Over 50 Feeling 40 Style Tips for Autumn Legging Looks

Happy Monday, all!  I have noticed so many of you comment on your love of leggings lately I thought I would also share my love of leggings and how much I wear them during autumn!  So, to follow are five style tips for women over 50 for wearing your leggings this autumn. 

Over 50 Feeling 40 Styling Black Leggings by Joan Vaas
I think whenever I am retired…if that ever comes…I will wear leggings the majority of the time.  I do love the comfort and style of a great pair of leggings.  But, because I have worn them so often for so long, I think I have learned a few things.
1. Make sure the leggings you wear are of the thicker, higher quality fabrics.  If not they will show every dimple., ripple and bump.  I don’t think most of us want that to happen.  The leggings I am wearing here and which are my favorite are by Joan Vass.  This is a brand you can purchase at high end retailers like Neiman Marcus, but I found these at Marshalls (perhaps 6-8 years ago) for $19 and I have worn and washed them over and over and over again.  They still look new to me.
2. Your best friend when wearing or trying on leggings is a three way mirror.  Leggings are one garment you should look at from the back before going out. Enough said.
3. Naturally, then, leggings look the best with long tunic tops and that is my favorite way to style them. The tunic style with the thinner bottom is flattering on most women. Here are a couple of my favorite legging looks from the past on the blog (you can see my hair has had many personalities!):

Over 50 Feeling 40 Styles Denim Leggings


Over 50 Feeling 40 Wear Red Leggings

4. I personally love the look of leggings with flats…and occasionally boots.  I believe flats with leggings are a very classic style and just work so well together.
5. Beware of printed leggings.  Sometimes they do make us look larger, and if you don’t want that then be aware of it.  The eye will go right to the printed bottom, so you want it to work in your favor.  Leggings come in all shapes and sizes so have your fun with the top pieces and accessories.
Over 50 Feeling 40 accessories for leggings
My outfit today features with these Joan Vass Leggings a Joseph Ribkoff tunic and, (one of my favorites), this beautiful Soft Surroundings topper that I have owned and worn also for several years.  The Joseph Ribkoff tunic is so flattering because of the V neckline and the long line of buttons which places the vertical eyeline where we want it.  The bracelet is a past purchase from a a Premiere Jewelry party represented at the time by a co-worker.  It is a beautiful piece and just seems to go so well with the style of the topper.
I am so excited to tell you that I found these exact same leggings on sale at Neiman’s last call.  They are more than I paid at Marshalls, but they are worth it and I love the step design at the bottom of the legging…it is on mine though not easy to see.  I placed these in the slideshow below and highly recommend.  My second favorite pair of leggings that I wear often are from JJill.  I like their leggings very much.
As I said have fun with the styling.  Legging looks are so much fun with all of the great tunics and accessories…you can really get into the creative part of fashion with these styles.  On Wednesday, I am going to introduce a new feature on this blog and I will also be showing another legging style you will not want to miss.
Does anyone have something to add or a comment when it comes to wearing leggings?  Please share…and I have some great pieces in the slideshow for those of you who love these styles.  Thanks for being here and

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