More Foxcroft Collection Fall 2019 plus Win a $200 Shopping Spree

Recently, I shared with you the Fall 2019 Collection from Foxcroft  and I mentioned specifically their blouses…which are excellent!  Today, I would like to introduce you to the cardigans in the collection.  I am wearing the Bethanie Jersey Cardigan in the Charcoal color.  Now for the amazing news….one lucky member of this audience is going to get an opportunity to win a shopping spree in this collection.

I love cardigans, but so often struggle with the fit.  Until I met this one!  Foxcroft is known for their quality, great fitting garments.  This is the reason why most fine department stores and boutiques carry the brand.


This cardigan is perfect for me, because it is a lighter weight and can be worn in my South Texas climate soon.  It is a hand wash item with 60% cotton and 40% rayon.  But, the best part is that is has great seaming and detail in the front and in the back…in fact the back has three big seams in it to fit the cardigan better to our bodies.  It is available in plus size and five colors.


I also like the length of this top.  Not too short, not too long…just right!  I have actually styled mine with black, animal print and gold.  I think we will see more gold styled with grays and blacks this year.  Often, gray is seen with silver jewelry…but this is a gold-trend year.

If you are looking for cardigans and toppers which will be in your wardrobe for a long time and will hold up in the laundry, then go with Foxcroft .  They are a brand we can trust…and I have trusted them for a long time.

Time for the exciting part.  Please enter to win the $200 shopping spree!  Please enter by next Friday, September 20.  I will announce the winner on the blog next Saturday.  Then Foxcroft will contact the winner and let you shop on their website…so much fun.  Please tell you friends too!  All we ask you to do is comment  and tell us what you are looking to add to your fall wardrobe this year and make sure we have your email so that we can contact you.

I can’t wait to see who will win…now,




Disclaimer:  I was gifted this top from the brand, but the words are my own


  1. There are some very nice clothes on this website I’d love to add to my wardrobe. I don’t see where to enter the giveaway.

  2. I’ve never heard of Foxcroft but I like this cardigan…would love to win so I can give the company a try.

  3. I like the interesting combination of grey and gold with black. It’s true that we tend to always pare grey with silver jewelry. You look very stylish as always.

  4. I too live in the South where it doesn’t get as cold as other parts of the country. I prefer a sweater to a blazer as my lifestyle is more casual. I would love to try this sweater.

  5. Cardigans are a must with warm Florida climate and oh so cold air conditioning.
    The length on this one is great for short gals like myself!
    Will definitely check out the Foxcroft website.

  6. I would love to add layering pieces to wear under blazers & cardigans, like turtlenecks, mock turtlenecks and knits. I would also love to find button up blouses that do not gap at the bust.

  7. Since moving to Southern California from NY I am looking for light weight sweaters and cute shirts. I’ve always admired Foxcroft!

  8. I’ve never tried this particular brand, but love the way it fits you. Would really enjoy trying it. I have room in my closet for several of the colors, including the cranberry and blue. Or maybe the gray. See what I mean! LOL in addition to new cardigans, I need a couple of several new pair of paints. I just lost a few pounds, and need to update. Dress, and casual pants. Maybe a couple few tops in the new fall colors.

  9. Living in Arizona, I am always looking for clothes that are made with light weight fabrics that will be useable in our hot climate. Thank you again for showing Foxcroft clothing line.

  10. I would like to add the Bethanie Jersey Cardigan to my collection of cardis. I’d also like a pair of their Uptown Slim Leg Pull-On Stretch Jeans and a stretch non-iron shirt. I love the Foxcroft fall collection!

  11. I would love to enter this contest! I really would enjoy a few new beautiful cardigans for fall! ❤️

  12. I would love to add a cardigan and a couple of their blouses. I have been looking online and trying to decide which to get first!

  13. We live in the blustery north and layer. I love light weight cardigans for the shoulder seasons and heavy ones for the bitter months. I like your combination of grays and golds both in jewelry and fabrics.

  14. I would like to add a poncho/cape and some color to my fall and winter wardrobe. Especially would enjoy some muted colors in magenta or mustard. Thank you! Such a treat to be considered for a contest.

  15. Very nice style cardigan. I need to add some lightweight tops and pants to my wardrobe. Your website has introduced me to the Foxcroft brand.

  16. I truly live a good cardigan. I’d love to have a winter white one, as well as a true navy, in my collection. I live in the Austin area, so cardigans are just right for most winters.

  17. This is a new-to-me brand. That cardi looks very nice. Texan here, so I also need lighter weight. Blue is my color, so I would most likely choose a piece in that color.

  18. Nice cardigan. Checking out the website. Good to hear they have good quality clothing. Sometimes you never know what you’re gonna get. Thanks.

  19. i am cold all the time due to some meds I am on. This is new for me. I absolutely love Foxcroft and cardigans. Yay for this.

  20. Pam, you look fabulous! Thank you for all the great styling and lifestyle advice. I would love a couple of cardigans to round out my fall update.

