2020 Style Goals #6: Practice All Natural Beauty Tips to Look Your Best Over 50

Over 50 Feeling 40 on all natural beauty

For goal #6 in our 2020 Style Goals series, I want to talk about all natural beauty for women over 50.  What shows on our faces involves so much going on the inside too, so I will save good health tips for tomorrow and just discuss beauty tips today.

I would like to recommend that your first resolution for 2020 be to accept your beauty just as you are today….we are all beautiful.  Once your understand that you are beautiful and here for a purpose, then you know how to go forward with decisions on how you want to look your best each day.

At age 66, I have made some difficult decisions.  I wish I had unlimited income, but I don’t.  So, I have to enhance naturally my aging process and not try to just pay others to fix the issues in order to merely delay the inevitable. Procedures meant to alter or delay can be extremely costly and not always have the results desired.  For example, I have a ripped ear lobe.  I could fix it for the second time so that I could perhaps wear pierced earrings longer, but after the first fix failed, I thought…I will just live without earrings and wear clip ons to occasional special events.  I have a front tooth out of alignment.  I could use braces since I never received them.  But, due to costs I have elected to naturally work to keep my teeth as white and bright as possible and not spend the money to straighten them.  I kind of cringe some days when I look at my smile, but I have decided that “smiling on” is more important than not.  I have hammer toes and again have elected to not do the surgery…on the advice of my podiatrist…so heels are in the past.  I have decided not to get any injections in my face but through consistent all-natural skincare practice, I am very pleased with how it is looking.  BTW, I was offered free injections for blogging and turned it down.  You have to decide what works or doesn’t work best for you and then stick by it.  There are some things I would do if I could (might try freezing the fat cells), but for now I am working with what I have been handed!  One thing I did on my birthday was to have several large moles removed from my neck and chest…so glad I did this.  It was not expensive and looks way better.  I can wear my V neck blouses with confidence again.  

Aging happens…no matter what we do.  So I believe our goal should be to look our natural, gorgeous self as we go through it.  There are some things however, to avoid in order to look youthful as we discussed yesterday.  If you have made the decision to spend money on injections or nips & tucks, then do not think I am judging you harshly.  Again, if I had the additional income it might be different.  We all have to decide what is best for us…what will keep us smiling and confident.  I am learning to live with the challenges of aging and want to encourage others to do the same.

Pamela Lutrell with youthful makeup tips

In order to look your youthful best make sure:

  1. You keep gray and white brow hairs plucked and gone.
  2. Do not wear heavy foundations or powders (for an all natural look, I have some Jane Iredale in the slide show below)
  3. Do not wear heavy lip liner much darker than your lipstick
  4. Do wear heavy bronzer to contour your face
  5. Be careful of excessive pink blush
  6. Keep your teeth cleaned and white as possible
  7. Fake nails that are unnaturally long can be aging…and hard to work with!
  8. Do not wear eye glass chains…unless you are going for a vintage, cat-eyed style
  9. As I said yesterday, consider a new hair cut in a modern style.
  10. The Big Number 10 is to wear Sunscreen Every Day…no matter what is on your schedule!  If you have not visited a dermatologist lately, make that a priority early in 2020.  You need to be checked for any possible skin cancer problems.  It was the small ones I did not notice that were the issues…not the big ugly ones!

Beyond Matte on Over 50 Feeling 40

The best beauty tip I can give for 2020 is to have an all natural skincare routine and stick by it faithfully.  I am always surprised when I speak with women, of how many do not cleanse their face twice a day and do not use moisturizer twice a day.  When I began to cleanse my face twice daily and exfoliate often, my skin turned around and my husband has finally learned this.  The best decision I made in the last year was to faithfully use Chamonix Genucel products, which are all natural and plant based.  I saw results that day…seriously and I have only used this line since that day.  They have amazing products.  

Over 50 Feeling 40 uses Chamonix

I begin each day with the Deep Sea Cleanser. I use the Cristalles Microderm Exfoliant once or twice a week.  Then the first product I put on is the Genucel Deep Firming Serum.  I think it is my favorite!  Under my eyes, I use the Genucel with Eyseryl Technology for dark circles and puffiness.

Pamela Lutrell for Chamonix Genucel

The moisturizer I use twice a day is the Genucel XV which is to combat wrinkles!  I also use the Genucel Jawline Treatment...great product.  I have never been this pleased with a product line to the point that I will not use another one.  It works so well and I feel like I look younger than my age.  Treats the wrinkles with an all-natural soft touch.

To summarize what I have said today,

  1. Pick what works best for you and stick with it.  
  2. Do not be upset if you cannot afford special treatments…make it work! (To quote Tim Gunn) That is what I do with all of my crazy aging challenges.
  3. Start the year with confidence about who you are and practice all natural makeup tips to look your youthful best. 
  4. Be consistent with your skincare…do it twice daily with an occasional special treatment.  Neglect is aging. 
  5. See a dermatologist this year…early if you have not been in awhile.
  6. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL…NO MATTER YOUR AGE; SIZE: INCOME LEVEL:  or anything else.  Accept that first thing this year.

Anyone want to add anything to the goal list?  I have an all natural slideshow below for you.  We will return to the style adjectives tomorrow.



