Have You Stopped Dreaming New Dreams Over 50?

Pamela Lutrell discusses dreaming big over 50

Dream Big!  It’s a constant theme most of our lives as others encourage us… to go for it…accomplish big things…but if you do not achieve so-called big things by age 50, are you done?  And who defines what is big?  I was recently in a conversation and someone said that after age 50 there is no reason to dream of a different life.  He believed that by age 50 we are done…set in concrete in the life we chose or was handed…and there is no reason to dream.  He believed at that point it is senseless day dreaming and a waste of time.  I just happen to disagree.

Pamela Lutrell on dreaming big dreams over 50

Since I began blogging, I have met so many incredible women who changed their lives after 50 and began new directions.  Some are business owners, models, artists, writers, and then, of course, there are women like 94 -year- old Iris Apfel. She is a fashion icon and an industry unto herself.  Age has nothing to do with dreaming big dreams.  In fact I would say that it keeps us young at heart,  Here is a very small list of some individuals who dared to dream:

Gladys Burrill Ran a Marathon, at Age 92

Teiichi Igarashi Climbed Mt. Fuji, at Age 100

William Ivy Baldwin Tightrope Walked Across a Canyon, at Age 82

John Glenn went to space at age 77

Diana Nyad swam from Cuba to Florida at age 64 

Jim Butenschoen, 65, left the IT industry to start a hair-design academy

Rand Smith exited the corporate world to open an optical retail business in his 50s

Chris and Susan Beesley started their online business in their Mid-50s

Ernestine Shepherd, 78, Is the world’s oldest female bodybuilder.  She began at age 56.

Michael Grottola started his consulting firm at the age of 65.

Sam Taylor started an online art business at age 63

I dream often…not of fame and fortune.  I would love to move to a smaller town in the beautiful Texas Hill Country, run a Bed & Breakfast, and write!  That would be achieving a dream for me.  I love the idea of a smaller town (San Antonio is currently the second fastest growing city in the country, and I can testify to that fact every day when I drive to and from work!)  I also love to cook, decorate, entertain, and write.  It would be a place my grandchildren would love to visit.  Notice, I am not dreaming of climbing a mountain or swimming the ocean or running great races…I will leave that to other dreamers.  But, somehow, I can see this in my future despite being in my 60s.  That doesn’t mean it will happen…but I can dream, can’t I?

So, what would you do if you could do anything?  Dare to dream…you never know where it might lead you.





  1. Pam I couldn’t agree more! I am a firm believer that our brains believe whatever we say to ourselves…so dreams and new ideas are always possible. No marathons for me either , but certainly some great adventures!

  2. I love this Pam! I’ll be 60 in two days (yikes, really??!) and I started a real estate business a year ago. Best decision. Growth!!

  3. That is so exciting, Lisa! Congratulations on a courageous step, and, yes…growth. In many ways, I am very envious! Keep growing.

  4. I will be retiring in about 3 weeks. Looking at this new adventure as my second act. Not sure what it will become but a great time to dream. Great subject for your blog today.

  5. So glad it was timely, Bab…keep us informed of what lies ahead. Have fun and keep dreaming.

  6. Yes. ..looking forward keeps us young or at least young at heart. I do believe in dreams or even just being hopeful. Believing something great and fun is ahead is everything!

  7. I think life would be so sad if we didn’t have something we were dreaming about! While many of us won’t fulfill all of our dreams, just thinking about things we would love to do can often be enough to make us happy and might even spark something in us to get out there and try things! I dream of a time when I can retire (maybe never, lol) and just be home to spend my days the way I want. I also dream of a smaller home away from all the hub-bub. I dream of a beach house or at least a cozy house with proximity to the beach. I dream about making new friends and spending more time with the close friends and family I have now….nothing lofty, just simple life pleasures. I love this post because it reminds me of just how important it is to have something you dream about!
    Happy Sunday!

  8. At age 60 I took vocal lessons and started singing in a rock ‘n roll cover band. I sing hits from the ‘70s to current day. Never to old to ROCK!

  9. My dear mother-in-law, in her early seventies, decided she wanted to fulfill a childhood dream of learning to tap dance. Despite living in a small town, she located a class AND some size 10 black patent tap shoes with ribbon tie laces (just as she had longed for as a young girl) and she fulfilled that dream! She has been gone almost twenty years now, but her lesson remains with me to this day: “never too late!”

  10. Your dream sounds wonderful, peaceful , and definitely worth pursuing! I have always been a dreamer. It gives me goals and makes me hopeful. I have a dream of downsizing and living in a cozy little place where I can get back to painting and continue to study sign language. I decorate it in my mind and study floor plans. If it’s God’s will, I believe it will happen. I’m working toward my dream by purging things at home and living more simply, getting my house ready to go on the market. Dreaming to me is necessary to contentment and happiness. My dreams are very simple, but they are a part of me!

  11. Love your dreams and your visions, Karen! I wish I had taken some painting lessons…perhaps that will go on the one day list. I have begun to purge just a little, but need to put the time and real effort into it…it is past time to do this. Thanks for reminding me!

  12. I don’t think we should ever stop dreaming. Our dreams may change as we age, but we can still have them. The dreams of my 20 something self were vastly different than the dreams I have today at 65. My biggest dream now is to make my home into the warm inviting space that I have always wanted it to be. I am working towards that dream one small step at a time. Dreaming big is in the eye of the dreamer.

  13. Yes, dreams keep us going and alive. I dream about watching my granddaughters grow into loving adults, seeing the fall leaves at Lost Maples, visiting with old friends, reading more books. The list is endless

  14. I also dream of seeing my five grandchildren as adults…how joyous that would be. Thanks Jill!

  15. Oh my goodness! I didn’t even start this as a 3rd career until I was over 50. While I did this as a fun hobby – now I’m able to do it as a full time contractor – I’m a costume designer and sewist for theatre all over the San Jose area (California) – proud to say “award winning” and in demand. I don’t think I would have the appreciation of this dream when I was younger, gaining the skills I need to do this. Now I’m able to work at something I love and dreamed about and able to help others fulfill their dreams as well. What a delight! Never ever stop dreaming – you’re not “too old”.

  16. Kathleen, That is so incredible. I love your story and love what you are doing…how much fun would that be. You are such an inspiration and I appreciate you sharing all you are doing here. Keep winning those awards!!

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