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Pamela Lutrell asks if you would wear this

Happy Saturday and welcome to Would You Wear It with me and my friend, Jennifer.  We go about town and look for mannequins which make us wonder what you would think of the garment styles or the fashion display style.  Please tell the readers why or why not the style would or would not work for you personally.  We learn much from each other, so be constructive with your comments, please.

Over 50 Feeling 40 on Would You Wear It Saturday

A special announcement before we go forward!  I have a post going up tomorrow that I really need all the readers and followers of this blog to participate in…I am asking your advice as I make plans for the 10th Anniversary Year of Over 50 Feeling 40.  Please return tomorrow and answer the questions I will have up for you!  Now, back to fashion fun.   Once you comment on my display, please go over to A Well Styled Life and tell Jennifer what you think of her mannequin.  Then I hope you will come back for my slideshow…uniquely curated just for you!  So, look this over, ladies and tell us


Pamela Lutrell shares Christmas display at Nordstrom

I do want to complement our Nordstrom at The Shops of La Cantera in San Antonio on their Christmas decorations.  I loved the gold large nutcrackers with the beautiful gold and white light trees.  The whole store is lovely.  (The display above is not Nordstrom, BTW).

I know it is a busy time, but I hope all of you are enjoying the hustle and bustle somewhat.  Please be here tomorrow and, as always, 



  1. The Christmas trees are very pretty! I do like those! The featured outfit would not work for me. I am 5’4″ and don’t feel comfortable in maxi skirts, unless it would be a gauzy sundress in the summer. Not skirts though. The top would be overwhelming on me and is too memorable. The display is well done, and a bold top like that certainly needs nothing more than some earrings to finish it off. I do like the weight of the top for winter, and can picture it over some narrow, black pants.

  2. The outfit isn’t awful, but I would wear a different sweater. This particular print is not a favorite of mine. I have no need for a maxi skirt, so black pants would be my option. The Christmas decorations, however, are lovely.

  3. At 5’4”, I would be completely overwhelmed in this baggy outfit. I would wear the sweater over skinny pants if the light parts are not too close to ivory. I would prefer pure white.

  4. I would not wear this outfit. The sweater is too loud for me and the skirt too full. That sweater would look better with straight jeans.

  5. A pretty scene but this featured outfit would just not work for me! I’m nit tall and I do nit gravitate to maxi skirts. The sweater would also be more appropriate fir a taller woman. It’s shape and fabric would overwhelm me!

  6. This outfit would not flatter me, so it’s a no. Black & white are not good colors for me. and being short, the pattern of the top & length of the skirt is all too much.
    The decorations are gorgeous – I love gold/white!

    1. I would wear this for sure. Black and white graphic prints look good on me-I am too tall for ditsy florals, and the maxi would make me look taller so it’s a yes! I’d also like it with black skinny pants, I see the top being very versatile and kind of trendy.

  7. I’ve worn something but I’m 5’2” and big busted – the loose fit sweater and maxi skirt overwhelmed my frame and made me look heavier than I am. Definitely not my preferred style! I might wear the sweater with a pair of leggings or narrow pants.

  8. Both pieces, not for me namely due to style. Though do like the geometric stripe in the sweater would prefer a V or turtle neck type and tighter sleeve cuff as otherwise would look sloppy on my small wrists. As for the skirt; far too much fabric for my body-type and would propose a dilemma wearing such in the climate I live in. For starters; I would look lost in it as I’m somewhat slim and its hemline is just not practical with our snow/slush therefore would have to wear a high heel in a shoe/boot which I don’t wear any more to prevent it from getting soiled. (Not to mention, getting in and out of a vehicle would also be a task for the same reason …. ☺.)

    Do love the Xmas display and can visualize the large Nutcracker in a front entry way or two of them flanking a front door way. (Thanks for sharing it Pam.)

  9. I did wear this … back in the day! I love sweaters and don’t mind a retro look, but the sweater is too memorable for me as I increasingly ask my clothes to work harder and wear them more often to transition to retirement. I might get more use out of the skirt, but as shown I’m afraid this would wear me, and not the other way around.

  10. Well, I could have rocked that 30 years ago…I love it, for someone slimmer. i always loved tea length and long skirts back then especially with some spike heel boots. the outfit is sharp. but not for me now…

  11. The look isn’t for me. The sweater is too bold for my coloring, but I do like the maxi skirt. I would wear it with a different top, something more subdued or a short jacket. The Christmas display is beautiful.

  12. Definitely wore something very similar back in my 30’s but now at 68, my legs are one of my best features so I stick to short, slim skirts. I would pair that sweater with a shorter skirt and kitten heels. Love looking at all the decorations this time of year. 10 years? Wonderful?

