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Pamela Lutrell of Over 50 Feeling 40

Happy Saturday, everyone, and welcome to Would You Wear It with me and my friend, Jennifer.  Last week we tried something new with our mannequins and I am still not certain what you thought about it…so please offer any opinions you have.  Jennifer and I discover fashion displays in our town and we usually ask you if you would or would not wear them as styled.  Last week, instead, I asked you to tell us if you liked the display and if not, what would you do to improve it.  

Pamela Lutrell of Over 50 Feeling 40 asks Would You Wear It

Now, I do not want to be confusing, but I really would like to know which you prefer

  1. Do you want to continue with the old way and tell us if you would or would not wear it and why
  2. Or, did you like the new way of assessing if this is a good fashion display and if you think you could or should improve upon it.

MAJORITY RULES. Once we decide which way you would like to go with the mannequins, then I will stick to it.  So whichever way you prefer, answer that way here and I will see which one wins.  The object is to answer in such a way that we help one another with styling…with how to best style different body types and to be fun and encouraging while offering constructive advice. 

Pamela Lutrell of Over 50 Feeling 40 asks Would You Wear It

With all of that said, look over my trio of mannequins and tell us what you think…………………………………………………………


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  1. Well, I personally would not wear any of these. I do not believe leggings should be worn as pants. I would need the tops to cover to the top of the thigh. This is why I have gone back to straight leg jeans and pants, I like to have shorter tops to the hip bone and more fitted. I do prefer the opinion idea better than the styling ideas, as I am not sure how to answer this one on styling.

  2. I thought that the second way was fun and if any retailers are reading, thought this would be helpful for them as well. Since I would not wear these, I’ll go with option (2). I think the proportions are off on all but the graphic tee and skinny pants. The short tops with skinny pants is, to me, not the best look, and I think most of us try to cover our behinds in leggings, unless you are very young . The graphic shirt outfit is fine as is. The two outfits I’m referring to look bland and unimaginative. They could easily have included a third, complete piece with the yellow top, and the other one needs something for interest. Perhaps a statement necklace, but I’m not sure of that due to the see-through and delicate fabric. I would not stop to consider this display because there is really nothing to catch my eye and draw me in.

  3. I agree totally with Karen’s assessment of the display. I can’t tell if the bottoms are leggings or skinny pants. Leggings definitely need a longer top to cover a persons’ crotch and backside. I don’t care what your age, cover up. Skinny pants and a shorter length top work on the correct body types, but this display just does not catch my eye. Not sure why not. The only outfit I care for at all is the one on the right. A colored pant paired with a bright floral top is pretty. I personally would add a third piece…jacket, cardigan, or wrap. A moto jacket would look nice in my opinion. I like both ways of critiquing the displays so I am no help with your voting numbers 🙂

  4. I would wear the pants but the tops would add bulk to areas were I don’t need it.
    If the center one was longer I might wear it.
    I am ok with either comments or restyling the fashions. If I had to choose, I like the restyling, I got some great tips from all of us fashionable ladies!

  5. Do you like the display is an interesting approach.

    Looking at the display I think they’re working on highlighting the tops, and have left the models in tights so you’ll focus on the tops.

    I don’t know if I like that because, IMO, they aren’t showing a crediable outfit, they’re just highlighting tops.

    I’m OK with accessing the display b/c the more you think about how something is marketed the better able you are to not fall for marketing schemes. After all, the models are there to sell you something. Maybe they have too many tops and are working on moving them before they have to mark them down more.

  6. I like the original concept of “would you wear it’. I agree with the above comments about needing to cover more of the thigh area .

  7. Hi Pam! Good morning! Personally, I like the opinion idea, rather than the styling option for yours and for Jennifer’s Saturday posts. That’s just me I guess!

    On these three mannequins, I really don’t gravitate to the graphic tee shirt far left. I’d certainly wear the leggings, but never with that particular tee . The next two mannequins are interesting. I like both tops, but for my body and age would need them a bit longer, unless (with the sleeveless) I topped it with a longer cardi. The tops are quite short, tho, they are pretty., I do wear keghings as pants but usually very pulled together with layers, like shirt, tee and sweater or blazer. Hope this helps!

