What Should I Wear? To an Autumn Dinner Party with Friends

What to Wear to an Autumn Dinner Party

I am so excited to bring to you a new feature every Wednesday called What Should I Wear?  I will give you different scenarios and also tell you ideas of what I would consider wearing to the event or show you what I wore to the event…then ask for your ideas.  I am kicking this off with an autumn dinner party in my home for three couples.  And, for a casual dinner party, I love the idea of wearing leggings with a creative tunic.

Over 50 Feeling 40 Styling Tunics and Leggings

Over 50 Feeling 40 What Should I Wear to a Dinner Party

Bryn Walker has always been one of my favorite brands especially when I am feeling creative and want something a bit more fun.  This velvet tunic is gorgeous and so comfy…perfect for an in home dinner party…and a perfect partner for leggings. Whenever I wear a Bryn Walker top, I always size down or it will be very voluminous. I have styled it with my bronze cuff and bronze flats by Cole Hahn…both are pretty old workhorses in my wardrobe.  (By the way, my husband looked at these

Over 50 Feeling 40 accessorizes a tunic

This works for comfort…style…and confidence for me.  I am so confident wearing a look like this and I know it will get a lot of wear in my wardrobe.  I also like caftans for in home dinner parties.  I just like to select something that communicates casual elegance because I still want to feel like the hostess but be at ease doing it.

Over 50 Feeling 40 Autumn Dinner Table Setting

When I have dinner parties during the week, I set the table the night before so it is ready when I get home from work.  Then if my outfit is simple, like the one I am wearing here, it will not take much time to slip into it.  I really prefer to change and be more “at home” than my work attire allows. During autumn, I make sure all my “pumpkins” are in a row so that the meal is easy and ready when guests arrive.

Over 50 Feeling 40 Autumn Home Decor

My yard is full of these and by Thanksgiving they will be bright red and I will use them as part of the table decor…I love to bring a little of the outside in for special occasions.

So, what do you like to wear to a dinner party in your home.  Please share!  I have this fabulous tunic and other ideas in the slide show below.  Next Wednesday, we will tackle a different situation…so make sure you are here!



  1. The tunic is gorgeous and I would love to find one in velvet but at a lower price point. It would be great for the upcoming holidays.

  2. Looking forward to this feature! That velvet tunic top is lovely, and very special which communicates to your guests that you consider thme special enough to make that extra effort. I often look at the featured outfits in the Soft Surroundings catalog and think how appropriate many of them are for a dinner party. What you are wearing reminds me of that! I haven’t hosted a dinner party in quite awhile…for me it’s been picnics in my backyard in the summer, and for those I typically choose a sundress.

  3. Hi Pam,

    You and your table look gorgeous. Please tell us what you served. your guests. I never thought iI could entertain after work, but maybe I can.

    Thank you.

  4. It is actually cold here today, so the thought of a sundress sends a chill!! Soft surroundings has a lot of sale items right now still perfect for a dinner gathering.

  5. Well, I must confess…the key is my husband and his talent for grilling chicken! Then the couples we gather with each bring an item. We supplied the grilled chicken and dessert. They brought salad, veggie and wine!

  6. Pam, Am planning to visit a friend in San Antonio in either November or December. Are there an special fashion events happening for me to determine date to come?

  7. Hi Pam, First my recommendation is to come late November or December in order to experience the lights on the San Antonio Riverwalk Downtown. The Riverwalk is magical for the holidays. Sadly, the big fashion events happen in October around San Antonio Fashion Week. November and December will have a few retailer holiday events but there is nothing on my calendar at the moment. Make sure you visit downtown!

  8. I love this new feature, as it seems to be what every girlfriend asks before this or that upcoming event!! For me, whatever I wear as hostess I try to keep it simple and definitely with no volume at all to my sleeves (or sleeveless, even better) primarily for prepping and cooking purposes. I also like a sleek body shape and usually very simple design like a cream blouse and black slacks under one of my aprons.

  9. I’m very excited that you’re doing this What Should I Wear feature!
    I love your outfit for this occasion. I also like to feel more comfortable at home, while still looking nice.
    I like a single column of basic color like a plain navy top & leggings with a colorful ruana.

  10. The caftan looks wonderful on you and I wouldn’t have taken a second glance at it on the store hanger. After you featured sone Chico’s tuxedo pants last year, I bought a pair. They would look great with the caftan and would be comfortable to wear when I have a party.

  11. Great idea Jane… I can wear this tunic with so many things I own. I am about to wear those pants to a special event and will feature it…so watch for more to come!

  12. I love, love, love the tunic! You look beautiful!

    Thank you for taking the time to respond to all of us who make comments!

    Have a blessed day!

  13. Oh wow, your table is lovely! Hats off to you for working all day and entertaining that evening! You look beautiful! I still anxiously await your weight loss adventure post!
    Thank you and have a great day!

  14. Oh Mary Ann… in the busyness of my life, I forgot I said I would do that. I will work it in soon!!

  15. Love this new feature – “What Should I Wear?” 🙂 Your table is beautiful and I agree – Pre-party prep is a must for me, too! And look at you! A work night dinner party?? You are my hero!

  16. Thank you, Shirley. I confess it isn’t easy but with help and determination, it can happen. I get energized by spending time with people I love!

  17. Lovely festive table and gorgeous tunic top, Pam. I don’t do the entertaining like I use to do, however like yourself I always ensured the majority of preparation was done in advance to ensure that I could enjoy my company and have a relaxing evening. In respect to what I wore, my choice often would be that of wide-leg palazzo pants with a suitable top as found them not only comfortable but their selection in fabrics to be vast and a great option no matter the season. -Brenda-

  18. Since it’s chilly here, I’d probably wear Talbot’s wool slacks & matching cashmere sweater, comfy flats & an apron while I’m cooking. I don’t have a husband that has any culinary abilities!
    Your outfit is lovely, but I could only wear it if I was the dinner guest.

    Look forward to next week’s post, great idea.

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