What Should I Wear? To Look Youthful on a Dinner Date

Pamela Lutrell on a dinner date

It’s time for What-Should -I -Wear?- Wednesdays on over 50 feeling 40 where I discuss different scenarios and how I approach them with my fashion choices as a woman over 50.  Today, I want to discuss looking youthful, for me on a recent date night with Mr. B.  But, this discussion could apply to many events or even Valentine’s Day dinner.

First, I want to thank all of you for your kind comments yesterday.  You warmed the cockles of my heart!  And, whenever I need encouragement to go to the gym, I will read that post!  Yes, I am transitioning my style to shorter jackets and blouses, but until then I have many larger things in my closet that I will be wearing.  I do not have the additional income to go buy a whole new wardrobe right now.  I do love this look though.  The way this top falls is beautiful.

And when I put this beautiful white top (from Ming Wang) with faux leather leggings, and ballet flats (Clark – first shoe below), it just seems to work for me. This is a go-to look that I believe never goes out of style.  It is the leather-like leggings (these from Soft Surroundings) that is the youthful touch to this outfit.

Pamela Lutrell in Faux leather leggings from Soft Surroundings

Have you noticed all of the fashion-don’ts for women over 50?  There are so many, such as..

  1. Don’t wear leather or faux leather
  2. Don’t wear leggings
  3. Don’t wear dark eye shadow
  4. Don’t wear skirts above the knee
  5. Don’t wear maxi skirts
  6. Don’t wear statement jewelry
  7. Don’t wear skinny jeans…..and on, and on, and on

I know that yesterday, I gave you a list of fashion faux pas over 50 and I do believe Ines de la Fressange gives good advice.  BUT,  we all have to decide what works best for us individually.  What do we feel confident wearing?  What puts a smile on our faces when we look in the mirror? And always ask if the style communicates the style messages we want to say about us?  Just because it is a choice I might not make, doesn’t make it wrong for everyone.  I love purple eye shadow and wear it every day to make my eyes pop behind my glasses.  Some women feel youthful and fun in distressed jeans…I do not.  It is the opposite for me and I have not worn them…at all.    Many of you do not enjoy wearing a look that calls attention to you, so I get it.  But, often times, entering a room with bright confidence and joy will call attention to you…that is attention I believe we all should get accustomed to and enjoy it.

Pamela Lutrell recommends faux leather for women over 50

Some of you may be uncomfortable with wearing faux leather or leather pants or leggings.  For me, they provide a youthful touch to my outfit and I recommend them.  You only need to find the right brand for you that fits well and is comfortable.  Once you take the courageous step to go out in them, you most likely will never go back…like me.  Now, yes this Ming Wang tunic is flowy and oversized, but I do love it.  It has helped me through my body transitions to feel sexy, feminine and attractive.  There is actually a co-worker in her 30s in my office who wants this top.  It works for all ages!  When you are confident and smiling, you are ready for DATE NIGHT!

So, make sure you wear something that gives a youthful, current touch to your look.  If there is something you know your date hates, then I do recommend not wearing it (even if you love it).  You want to have a good time! Right? Most men do not care for or get pattern mixing, so I would also recommend to re-think that type of look for a date.  This is my independent research based on years of comments from men around me when I mix patterns. 

Would anyone like to add to this list of perhaps what has not worked for you on date night?  Or tell us how you feel about wearing faux leather leggings! 


Sharon is like so many of us during this new time of life with so many possibilities before us. We oftentimes have difficulty nailing down what we want to say about us with our clothing. It is especially hard for those out of the professional world, but important to do, however, so that we do not waste money trying to decide what works and what doesn’t work and so that we feel confident and joyful, ready to enjoy each day and whatever it holds. Sharon originally thought her adjectives might be current, classy, comfortable, fun and vibrant, but after cleaning out her closet she realized that she had more of a classic/preppy bent than she originally thought and that is a big message she wants to send.  So now her adjectives are classic, current, comfortable, fun and vibrant.  Here is a new slideshow for Sharon and women like her…meant to inspire this new direction.




By Pamela Lutrell




  1. Pam, I’ll say it again…you look amazing! Trim and glowing. All of your hard work has really paid off. And this outfit is stunning 🙂

  2. When I look at you I get inspired! Maybe I will start the hard work! All of your outfits are stunning.
    I believe that I have fallen into your pre 50 slump and will now try to be more aware of what I’m wearing.
    Thank you for some great inspiration.

    1. You made my day, Maggie! This is why I am here…to inspire you to live your best life over 50. Small changes can bring such joy! I am so glad you are making a decision to look and feel your best now!

  3. Fabulous look for you, Pam! I love your top! I know my husband appreciates me in simple tasteful outfits. I usually save my pattern mixing for lunches with my girlfriends.