  8. As someone who loves marketing, I’m all for critiquing displays as a fun change. I don’t often shop in actual stores these days, so have to say I’m surprised to see curvy mannequins… I didn’t realize retailers are finally embracing the real woman. Is this the norm? Which store is it?

  9. I think this display lacks imagination and could use so much more to really showcase the tops. I suspect the mannequin dresser just ran out of time, they are not easy to dress, this I know. Think I would showcase the tops with three different items, a sweater, a jacket and maybe a vest over the ones with sleeves? Then add bags, jewelry scarves and some shoes/boots. Do it up for instant outfit ideas! Pam, I like whatever you and Jennifer post with the mannequins. Thanks for sharing every week!

  10. That’s an interesting question. I like both ways of responding. For example, I like the shirt on the far right, (and I’ve been looking for something to coordinate with a pair of wine-colored jeans); however I would not wear anything sleeveless this time of year. I would style it with a jacket or cardigan and maybe someone who is always freezing like I am, would buy the shirt!

  11. You ask a difficult question. Displays are effective when they make me want to wear the clothing. The best displays make me wsnt to wear things that don’t even work for me. So I can’t answer.

  12. Prefer ‘would you wear it’ approach as feel the display comes under the same umbrella not to mention they are executed by professionals so IMO should reflect such I would hope. As for today’s, I would only give this display and their garments a quick glance as the colors are drab and none of the tops appeal to me in design. i.e.: Their necklines, sleeve length, the sheer top should be lined (or worn with a camisole underneath at least), the graphic top looks more like nightshirt to me etc. As for the leggings; they can prove to be an asset in your wardrobe when worn correctly but I wouldn’t wear them as shown as demand longer tops for starters whether it be for casual or dress-up . i.e.: A tunic length sweater or dress. -Brenda-

  13. Hi Ann, There are several retailers who use the plus size mannequins now and it is so helpful. I am going to withhold the name of this place for now because I do not want to influence comments in any way. But I will reveal the source at the end of tomorrow’s post. Thanks!

  14. I like the old way! At first glance, I thought the graphic tee and leggings were pajamas! Since I’ve never seen a graphic tee I really like, no, I would not wear this one. The blouses are way too short for my long torso although I checked out the floral print. Since it’s sleeveless I would wear it if it were longer here in the California desert. I’m liking some of the dark florals I see this season even though I would not invest too heavily in one. I wear leggings but always in black or navy with a top to cover my rear.

  15. Much prefer the current approach as I learn from others’ comments about how they would adapt for their personal style. Re the outfit, my personal guide is that my top should be long enough to cover my bottom when I wear skinny pants.

  16. Happy Saturday! I’m not a fan of blanket criticism without analyzing how something could be better and work for the individual speaking. These mannequins would not inspire me to buy anything.

  17. I prefer option 1. Now, as to the mannequins. I do not wear leggings with regular length tops, I only wear then with tunic tops. This is my preference, and this is probably the last season I’ll wear leggings. I much prefer how I look in straight leg jeans and tailored shirts/blouses.

  18. I prefer the original concept.
    These 3 tops are not my style at all and I’m not a fan of tights for any age or shape unless worn with a top that covers the derrière.
    I’m fond of mini dress length tops that can be belted or not with tights.

  19. Actually I enjoy both/either way to comment. I like to see how other’s minds work…gives me a different & new perspective! – To me, this display is fine. I consider all these outfits to be comfy around-the-house fashion. Pairing these tops with plain black leggings showcases the tops. The “queen” and the cute yellow tops are my faves. Sweet little tops to enjoy wearing to spice up a stay-at-home day and still look/feel feminine ????