  21. Well I love the cardigan on you, Pam!. I like the 3/4 sleeved petite button down non-iron shirts for under sweaters and blazers. Great colors.

  22. I am looking for some great jeans in a few fabrics–regular denim and then velveteen and cords. I am really picky when it comes to jeans. I also would like a longish duster type sweater. I also would love a pair of ‘riding’ type boots and then come exercise shoes. I think I am also in need of some tops.

  23. Hi Pam! I’m changing careers and I’m looking to add more updated, professional clothing. Foxcroft ‘s fashion blouses and faux suede over shirts would be great additions!

  24. I would like to add a wine colored cardigan. I also like the shirts. I am short-waisted so rarely tuck in a shirt. The shirts pictured look nice even untucked.

  25. Hi Pam,
    I’m 66 this year, retired for 5 years, early I know but very physical career in health care and just couldn’t do it anymore. Anyway, I’m a homebody and live in a very cold Vermont. I love your style but would like to see how you dress for just hanging out around the house or go grocery shopping, ordinary days things, do you dress up for all activities? I do love jeans and the fear foxcroft shirts I have, I also wear Talbots a lot. Thanks, Dale

  26. Love the fit of the cardigan you are modeling. Sometimes they are too boxy and tend to swallow a person up instead of enhancing our shape. I would like to add a couple of cardigans in berry and green and maybe a good white tunic length shirt. I always look forward to what you are modeling and your blog each day. I enjoy reading it!! Thank you.

  27. I have had several Foxcroft blouses over the years, always the best quality and cut. Would love to enter this contest!

  28. Very generous of Foxcroft to offer such a contest. Though I live in Canada, I do have a USA Brokers (shipping/receiving) Address so hopefully am eligible to participate. Did browse their website and saw numerous lovely items that would be ideal for our early Fall weather and for the purpose of layering when temps drop even more . -Brenda-

  29. This is perfect for fall! Love the style and fit. Silver jewelry is always so fun, I think especially for us older women, it brings out the beautiful skin tones.
    Happy Sunday! A beautiful late summer day in Oregon, light rain and so refreshing! Thank you for your wonderful blog! ❤️

  30. I love sweaters for the fall and winter! Or even in the summer in air conditioning! I love Foxcroft clothing! Years ago I purchased a blouse and am still loving and wearing it!

    By the way, love your outfit today, Pamela!

  31. This cardigan really appeals to me — the length is great — not too long or short. I also find the fit quite attractive.

    It’s also good to know that it isn’t too heavy. I don’t like feeling to weighed down by sweaters or jackets. This is perfect.

    Love the dark grey with the black, Pam. What a great look!

    Thanks for having this give-away! Good luck everyone!

  32. I have several Foxcroft blouses and would love to try the cardigan. The fit looks perfect. I would love to add to my wardrobe for fall.

  33. Foxcroft shirts have be around for ages. I have loved this brand for more years than I can remember and can confirm that the shirts wash well and are excellent quality and style. The black and dark gray look wonderful. Thank you, Pam.

  34. Pam, I love Foxcroft and have been buying their shirts for 20 years. I need a Foxcroft sweater and some of their pull on pants!

  35. I definitely need some cardigans to layer for this fall and winter. Love that the seams create interest and fit!

  36. I really do not NEED to add anything to my fall wardrobe. Although, I am always up for trying something new. ?.
    I have not heard of the Foxcroft brand before, looks promising.?

  37. Hi Pam, happy Sunday! Please add my name to the Foxcroft drawing. I love the “realness” and authenticity of your blogs and look forward to them. Thanks, Betty

  38. I love the sweater you are wearing and would love to add it the my wardrobe. I am also on the lookout for some comfortable pants. It would be so exciting to win this drawing!

  39. Love the color and length of the cardigan. I enjoy reading your blog and the fashion tips!!! Please add my name to the Foxcroft drawing. thanks

  40. The cardigan you are wearing is so versatile. You can wear it with pants, jeans or skirts and it looks so nice on you. I think it would be one of my choices. Thanks for the give-away offer!

  41. Oh, I’m the Cardigan Queen! I’m always on the lookout for a great cardi that doesn’t pill and holds up year after year. I know Foxcroft blouses are fantastic and I can’t wait to try the cardigans.

  42. I don’t own anything by Foxcroft but their jersey “sweater” is just my style! I have a couple of jersey toppers with draped fronts and they are so comfortable and a great weight for moderate temps. I noticed they have jeans with a lot of stretch–something I love!

  43. I do like cardigans..I don’t own any clothing by Foxcroft. The Arizona rib ottoman cardigan is beautiful in all colors. I do like the red/wine one, that would look really nice with the Lucca wrinkle free floral medallion tunic top in multi. Those two pieces I think would make a nice look for fall.

  44. I am looking for a dressy and also a casual black cardigan for this Fall. I’ve worn out my old ones. The Leslie Jersey Knit looks like it would work well for me.

