Pamela Lutrell for Genucel Serum

I feel pretty strongly that the Chamonix Genucel Deep firming serum is the best thing I do for my face as a woman over 50 every day. In fact,  have you seen the insurance commercial where different people tell others, “Don’t mess with my discount?”  I feel that way about my Deep Firming Serum (DFS) from Chamonixdon’t mess with my serum. I have been known to hide it from family members so I don’t run out!

I will explain the all natural, plant stem cell technology below.  But, first, here are my main reasons I love this serum so much….

Pamela Lutrell for Genucel Skincare

1.DFS feels amazing, and after cleansing, is absorbed deep into my skin

2. DFS delivers instant results.  I saw it immediately the first time I used it over a year ago, and every morning since….

3.  DFS used first thing in the morning, after cleansing, makes my complexion look lighter, brighter, and awake.

4. DFS immediately reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and smooths the surface of my skin.

5. DFS goes a long way…it only takes a smidgeon and absorbs moisture deep into my skin immediately.  It is not oily, but gently firming.

6. DFS used after exfoliating, microdermabrasion or micro-needling is my favorite time.  I know I am doing something healthy for my complexion while helping me to look my youthful, brightest best.  I use this because I MATTER.

Pamela Lutrell recommends Chamonix Microdermabrasion

Here is what Chamonix says about DFS on its website:

“The genucel® Deep Firming Serum (DFS) incorporates the latest Plant Stem Cell technology that preserves the appearance of a youthful look along with Liposome technology that delivers its active ingredient, Vitamin C, at a 7.5% concentration to the deepest layer (the dermis) of the skin. Plant stem cell science may well be the next frontier in anti-aging. The new DFS with Plant Stem Cell technology takes the effectiveness and benefits of the DFS to a whole new level. If you are one of the hundreds of thousands who used and loved the original classic DFS, you will be pleased to know we didn’t take anything out of this timeless bestseller, we only infused it with pure, clinically tested extract of natural plant stem cells.”

Why Chamonix?

over 50 Feeling 40 with serum review


Don’t mess with my serum!

It helps to KEEP ME SMILING!!


Disclaimer:  I was provided product for review for this post and the words are my own.


By Pamela Lutrell


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