What Should I Wear? For Holiday Shopping

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There is so much activity during this particular week, that I decided to go for one that many will be participating in…What Should I Wear for Holiday Shopping?  Now, I realize many of you just thought…well, I would wear my PJs, since my shopping will be mostly online.  Honestly, the majority of my shopping is done online; however, during the holidays, for me, shopping is just a part of the whole experience.  I truly love the atmosphere…all of it…from Santa, to the music, to the Salvation Army bells, to the glistening decorations, to the smells of treats and hot drinks, to lunching at Neiman Marcus or Nordstrom…all of it!  It is part of how we stay young.  Walk away from the computer and see what is outside!  

Pamela Lutrell on what to wear for holiday shopping

If you join me in loving the craziness, then here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

  1. Shopping is a physical activity.  Depending on your weather, wear a few layers that you can peel away and take to the car.  I always get warmer when marathon shopping and carrying around a heavy coat is no fun.
  2. I am wearing a turtleneck today because I do not plan to try on anything for me.  But, if I did I would wear and easier top to get in and out of in the dressing room without too much fuss with the hair.  Plan ahead if you think you are going to try on pieces for yourself.
  3. Your choice of shoes are everything!  Make sure you are comfortable and can do a lot of walking.  Today, I am wearing Aerosole Booties.  They are broken in and very comfortable.  Many a time in my life I had to cut a shopping outing short because I wore the wrong shoes.  
  4. Also, shopping is a great time for a smaller handbag…either a cross body bag or one of the wristlet bags that just hold you phone and cards.  Big bags can lead tempt a shoplifter into putting their hand into it.  Take something you can control.  Again, sadly, I know this from experience!

Pamela Lutrell in Aerosole Booties


Finally, do not be afraid to be festive.  I am wearing red and green and a Christmas Tree Necklace featured at Christopher and Banks.  Going for a Christmas sweater is a bit much for me, but I like to participate in the fun of it all in small ways.   The tree necklace is a teaser for next Wednesday’s What Should I Wear?  That next post will feature some holiday fun from Christopher and Banks.

Allow me to remind you, that you have more fun and get more help from sales people when you are friendly, kind, joyful, and dressed well.  It does make the who experience more fun for everyone.  This is the week when salespeople love to see someone who is happy to be there and patient beyond all else. 

Is there anyone else like me who likes to shop during this time of year for the whole holiday experience?  Please share.  Then, enjoy today’s slideshow…these are all brands that my young adult children and significant others love…just in case you needed help with the 20 & 30 somethings!




  1. Love the look Pam! May I ask the brand of your jeans? My usual fav jeans are becoming so inconsistent in sizing, that I need a new go-to. Your look is stunning, and the “happy” advice is spot on!

    1. Hi Betty, Thank you so much. Refresh your browser and you will see that I just added the jeans. I am wearing the INC jeans and they are on sale for a great price right now. Also, I am showing the new Soft Surrounding jean which I also love and has the same fit and comfort as these. I recommend either…especially if you like a jean that fits and flatters and does not bag. Hope that helps.

  2. I love the whole experience also Pam! I know it’s going to be chaos, so having that expectation enables me to just relax and have fun with it. I won’t be out on Black Friday, but I’m going to a beautiful shopping district with a friend on Monday to see their lovely Christmas decorations, have lunch and help her spend some store cash she has! I’ve already been considering what to wear because like you, I go for understated festive! It will be chilly, so layers are the way to go. I also go out on Christmas Eve, during the day, not to shop but to get a hot beverage and just watch all the people. You are so right about dressing nicely and being kind to the employees you come into contact with in the stores. I had a wonderful conversation with a cashier on Monday that started with a smile and acknowledging the over-crowded store and long lines. It was like a respite in her day and mine! It was a lesson learned to slow down and breathe, and I’ll remember it!

  3. I love this outfit & it’s exactly the type of look I wear for shopping. I want to look “put together” and be comfortable at the same time. You captured it!

  4. Sorry, I fall in the Scrooge category when it comes to Christmas shopping. The over consumption of cheap merchandise depresses the heck out of me. I do love Christmas: the beautiful music, lovely decorations and peaceful, quiet time with family.

  5. Missed the sights and sounds of the Mall last Christmas as couldn’t navigate the hard flooring (due to an injured back) but have made up for it this year and so agree with your advice given. In respect to shopping itself, do hope you don’t mind me adding a few more tips: a) Keep an eye on your purchases as thieves often work in pairs where one engages in conversation with you as a distraction, while the other helps themselves to them. If you have to put them down; the best place is between your feet. b) Put receipts in your handbag/wallet (don’t leave them in the bag) as its been known that thieves will often return the stolen items for an exchange or even cash; claiming the item was gifted to them. c) Never take your eyes off your handbag/wallet particularly when using a cart (i.e.: grocery shopping applies) as such is a common target of thieves. (Next time your are shopping Pam, watch the number of people who do it.) -Brenda-
    P.S.: JFTR, I’m not a thief but do have family members in policing … ☺.

  6. Go for it Pamela! For me, I never set my foot in a mall especially during the holidays. I love the sound of delivery trucks stopping at my house. I do go to a few specialty shops but that’s it plus my shopping is usually done by early November, gives me time to decorate, wrap & bake/cook in December.

  7. I do a mixture of in store & online shopping. Since I am retired, I can shop during the week when the stores are less crowded. I will spend one day at an outlet mall that is about an hour away from my home, so comfortable shoes are a must. I enjoy the sights, sounds & smells of shopping in the stores.

  8. I do not buy clothes on line usually. I’m not an easy fit so I need to look at displays, try things on and don’t want the extra hassle of returns. At Christmas time I love the hustle and bustle around me and like to be part of it as long as I’m not stressed by last minute shopping. It’s part of Christmas for me!

    1. Hi Wendy, only the necklace is from Christopher & Banks here. I will have a whole post from C & B this coming Weds. The green sweater was a Marshall’s purchase and the red turtleneck is from Soft Surroundings and I have owned it for several years. Thanks for asking.

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