  45. Foxcroft has been my go to brand for several years. The fit is superb but it is the fabrics which I love most. Luxury at a reasonable price point. I love the sweater and want to add something similar to my wardrobe this fall. I am headed to the Foxcroft website to shop now! Thanks so much for considering my entry for the contest.

  46. Would love to try Foxcroft wrinkle free blouses & styles.. Tired of my frumpy t-shirt looks. Thanks for the contest entry opportunity.

  47. I would love to add layering pieces for fall/winter. I saw a faux suede jacket on their website that would be a fun addition.

  48. Pam, I love Foxcroft! The shirts are always great. Now, I want some of their sweaters. They would be great for Friday night football!

  49. What a lovely cardigan! I agree with you Pam, the length is just right! Adding a light weight good-looking cardigan in a neutral color would be a dream come true! I’m brand-new to Foxcroft, and owning such a usable staple would be the perfect start!

  50. I have been purchasing and wearing Foxcroft blouses for years! I love the fit and quality. In fact, the day Pam posted this contest, I was wearing an old faithful hot pink Foxcroft which looks as good as it did 10+ years ago! For Fall 2019, I am looking for some longer blouses that have some shaping/seaming (fitted in the waist).

  51. I love, love, love Foxcroft! I have been buying their wonderful blouses for years because they are stylish, fit so well, no ironing is needed, and the colors stay true for years. It’s hard for me to find blouses that look good and are comfortable to wear, but those from Foxcroft always are. With Fall upon us I would love to add a beautiful Ruana and a plaid blouse or tunic to my wardrobe. So stylish!!

  52. I recently purchased 2 Foxcroft 3/4 length shirts for a ranch wedding. I chose to wear a charcoal gray shirt topped with a silver concho belt and a black silk broomstick skirt. Love how crisp the shirts look. I’d enjoy trying a Foxcroft cardigan.

  53. I am looking to add more casual, yet stylish, clothing to my wardrobe. I am planning to retire next year and will be living a more causal lifestyel.

  54. I loved the black shirt you wore recently rly, and that would be a fabulous addition to my wardrobe. That cardigan today is great, also.
    Thanks !

  55. I’d love to add a couple woven shirts to my wardrobe and who wouldn’t want the cardigan you are wearing.

  56. I do not have Foxcroft clothing as until just recently is when I was made aware of them. They look like the clothing that I would love to add to my wardrobe.
    I am looking for clothing that you can wear with jeans and yet dress up at the same time. I am also looking for some great Fall jackets. I am always looking for jeans and comfortable yet cute shoes.

  57. I had not heard of Foxcroft before! I checked out their site and love the Vintage Vineyard collection – especially want to add that Getaway Faux Suede Jacket in the navy to my closet! Love it for fall!

  58. I retired from a career where I wore a suit every day. I am switching to a more casual style, but still want to look good. I only have one cardigan. You have featured several that I like! I think that may be a good way to transition my style!

  59. I wear cardigans often as I can put on or off depending on the temperature in our office.
    I like ones with a pattern or unique color to add style to a basic outfit. The one you are wearing has style with the seaming.
    I am looking for a rust suede jacket to add to my wardrobe this fall. I went to the Foxcroft website and they had one! I saw many other beautiful things also. Their clothes are classic yet are current styles and colors which is how I like to dress.

  60. I could use a total refresh for fall, but am thinking about adding leopard. I’ve never owned any animal print and I believe it is time!

  61. I love Foxcroft shirts. They can be all cotton and long sleeves for under a sweater for a fresh fall look. My favorite color is blue and I have three different prints in blue. If you want style and ease of wear try their shirts.

  62. Hi Pam, I’m checking in from Chicago. I will be looking for warm clothes soon. Foxcroft has some cute, warm wear that I would happily wear around town.

  63. Foxcroft is my “go to” brand. Can’t beat their blouses. You can work all day & meet friends for dinner and still look fresh.

  64. Beautiful classic pieces! A good looking practical cardigan would go a long way added to my wardrobe! Very pretty outfit Pam!

  65. I love the charcoal color of that sweater and it looks lovely as you have it styled. Charcoal is a very versatile color and it continues to be in style.
    I was also unfamiliar with Foxcroft brand of clothing. I found some really adorable blouses on their website that would be fun to add to my fall wardrobe. Minnesota fashion requires dressing in layers, and sometimes many layers!

  66. I would wear that charcoal cardigan, but I like a pop of color under. I feel more confident wearing layers and Foxcroft has a lot of options!

  67. Since I’ve lost 20 pounds I am basically starting over with my fall wardrobe! Love the Foxcroft brand. Trying to focus on classics that won’t go out of style too quickly.

  68. I will announce the winner this week. Have not drawn the winning entry yet. Waiting on Foxcroft…they may offer something like a great discount to those who entered and were not drawn! Thank you for your patience!

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