Pamela Lutrell Wears Autumn Trends

Made it to Friday everyone…whoo hoo!  Yesterday, we experienced an early visit from morning temperatures in the 30s!  Yes, I had a coat and leather gloves on over this outfit when I left for work, but I went for the black & brown autumn trend style for my first wintery day of the new season.   This was one of the top four coldest Halloween’s San Antonio has ever experienced.  ( Where I live, it could easily go up to 100 tomorrow, so we get excited about cold weather)

Pamela Lutrell wears autumn pieces from JJill collections past

You are looking at two reasons why I love to shop off season sales.  The JJill brown sweater and the Aerosole brown suede booties were purchased in  summer clearance sales.  I remember unwrapping the sweater and thinking it would be a long time before it would be cold enough to wear it…boy, was I wrong.  I love the fit and feel of this sweater, so I am happy I also bought it in red.  The booties are great.  I saw them in a Macy’s clearance sale over the summer and I am very pleased…yesterday is the first day I have worn them.  Summer sales can really pay off…I always say the July sales are my favorites.

Pamela Lutrell in Fall booties


Pamela Lutrell in booties from Macys

I topped the whole outfit off with one of the beautiful necklaces I have from Soft Surroundings.  The whole look went great with my camel coat and brown leather gloves.  This is one I am happy to repeat throughout the cold weather months…it felt great.  Oh yes, the knit vest is an older piece in my wardrobe, Calvin Klein from Macys, and the pants are the heavier ponte knit from JJill.  I also have them in a slate gray.  

Now, I want to ask your opinion on something…………………….


Last week I was in a dressing room, and a woman kept asking sales associates as well as women in the dressing room for advice on a particular garment.  She was about 5’2″ and a pear shaped figure.  She was probably about my age or at least over 60.  The garment was a stunning jacket…beautiful with large flowers and lots of color and shine.  But, it was very long and very oversized.  When you can tell that someone loves a piece of clothing, but it really does not suit them well,  WHAT DO YOU DO…when asked to give an opinion?  I sympathized with the sales associates who I am certain do not want to miss a sale.

So, I said, “it is beautiful but I would recommend if you get it, you always wear it with very thin leggings on the bottom so that it flatters you the most.”  I really wanted her to go look at it in the three way mirror, but I was afraid that might offend her…so I said very little.  

It is difficult…because you hate to see women purchase something that does not suit them well, but you also want to be kind and not offend.

So, ladies…what would you have done if she had asked you for an opinion.  How would you handle it?  Maybe some of you would share if you have a similar body shape what you would want other women to say to you in a similar situation.

Please share your thoughts…and always


Today is November 1…hard to believe, right?  From now on, I will put in every slide show some gift ideas…as well as the fun fashion.  Perhaps it will help some of you with shopping and new ideas you might not have considered.  Enjoy!

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