  20. Wow, Pam! I just entered a very long and detailed question that got rejected because I accidentally neglected to check the privacy box. I clicked the back button and my info is gone! I suppose there’s no way to retrieve that. Picture a sad face here! lol

  21. So sorry Mary…we all had to load the privacy boxes by law now. Please enter again…would love to read what you said.

  22. Hi Pam! I think my first comment is floating around in cyberspace somewhere. In the hopes that I’m not repeating myself, I’ll try again. I think when we focus on the question of “would you wear it” when we look at these mannequins as displayed, it’s very easy to veer into snarky waters! IMO two of them are styled terribly. See, no way to get around sounding critical and offensive if someone else loves everything about the styling. When everyone gets to play the stylist, everyone wins. IMO #1, which I believe plays more to a younger audience than myself, would look a little more edgy with a short, dark vest and maybe some sheepskin boots (Uggs). The blouse in #2 is too sheer and IMO too delicate to be worn with dark pants of any kind. I think it would look nicer with a flowy skirt in the same color family along with strappy, metalic sandals. #3 would look great with a crimson moto or chore jacket and a cute crossbody bag and maybe some suede booties. I vote for option 2 where we all get to be winners and hopefully may influence retailers to put a little more thought into their displays!

  23. I wouldn’t wear these outfits. I don’t care for graphic tees but even if I did, the camo sleeves and the solid body color just don’t work for me. To me, the pants are or at least fit like, leggings You have to be in really good shape to wear a short top with leggings. I only wear leggings with tops that cover my behind and the tops of my thighs. I would wear the style of the middle and right tops with a slim-fitting pant but not in the colors shown. A camisole is definitely needed under the middle top. I thought last week was fun because it made me think about how I could improve the look I’ve noticed some of us include styling tips on the original format so I’d say use the would you wear it format but encourage readers to include how they’d style it.

  24. I’m fine with either option but I like reading opinions on why an outfit would work for that individual or not. To answer both questions, I would not wear any of these outfits and I agree with others that the display is sloppy. At the very least, the tops could be steamed so they don’t show the wrinkles. Sleeveless tops aren’t practical for me as I’m always cold (with the exception of a few days in summer) and none of these colours work for me. Personal preference but I wear leggings to yoga and around the house.

  25. Hi Pam,

    I’m definitely for option 2 … whether or not it is a good fashion display.

    To me, if clothing is presented in an outstanding way it is appealing and eye catching to everyone. And from that perspective a woman can tailor the look to one that works for her.

    As for today’s mannequins, I don’t think they are styled very well. I don’t see this look being very flattering unless you are very young or very thin. Otherwise, no.

    That being said, I think these outfits could work if the tops were longer and adorned with some stylish accessories … necklaces, scarves, jackets, etc.

  26. I prefer the “would you wear it” comments rather than restyling tips. Most often the best ideas are the tweaking ones that come naturally from comments on why you wouldn’t wear it. Throwing in ideas to restyle, without seeing the specific items suggested, can be too abstract and confusing especially in writing…

  27. I like option #1, as long as we temper of answers with kindness. This display is puzzling to me. If the idea was to showcase the tops, I think that putting them on a mannequin torso would have been a better idea. By pairing the shorter tops with the leggings, my eye is immediately drawn to the lower half, & I would think, “I could never wear that”, leading me to walk right by them. As another reader said, I thought the outfit on the left looked like pajamas, with the oversize top over the skinny bottom. If the top had been a bit smaller, I might have gotten the concept. Also, the top in the center looks a bit off somehow. Without seeing it in person, I’m not sure how I would fix it.

  28. I like the “would you wear it,” which can include (and often has) suggestions for improving the display. Like many of today’s contributors, I can’t do skinny/yoga pants — straight leg jeans and pants for me. Tailored shirts, especially oversized, are my faves. Getting good fit at shoulder AND hips is my challenge.

  29. I think critiquing a display is of limited value and not nearly as interesting as everyone’s take on the clothes. If we inadvertently veer onto the side of a little too opinionated … well, so what? We are all adults, and we will do our best to be interesting, entertaining, funny, pithy, and … kind.

  30. I prefer #1, the original Would You Wear It format. I wouldn’t wear any of today’s looks mainly because I think the tops are too short to wear over leggings. I like the colour/print combo of the top on the left, but I don’t wear t-shirts or tops with words on them. The top in the centre is too see through for me. I would definitely wear the one on the right if it was longer.

  31. oh i like the idea of dressing a manequin….that would be fun!…in the pictures, i would have gone with the halloweeen outfits in the background….or if keeping the black leggings, the longer solid shirts just behind them in the nice fall colors.

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