By Pamela Lutrell




  1. I love your smile Pam!
    I can’t afford plastic surgery but if I could, I would be tempted to get my neck smoothed out. It’s the one thing that really bothers me.
    Women should feel free to age as they want. It’s their life and their body.
    Women who criticize or judge another woman’s decision are petty, out of line and often mean spirited.
    It’s really none of my business what another woman thinks of my choices and she should look to herself to learn why she feels the need to criticize another.
    Rant over:)

  2. What a great article – very empowering! I appreciate your positive thoughts and great suggestions on how to look our best at any age & size.

  3. Hi Jennifer, I hope you understand that there was no judgement or criticism offered in my post. I thought I was clear that this is a personal, individual decision and one of the things I have to look at is financial. But for those who desire that route I say go for it!

  4. Of course not! You made it very clear you don’t judge others for their choices.
    You’re always fair and kind which is one of the reasons I love you:) I wish all women were as nice as you.

  5. Good Morning! You have a very friendly smile and look terrific, Pam. I appreciate your positivity in all things. Regarding seeing the dermatologist for skin cancer screening, I have to second your declaration that it is very important. I am ten years your junior, but already eight years into yearly checks with my dermatologist. As someone of Nordic heritage, I have little innate tolerance for the sun – and yet, I live a very outdoorsy life up here in Oregon and travel frequently to sunny Mexico. Because I have already had several basal cell removals, I am never without SPF 30 to 80 on my face and body (the upper range in summer here and always in Mexico). There are really great ones available, non-shiny, not pore clogging. Neutrogena’s line is my favorite. When jet skiing or boating, I add a layer of good old fashioned zinc oxide cream. And . . .always wear a hat in the sun- to protect the scalp as well.

  6. I agree 100% about sunscreen! I have always been a fan of Neutrogena sunscreens, but I recently tried Supergoop! and their products are amazing! My one piece of advice to younger women is “Wear sunscreen and a hat!”

  7. I have chosen not to color my hair. I had my first white hair at 17. It is now bright white with just a few dark brown hairs left. A good cut & a youthful style is a must. Even though there are some experts who say those with gray or white hair should wear it short, I don’t follow that rule. I also wear bangs which is another rule I break. I don’t criticize those who color their hair or have procedures done to look younger. It’s just not a path I have chosen.

  8. Just to encourage you, Becky…I heard that if you want your hair to be youthful to wear bangs!! You got this!

  9. Wonderful post, Pam, and I love your smile.! I have chosen not to have work done, but I have friends who have. Everyone should do what makes them feel best. I’ve been told by many that I look younger than I am and try to keep my skin looking good and moisture is key. I see a dermatologist once a year too. The elevation where I live is over 6000 ft, so the sun here is very intense even in winter. High SPF moisturizers are our best friends!

  10. Great post Pam! It is so important to accept ourselves as we are today – everyone, with no exceptions, is going to age. This is something I think I was in denial about until I hit my 60’s! I am another one who won’t be having procedures done. And I also visit the dermatologist annually. Well, actually she has now put me on every 18 months, but I go! Water, drink lots of water. Always have water with you. One of my goals for the new year is to cut WAY back on sugar and eat more grains and greens. Like you said, the inside impacts the outside! These posts are so informative! Such good tips!

  11. I am glad the posts are helping! I want us to all get 2020 off to a strong start. Thanks Karen.

  12. I cannot afford designer skin procedures, but I did have a medically necessary breast reduction last spring. I put it off 30 years, and I am soooo sorry I wanted so long. It has been life changing.
    One thing I did try this weekend was a dermabrasion. I did it myself with the $10 razors from Tweezerman, purchased at Ulta.. It took very little time, and you had to hold it at an angle and stroke down on a perfectly dry, clean face. The peach fuzz and dry skin flakes that came off were amazing. Although I tend to have sensitive skin, I had very little irritation. My skin is so much more radiant and even glowing. I think it took off five years!

  13. You do a wonderful job! I look forward to all your posts! I think I’m your same age so all of your posts help me. Could you do a post with clothes for stylishly hiding a fat stomach please. I’d like to see if there are new tips available.

  14. Hi Pam, this series has been great, I’m already putting fashion suggestions to use. I am 57 and in the last 2 years have really aged. Menapause has not kind to my skin or hair. I am one of those women who does not wash her face at night, but I’m going to start tonight and make a concerted effort every night. I’ve just recently noticed my hair getting thinner so I’m researching good hair styles to help with that as well. I laughed at the eye glass chains. Guilty on that one as well. My CEO tells me they age me but I always know we’re my glasses are. I’m always on the lookout for fun ones and have even made some out of old necklaces, I predict they will come back in fashion, if they ever were! ? Have a great day and again thanks for the time and effort you have put into this fashion and beauty goal series. Betty

  15. So agree with all your points, particularly number six. That said; admit in my late fourties I did have a Blepharoplasty procedure done (reduction of heavy eye lids a genetic trait in my family) on the advice of my eye specialist and did not regret it. Fast forward and now in my early seventies; two years ago decided to have some dental implants done as basically got tired of sitting in a dental chair and making my Dentist rich only to be loosing my teeth anyways, one by one. (It was costly yes as required the services of a Surgeon as well as a Denturist, but its expected (☺) when you live in Canada!)

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