Pamela Lutrell on Being Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving, America!  I know today is mostly an American celebration but practicing “giving thanks” is for everyone, everywhere.

A good friend recently challenged our circle of workout companions to write areas we are thankful for that equal the number of our age.  I had the most work to do in the group!  But, thinking about all of the things I would put on that list to lengthen the list kept me smiling for days.  OK, so one of them is… I am thankful I am not yet 100!

Please don’t allow anything to darken your thankfulness.  In fact, the more you are thankful for, the more your joy will blow away the dark clouds.  If you are currently in a dark place, then make your own list.  Write down everything you are thankful for and make the list fill in all of the numbers of your age. You will be surprised how much better you will feel at the end of the exercise.   Remember the words of that wise philosopher, Bing Crosby in White Christmas, “When you are worried, and you can’t sleep, then count your blessings instead of sheep, and you’ll fall asleep counting your blessings!”

One of the blessings I count is YOU!  I am so thankful for those of you who have taken your time with this blog the last nine years.  I look forward to writing for you, inspiring you, creating content just for you, because you inspire and encourage me.  THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.  You are a member of my family and part of my joy.  Now, be thinking…because soon I will be planning for 2020, my 10th year of blogging and I will do a post asking to hear your thoughts going forward.  Watch for it and be ready to share.

Speaking of family, I will be spending today and tomorrow with family, but will return on Saturday with Would You Wear It?   Then, it is officially my favorite time of year…Christmastime!




A Reminder:  Go to My Shop page, click on it and you find all of my selections from my slideshows.  When you go to those brands today and tomorrow, look for special Black Friday deals before you buy.  Everyone has them!  I so appreciate your support by visiting your favorite brands through the items I provide…even if you do not buy that item, but purchase something at that retailer, I will make a small commissions…and I am really thankful for that!

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