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What Women Over 50 Wear

Hello, everyone, it is time for Would You Wear It with me and my friend, Jennifer!  For those who might be new, Jennifer and I go out and about and find fashion displays that make us wonder if you would or would not wear the look as styled.  We have had some great discussions on these posts and they often help others decide what might look best on their body types or their colors.  All we ask, is that you keep your comments personal, so as not to offend other ladies who might feel differently from you.  Just tell us why the outfit does or does not work for you and be specific…when you only say Yes or No, it doesn’t help anyone.

What women over 50 wear

Of course, you may comment on the styling of the display and, here, you might want to tell us about both looks….however, it was the skirt and top outfit that caught my attention.  So, look it over and then tell us……………………………………………………….


You might also want to read over THIS POST   where we discussed how to help other women when they ask our advice in a dressing room.  There were awesome suggestions.  Remember to go to A WELL STYLED LIFE and tell Jennifer what you think of her mannequin…..but ultimately, you want to be back here for the slideshow.  Remember for the next eight weeks I will include holiday gift ideas in the slideshows as well as great fashion!!



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  1. Happy Saturday, Pamela!
    I like the red shoes, sweater & necklace on the mannequin on the left. However, the skirt with the half & half fabric doesn’t appeal to me. If the opposing fabrics were on a diagonal, it might be more appealing but the left half/right half difference seems a bit odd to me.
    I do love the coat on the other mannequin (assuming the collar is faux fur).

  2. If the skirt was one pattern, this would catch my eye. I don’t like the design split in half. Pleated skirts seem to be on trend right now, but I would have to try it on to see how it would lay on me. The contrasting necklace and shoes really make the outfit special. I, however, am not brave enough to do this.

    The fur on the jacket is too overwhelming for me. I like the look of fur collars or trim on a jacket, but I don’t wear it. During our cold weather months static electricity is a real problem, and I find fur to especially cause this annoying phenomenon. My hair would be standing on end. ?

  3. My preferred silhouette would be a solid black sheath dress with a little leopard print cardigan. I love the coat on the right but I suspect the fur trim would be overwhelming on me.

  4. I wouldn’t wear the skirt and sweater as the straight line of the skirt would hang badly on my short and curvy body. My eye is jarred when I see ankle boots pairs with a skirt and drawing attention to my feet would also shorten my already low-to-the-ground body. Sweater would be fine with straight legged pants.

    Prefer the second outfit as it creates a longer line for the body, especially shoes and pants. Like the color of the coat but the fur color might be a bit overwhelming.

  5. I would not wear the outfit on the left. I do not wear animal prints or pleats so that skirt is a no. The sweater adds to the confusion with the pearls along with the red necklace and booties.
    I like the outfit on the right. If the coat was black or navy suede with the big fur collar I would wear it. I especially like the waist defining belt. I would wear the black pants with the side slit. Black pumps always look nice. Happy Saturday.

  6. I love that black sweater on the left! in fact, I already have two sweaters similar which I bought in two colors since I liked it so much. Down the arms, the pearls are connected to small slits so you can see through. I also like the black pants on the right. I don’t need a coat like this since I live in Florida! Don’t like the two fabric design skirt, it is too quirky for me. I would never wear red shoes.

  7. First of all, skirt and sweater: the skirt is a definite no, I’m tired of seeing animal prints everywhere and I don’t like how it is split with the black. The length does not work for me. The red shoes look off with this, to me. The sweater is pretty with the sleeve trim and I’d wear that with a pencil skirt or straight pants. At first glance I really liked the jacket. I love fur trim so that drew me in. As I looked closer, it appears to be faux leather, thus it isn’t laying right, looks wrinkled, which spoils it for me. Genuine leather would have worked for me, because fur trim just makes things feel luxurious and draws me in every time. I would not wear the pants because for me, I don’t care for loose-fitting ankle pants.

  8. I think the sweater is wrong for the skirt. Maybe something with a v neck would look better. The coat on the right has too much fur. It would overwhelm the person wearing it. The color and wrap style of the coat is OK in my opinion.

  9. Interestingly, the skirt and top outfit have the the exact wrong detailing for my silhouette.
    The buttons on the outside of the sleeves and shoulders would widen the look of a woman’s shoulders and I already have wide shoulders.
    The double pattern skirt narrows the look of the hips and I already have straight hips.
    The red booties would be cute under pants for me but draw the eye too heavily with a skirt.
    Great mannequins Pam! So much food for thought.

  10. as someone above said, i just dont like the trend of ankle boots with skirts, the line of sight just isnt right…the half/half skirt i would not wear, pleats have never been my friend, too much junk in the trunk, lol….the sweater with the buttons all the way up, sorry no…just a few up the beginning of the arm only.
    the ankle boots with the black slacks would work…but the coat is a no for me. belted right in the middle is not for me, and i prefer a solid color coat.

  11. I’m,not wild about the skirt pattern but the sweater is nice. I was going to say I liked the jacket/pants better but if they are snake skin NO way!

  12. I would like the skirt if it was all the animal print pattern but dividing down the middle seems strange. I also would have to try it on-some pleats work with my bit of belly and others add the pounds! While I like the trend on ankle boots with skirts, it does nothing for my legs. As for the sweater, if you are going with a skirt that has that much going on, as well as bright colored accessories, I would have chosen a plain, unembellished sweater. Too many contrasts going on for me.

