Over 50 Feeling 40 what to wear for shopping

There is so much activity during this particular week, that I decided to go for one that many will be participating in…What Should I Wear for Holiday Shopping?  Now, I realize many of you just thought…well, I would wear my PJs, since my shopping will be mostly online.  Honestly, the majority of my shopping is done online; however, during the holidays, for me, shopping is just a part of the whole experience.  I truly love the atmosphere…all of it…from Santa, to the music, to the Salvation Army bells, to the glistening decorations, to the smells of treats and hot drinks, to lunching at Neiman Marcus or Nordstrom…all of it!  It is part of how we stay young.  Walk away from the computer and see what is outside!  

Pamela Lutrell on what to wear for holiday shopping

If you join me in loving the craziness, then here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

  1. Shopping is a physical activity.  Depending on your weather, wear a few layers that you can peel away and take to the car.  I always get warmer when marathon shopping and carrying around a heavy coat is no fun.
  2. I am wearing a turtleneck today because I do not plan to try on anything for me.  But, if I did I would wear and easier top to get in and out of in the dressing room without too much fuss with the hair.  Plan ahead if you think you are going to try on pieces for yourself.
  3. Your choice of shoes are everything!  Make sure you are comfortable and can do a lot of walking.  Today, I am wearing Aerosole Booties.  They are broken in and very comfortable.  Many a time in my life I had to cut a shopping outing short because I wore the wrong shoes.  
  4. Also, shopping is a great time for a smaller handbag…either a cross body bag or one of the wristlet bags that just hold you phone and cards.  Big bags can lead tempt a shoplifter into putting their hand into it.  Take something you can control.  Again, sadly, I know this from experience!

Pamela Lutrell in Aerosole Booties


Finally, do not be afraid to be festive.  I am wearing red and green and a Christmas Tree Necklace featured at Christopher and Banks.  Going for a Christmas sweater is a bit much for me, but I like to participate in the fun of it all in small ways.   The tree necklace is a teaser for next Wednesday’s What Should I Wear?  That next post will feature some holiday fun from Christopher and Banks.

Allow me to remind you, that you have more fun and get more help from sales people when you are friendly, kind, joyful, and dressed well.  It does make the who experience more fun for everyone.  This is the week when salespeople love to see someone who is happy to be there and patient beyond all else. 

Is there anyone else like me who likes to shop during this time of year for the whole holiday experience?  Please share.  Then, enjoy today’s slideshow…these are all brands that my young adult children and significant others love…just in case you needed help with the 20 & 30 somethings!



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