A Lunchtime at Dillards with Friends….Plus One More Piece of Advice!

Pamela Lutrell at )ver 50 Feeling 40 spends an afternoon at Dillards in The Shops of La Cantera

Meet my friend, Sheri, the manager of Dillards at The Shops of La Cantera in San Antonio where I recently spent a fun lunch hour! Actually Sheri and I have spent many fun times at Dillards discussing fashion, beauty, family, and all things friends love to discuss.  Today, Sheri is showing you this beautiful color from Eileen Fisher’s current collection.  It’s made for her….don’t your think?

Pamela Lutrell of Over 50 Feeling 40 learns more about Ming Wang at Dillards

During this lunch hour, I met a wonderful new friend from St. Louis, Ellen from Ming Wang Knits.  She was in town for an event at Dillards called, “As the Expert.”  Ellen and I connected right away and even know a few of the same people.  I loved her red Ming Wang outfit and I was wearing the Ming Wang cardigan I recently purchased and love so much.    I asked Ellen to share a few of the points which make Ming Wang such a great line of clothing.

Over 50 Feeling 40 learns of the great basics at Ming Wang at Dillards

First off, she selected this little black dress and began to discuss the great basics Ming Wang carries.  They are all washable and last forever.  She also pointed out the line is the best for travel.  It does not wrinkle at all, is washable, and can provide many different styles through a few great separates.  I know I love to wear my tweed cardigan with denim as well as the work pants I had it on this day…(I was on lunch hour after all!) . These are the reasons why investing in a line such as Ming Wang will make your overall cost per wear lower…the clothing works harder for you.

Over 50 Feeling 40 views Ming Wang collection at Dillards

Ellen mentioned something that has always struck me about Ming Wang and that is the impeccable detailing and purposefully placed seaming.  The details are all gorgeous…like this lovely subtle animal print with faux leather details.  The tuxedo pant and lace detail pant below are also done with faux leather.

Over 50 Feeling 40 reviews Ming Wang Collection at Dillards

Over 50 Feeling 40 looks over Ming Wang collection at Dillards

Now, for my favorites from the current Ming Wang Collection.  Ellen is holding a lovely tweed cardigan with that wonderful detailing and a faux fur collar…with the sparkly gold tank underneath, it is great for holiday events this year.  The graphic sweater was a favorite of mine…will need to go back to try it on.  Also, if you touch the ponte knit jacket with a faux leather, you will never want another type of ponte knit again…this one just feels like butter to the touch…so smooth and lovely.  I really also want the little white blouse and could use something like it which is fitted and wears well.  Ming Wang carries all sizes with all of us in mind.  

Over 50 Feeling 40 reviews 2019 Ming Wang Fall Collection at Dillards

Over 50 Feeling 40 reviews Ming Wang Collection at DillardsOver 50 feeling 40 reviews Ming Wang Collection at Dillards

Over 50 Feeling 40 Reviews Ming Wang Collection at Dillards

Finally, the leaders have Ming Wang have hearts to give back and every collection includes pieces with this little note on it.  When you purchase those pieces, you have made a donation to the American Cancer Association.

Ming Wang Gives Back

Now, there were two posts last week which included lessons I have learned through my reinvention over 50.  One was to be teachable about what I wear and how I look and to accept myself each and every day through the process and beyond.  Here is another one……….have a sense of humor and don’t take every comment about what you wear so personally and with anger.  Here is an example from my own Ming Wang wardrobe.

Pamela Lutrell wears Ming Wang blouse in 2019

When I first wore this blouse to work, I was asked my “snarky” co-workers (and I write that with love!) if I had been hired after work as a chef!  I could of allowed that comment to shut me down…but instead I laughed with them and continue to love and wear this blouse!  My lesson learned is just this…while you experiment with your personal style do not allow comments from others to make you mad or sad.  Laugh with them and later decide if you want to continue wearing the look. What does it say about you and communicate to others about you?

I hope you enjoyed my review of Ming Wang and Dillards.  Time with Sheri at the Shops of La Cantera are always fun for me!  I have most of these garments in the slide show below.  Thanks for being here and as always……………………………………



  1. I like all the pieces but the first light blue ensemble with ivory slacks is amazing. If I saw it, I’d buy it!

  2. LOve the Ming Wang collection.Great pieces!I Teally like all the jackets as they are so good for NE Fla which is still warm now!. We don’t get fall uniil after Christmas! Only been to San Antio once and that was in the spring. It is hard to tell what your weather is like now!

  3. It depends on the day, Susan. We call it riding the roller coaster. Yesterday and today is high 90s and tomorrow high 70s !!

  4. Great pieces in the Ming Wang collection!
    And the blouse does not make you look like a chef. I really like it!

  5. There are actually two lines in the post, Paulette. The pale blue is Eileen Fisher. The rest of the post is Ming Wang! Both are excellent, high quality brands.

  6. I loved all the pieces in both collections. They are classic yet comfortable and not fussy. I would buy any of the pieces shown.

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