  13. Love the red shoes. I’m too short for the long skirt.
    I do like the coat and would give it a try.

  14. I like the sweater top. I own one just like it in pink. Would love to have it black. The skirt is too long for me and the split design doesn’t appeal to me at all. Here in the California desert I have no need for the coat. Since childhood I have a thing about bringing attention to my feet so I would pass on the red booties!

  15. The shape of the sweater is nice, but in another colour, as I’m slowly getting rid of all my black clothing, only keeping a LBD. Not fond of pleated skirts, my daughter would love this one. Love the red necklace and booties! The coat style is perfect for me but I dislike faux leather/fur, so if it was real… lol
    Have a lovely weekend!

  16. I love the outfit on the right except the jacket has too much fur for me. The skirt has too much going on, and the top would not flatter my figure. I do love the necklace and the red booties! Happy Saturday!

  17. Re the forefront mannequin: Do like all pieces, however with the exception of the red necklace and booties that I feel compliment one another I would wear the pieces differently. For example the sweater with pearls I would save for ‘special occasion’ wear and pair it up with a shade of white, high end fabric (lined) trousers or a knee-length pencil skirt (the latter worn with tights) and a heeled dress shoe of some kind plus a handbag in accordance. (i.e.: In a black suede, textured or patent leather.) Jewelry would probably consist of a delicate metal bracelet only (as sometimes ‘less is more’). As for the skirt; being a sewer I would be lengthening its lining to meet the lower hemline, wear a heeled, higher shafted boot and a lightweight/fine knitted sweater either in black or the contrast color in the leopard print plus add red accessories to give it some color punch.

    In respect to the other mannequin: A no to the jacket as just not my personal taste in style or fabric and am not a fan of zippered accents. Also question its large faux fur collar which (I’m sorry) to me resembles both in density and hair length; that of a woolly mammoth. As for the pants, I would have to see them first etc. Do like the shoes shown as appear to have a slightly squared off toe giving the illusion of smaller sizing and feel that their style is somewhat versatile as IMHO could be worn with several outfits.
    Super styling exercise Pam!

  18. I have a similar skirt in leopard, which I prefer to the split version here. I love the sweater with the pearl button detail, but I would wear pearl stud earrings and no necklace (the necklace competes with the pearls). I love the red necklace, which I’d wear with a black or leopard sheath dress. I love a great red shoe but these booties are overwhelming this outfit. Simple black booties would work best for me. I love the outfit on the right but would prefer the coat in a supple red leather. The fur collar size is perfect (black fur would be best on the red coat I’d wear).

  19. The coat is straight out of the 1970s/early 1980s. It would actually suit me, but if I wore it, it would match the one my dog wears. Yes, I bought one for her just this week that is exactly like this, and extremely cute! However, I’m not sure I want to compete with that level of cuteness. Dogs always win.

  20. Joan, Please keep your comments personal as to not offend someone who feels differently. Tell us why the skirt does not work for you.
    Thanks so much for being here.

  21. Thank you Linda! I tried to find the sweater on Stein Mart’s website to put in my slideshow, but I could not locate it.

  22. I like the sweater but I would wear it with a pencil skirt or slim pants. I love red and I like the red necklace but I’d wear gold and pearls with that sweater. I think the red booties are cute but I don’t like the look of booties with a skirt. I don’t like the mixed fabric skirt. It would be pretty in all black. I used to wear pleated skirts but I’m not sure that this style would work on my older and curvier body!

  23. The sweater and skirt are not my normal “go to” look, but I like it and think I Would look fine. Instead of the short red booties, though. I’d go for tall boots in a light tan color, and long necklace to coordinate.

    I do like the coat with furry collar alongside……not sure I’d buy it but I’d admire it on somebody else.

  24. I like the black sweater with the pleated skirt. But … I don’t care for the split design. I’d prefer one or the other … probably the animal print. Not a fan of this ‘split’ look at all. It seems a bit too trendy and I prefer more classic clothing.

    I like the red ankle boots with the red necklace … they really pop against the black and would be lots of fun for the holiday season.

    I don’t really care for the fur trimmed jacket. It seems a bit overdone and not in a good way. However, the colors are appealing!

  25. The jacket is very attractive but the fur collar is too much for me. I would wear the skirt in either fabric with the top. Love the pearl accents. Afraid, I don’t have the confidence needed to pull off the red shoes and necklace. Admire ones who do!!

  26. I love and would try on the sweater. It has a “basic black plus a little extra” look that I wear often and am always on the hunt for. The red booties …. yum! They are a lovely lipstick red that would compliment a lot of colors of pants, which is what I’d wear them with. I have a few dresses and skirts and find I just don’t wear them very much, even though I’m still working. The skirt isn’t classic enough for me either, and feels like a bit too much for my taste along with the bright jewelry, booties, and embellishment.

  27. I like the sweater and the pops of red. Just don’t think I would be comfortable in the skirt. I think it takes someone that’s flamboyant and very secure to wear that skirt and that’s not me. Styling this outfit gives you a better idea how it would look, I’m sure not many would try it on without seeing it on the mannequin. Investors the coat and pants and would get lots of wear from that outfit.

  28. I would wear the sweater with pants or a shorter skirt with a different cut. The trim makes it interesting. The skirt is the wrong length for my short legs, & the pleats would not be flattering to my shape. I would wear the booties with pants but not with a skirt, as they would tend to shorten my already short legs. I wouldn’t wear the coat. It has been my experience that faux fur collars like that do not hold up well in the rain/sleet/snow of a typical Midwest winter.

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