Pamela Lutrell of Over 50 Feeling 40

I cannot have a discussion of dressing with an awesome third piece without discussing how much I love column dressing with the extra piece on top! I do dress in columns often because they are slimming and elongating and really, so, so easy!  I have worn columns in black, blue, brown and olive green.  I have tried it in white and do not like it on me as much as the darker columns of color.

When discussing wearing a third piece like I am this week, I do want to caution if you wear toppers with lots of print and texture (the ones that shout, like one reader described them), you may want to be careful adding too much jewelry.  I try to tone it down a bit with toppers as artistic as the two have been so far this week.  This is a look I will wear often this fall and feel very confident wearing.  My “tummy bulge” is beginning to get better and once I get it completely under control then a belt would work on these columns, but for now, I do not want to draw the eye line to that area of my figure, so the column completely works to direct the eye where I want it.

Though animal print is everywhere right now, it has always been in style.  This Chico’s topper has been in my closet for a long time.  I actually have two garments from Chico’s that I have owned for over 30 years…they were my first purchases there!  But, this one works so well for this new trend.  It is a nice combination of several prints and since it is not heavy, I can wear it for our current fall weather.  Have you looked to see how many current trends you already have…pull them out and give them a little update and new life.  This type pf look works for any woman over 50…whether working or retired.  Is anyone else a fan of column dressing??

One of our readers on Monday commented that she prefers a third piece that whispers.  The one I am going to wear on Friday is a whisper…so stay tuned. I have some more third-piece-finds for you below.  And thank you …thank you for being here!


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