  13. I love the skirt and even though the hem would be hard to keep clean in the winter, I would wear it. Pass on the sweater. I’m a big fan of black and white but not so much zebra prints. I would add a sweater or a top in a jewel tone – pink, blue or purple – a sparky necklace and my black patent leather ankle boots.

  14. I like the sweater. The skirt not so much and I am 5’10”. I do not care for long skirts. I think that the sweater would be great with a pair of velvet jeans.

  15. Black and white looks good with my coloring, I like animal prints, and I am tall enough not to be overwhelmed. I like the sweater (it looks warm!) and would wear it. As for the skirt, however, I’ve tried maxi skirts before and always end up tripping over them and pulling out the hem. So, no to the skirt for me. I do think the shoes (what I can see of them peeking out from beneath the skirt) are a good choice for styling this outfit on display.

  16. I am 5’10”” and am 78. I like outfits
    that stand out a little ( take a look
    at Ari Seth Cohen’s books of older
    women – even tho many of their
    outfits are too out there for me these
    women are an inspiration! I ,along
    with many others ,love them. They
    now often show up in Pinterest etc) I
    would definitely wear this outfit. I went to modeling school at 15 as a
    way to cope with hating being so tall
    I ended up with a brief modeling career. One thing they taught me,
    along with my mother who had great
    style was how to dress and what
    style was all about. Alternatively,
    Yelling at us bc our make up wasn’t
    right or we wern’t standing straight
    enough! I look at everything about
    fashion on You Tube etc and I like
    you and Jennifer alot for your
    practical, down to earth approach

  17. I have a couple of black maxi skirts so I’d at least try on the skirt. It looks like it might be pleated so I’d have to see if that worked on my body. I like black and white but I don’t care for this sweater. The pattern is too bold, the sweater too chunky and I prefer a V or rounded neckline. The outfit “works” but it’s not for me!

  18. I adore a good maxi skirt and wear them often when traveling in Mexico – they are dressy enough to eat out or go into cultural venues, yet comfy. The sweater wouldn’t be for me, and I tend not to wear my maxi skirts at home except in summer. I prefer a more fitted, tailored look to skirts I wear most of the year. BTW, I LOVE that Chico’s black velvet/paisley jacket in your round-up and think I will pick it up for my New Year’s Eve bit of fancy!!

    1. That’s awesome, Connie. I thought that piece was really pretty. I so appreciate it if go to Chicos through my slideshow to place your order! Thank you so much!

  19. I would wear the sweater with a slim legged pant or jeans. The skirt is too long & too full for me. I would feel like I was dressing up in someone else’s clothes.
    The decorations are beautiful.

  20. I love the sweater and I love the skirt … just not together (for me). If I were younger and thinner, I would definitely wear this outfit.

    I have similar skirt that I wear frequently but pair it with a short fitted black jacket.

    If the sweater were longer — as in a sweater dress — I’d wear it with black tights and boots. The print is so fun. As is, it would not be flattering on me.

  21. I would not wear this outfit. The sweater looks cheap and tacky – might be okay for a teenager. The skirt is much too voluminous. I think it would make almost everyone look larger – and who wants that?

    1. I might wear this sweater, but with black skinny pants, not a maxi skirt. I don’t think the maxi skirt is even flattering. It has too much fabric for me and would be overwhelming on me. Maybe if I was 5” taller ( I’m 5’4”) and 20-30 lbs lighter( I wear a 10 or 12.

  22. I think it could look nice on pear shaped ladies with a long torso. Being a V shape with big breasts and a short torso, I always try to wear patterns and/or bright colors rather as bottoms than tops.
    I am not a maxi skirt person, considering my legs the best part of my body. Moreover, I feel awkward not being able to run up stairs.
    I still love the zebra design and might go for the small photo, with the patterned skirt.

  23. stripes don’t work for me, at all. so i would have to pass on this outfit. though i do like the maxi skirt, though i’m too short to wear one.

  24. This would be a great outfit to host a house part. I do prefer one of the the lighter weight skirts in your display of alternatives, just slightly shorter. The sweater is too heavy but a lighter weight version would be great with a black midi/maxi skirt. Fun look.

  25. Yes to the sweater! No to the skirt (both the black maxi and the black and white print in the posed photo. Nordstrom store decorations are lovely!

  26. I do like both pieces, just not worn together as the sweater looks too large. It might do better with a skinny jean in black but not for me. I do not care for zebra stripes. I love the look of the maxi skirt and see it as being the focal point for a more elegant top. Perhaps a navy blue jacket with white cami might be a good choice. I would need to try it on as I do have a pear shape but am not sure if my torso is long enough to pull the elegant look off. As a retiree , I have fewer and fewer occasions to wear formal attire. Congratulations on your ten year blog. I just started following Jennifer and then you and I find the advice you gals give is helpful and encouraging to our age group. Thank you both for your efforts! Much appreciated!

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