summer and they are amazing. First I love the comfort, and second the athletic, edgy style.  These do the same for me as a sneaker but just take the design of the shoe up a notch.  Love them!

Rather than go black and white for this casual look, I decided to add some color with the blue cardigan.  Color and accessories make a simple casual outfit  special and help to build my confidence when out and about.  If I see someone I know (which happens often), then I can confidently approach them to catch up with their lives or say hello…rather than running around the store and trying to hide!  Though these are good shoes to run in.

I hope these two conversations will help you think more about your casual wardrobe.  Now, the great news…Foxcroft would like to keep the giveaway open a bit longer, so if you have not put your name in for the $200 gift card on their fall collection then there is still time.  The winner will be announced next week.  Just go HERE to enter.   And remember I shop for you and place some great pieces in the slide show below.

Thanks for entering, for being here, for your support and encouragement.  You are the best blog audience around!




  1. Excellent tips Pamela, however in the climate I live in with the exception of recreational wear (perhaps a ski jkt. or vest), a blouse or sweater and an evening wear garment you will rarely see ‘white’ be worn from mid September to the awakening of Spring and it is usually in an off-white. if you do. (I have a beautiful winter wool coat with a detachable fox fur collar which I got on sale; merely I suspect for the above reason.) With appreciation of your inspiration and with no intention to dispute yours or other’s opinions that ‘white is acceptable all year round, no matter how you wear it’ but from my personal experience it just isn’t a popular practice and I haven’t seen it gaining ground where I live. -Brenda-
    P.S.: I live in one of Canada’s largest metropolitan cities.

    1. Just thinking of Canada makes me smile. I have loved my visits there. I think the “White issue” might depend on climate or just different tastes. Not all style tips are for all women. I appreciate your voice, Brenda.

  2. Hi Pam,
    I love that necklace. Thanks for addressing the casual dress issue, I’ve gotten lots of inspiration from you! I would love those shoes but can’t like those white soles, no matter that I’ve seen them now for several seasons. I wear a size 10 shoe and I think the sole just emphasizes the big feet. I also live in a country area with a messy climate, Vermont and do not see much white here. I do love many items that you have posted in the shopping thumbnails. I have been looking for the exact shirt that is there today. The v neck leopard one is perfect but not the bodysuit aspect. If you see that style anywhere else for a women’s size, I would love it. Everything I’ve seen has been in a high round neck, not my best look.
    Thanks, Dale

  3. Good morning Pam and Foxcroft. I would love some Foxcroft sweaters! Foxcroft wears great, perfect right from the dryer and made to last. My sweaters are looking a little tired and Foxcroft sweaters would be the answer!

  4. Hello! I’m new to your blog and really enjoying it. As to white being worn whenever, I find a white blouse, sweater, vest or scarf is just the thing to bring light to my face and help me not to feel so pale as summer or Mexico-vacation tans fade. I, too, live in a rainy, mucky and rural area (southern Oregon) but white or cream up near the face does not pose the dilemma – or disaster! – white shoes can.

  5. I like the tip about adding an interesting accessory to a casual outfit. It really does make a difference. As others have said, wearing white in Ohio comes to a halt in the fall, except for winter white which I really love. I’m still wearing white, but once it gets rainy, snowy and messy, it doesn’t work for bottoms. I do have a white winter jacket with a fur trimmed hood that I love, but even that gets really messy in the winter. If I lived in a warm climate, I’d be in optic white all year. It’s not about the old rules, it’s about slush being the enemy of clean hems!

  6. Loving the conversation about white. As for the necklace I say whatever floats your boat. My problem with necklaces such as you are wearing is they never hang evenly and I don’t do well with clothes or jewelry that need “adjusting.” As for white in winter, it may be fine for some to wear white year round, as in the trend to wear white jeans, but as others have said, white jeans in rainy, muddy, snowy areas of the country or for working around home and yard are a recipe for disaster, best left for summer patio parties or winter cruise and resort wear. . I appreciate your attention to at home wear. Retired for several years, I still puzzle over what to wear on an every day basis — clothing fit for home and yard tasks that still satisfies the creative urge. Sturdy, flattering, happy wear!

  7. Hi Pam! I love that you gave permission to wear white, all year round- I live in southern CA and I just wore a cute pair of white denim fringed capris (J Jill) with a navy chain print long sleeveless collared shirt (Dressbarn) and of course a statement necklace- loved the look and the white jeans!
    Wanted to ask you about ideas for work- out wear- I struggle with what looks good and what is functional- gym, Orangetheroy environment, sweating and working out intensely. Any thoughts?

  8. I am in Texas and I see white all year long except white jeans…when it is muddy/rainy but when it is sunny…lots of fashionable gals wear their white jeans!

    I love white any time of the year and maybe this is a regional thing as the older adage of not wearing white after Labor Day is dated…but can totally see that folks up north where maybe they have more weather considerations might make it still a rule for them?

    As for me…if I feel like wearing white, I just do it and happily as most folks around me are doing the same…in the Great State of Texas (It”s a whole ‘nuther country…right?)

    Cheers and thank you for all the great ideas you feature on your blog. Gives me more fuel for creativity and helps me think outside the lines a bit for me!

  9. I love your casual offering today, Pam. One of my fave fashion go -to’s is denim. The blue shade is one of my favourites and I have been complimented on wearing it many times. I also like the shoes but doubt I can get my foot intothem as I have a foot issue. But they are edgy and smart-looking. About the white: I seldom wear it as I am one of those who when I wear it, get mustard or something splashed all over it.

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