  4. Your highlights and the shorter hair are very youthful too! It almost seemed like you were hiding behind the long hair, bangs, and glasses. I think this is a pretty common thing-I do it myself. But to be confident, like you say, you have to project, not hide. I’m showing that pic to my hairdresser!

    1. I really wasn’t hiding behind my hair. But I have loved my hair long my whole life and always received favorable comments for how thick and healthy it was. For some reason, I believed if I cut it, I would look larger. Thank goodness for a great stylist who gave me the courage to go this direction. The blonde is my way of avoiding gray for now…not ready for that step just yet. I have always loved bangs…not to hide behind but feel them to be youthful and stylish. The glasses? A necessary evil! I am glad that I did this though there are days I miss my hair! It is a great style (thanks to stylist Melody!)

  5. Your weight loss is becoming! Congrats! I was shocked at the list of what not to wear in the over 50 crowd! I am guilty of 6 of 7 ! I would have nothing to wear if I followed this list. I wear what I want to wear now that I am retired. I look forward to more posts about your exercise regime.

    1. Thanks Marcia! Coming up Sunday, I will post some tips of what has lead to my success so far. Hope you can stop by!

  6. I love that blouse Pam! The cut is so pretty and interesting, much more so than straight across. And the leather leggings….a huge YES! to those! When I read THIS list of “don’ts”, I have to say that I DO every one of them except I don’t wear maxi skirts. Not to say I wouldn’t. I’m with you on the distressed jeans….I don’t even like them on the very young, and some women are taking this too far by exposing a LOT of skin. I keep waiting for this trend to disappear, but it looks like it still has some life in it. I guess that for me, it is way off the mark on my style adjectives. Your blouse is definitely a keeper! The simplicity of this look is what makes it so youthful. No matter what you purge down the road, hang on to that top!

  7. You look very chic and confident. Thank you for showing us how to step up our wardrobe and confidence level.

    1. I can’t get over how in each photo you share with us, you are more and more “glowing.” That blouse is so ethereal but grounded with the black leggings. Yes to faux leather leggings! And I have some with a croc texture! And some faux suede with wide lace down each outseam! For me, having them in black is the key, as it is the texture, not the colour that stands out. As you say, wear what makes you happy!

  8. You should be very proud of your weight loss. I’m just starting a new diet after discovering working out alone is no solution! I love the faux leather leggings on you. For an intermediate step to leather, Chicos has coated jeans and faux suede that I wear. The coated jeans in black look similar to faux leather but fit looser than leggings. You’re an inspiration Pam!

    1. I need to try those on…I was wondering recently what the fit might resemble. Thanks Connie! Make sure you stop by here on Sunday!

  9. L-O-V-I-L-E-E, Pamela.

    Due to my age (early 70’s) my personal preference is a suede finish in pants/leggings but feel they look amazing on those who are younger.

    As for date night and the don’t list; assuming the same rule might apply to midi length skirts ; only a few weeks ago attended a live theater performance (a community production) with my daughter and three of her co-workers. Wore a wool blend knitted, straight cut, color blocked ‘midi skirt’ (with a coordinated top) and received compliments from all of them. Also, did I mention all four are Police persons and they didn’t feel it necessary to arrest me. Lol! I even broke another cardinal rule and wore pantyhose, going so far as to dye a pair to tie in the contrast color. (It was either them or tights as few go bare foot (or legged) due to our Canadian winter, with temps that hover well below zero.) To conclude; wearing a midi skirt was a nice change from wearing trousers/pants as it felt one step up regardless IMO that both are really very similar in illusion, with inner leg seams being the distinction between the two.

  10. Pam, your husband must have been so proud to be seen with you! You looked so well put together and sophisticated, yet casual and comfortable and STYLISH!!! You’ve got it all, kiddo! Nothing like basic black and white. But the way you put it together for yourself was just right. Now, about my slide show….loved it! I would wear many, many of the pieces you suggested for my adjectives and in fact, I have many things in my closet now that resemble some of your suggestions! THANK YOU so much for putting the extra time and effort into my confusion. You were such a help! I didn’t ever tell you that I am 5’2 1/2″ tall, about 10 lbs over what I had been weighing ( I try to stay around 138 – 140) because of some health and med issues, but that will soon be taken care of. I am very motivated to get “me” back before March 21, as my “baby” is getting married on that day! I just can’t tell you (again) how much learning how to define myself in terms of fashion statements has helped! Now I am not afraid to listen to my gut and not just buy on a whim so I can have all the basics in my closet that I need to mix and match and still step out looking well planned out and put together. You are truly the best! I am so enjoying reading your suggestions and tips and I have become one of your faithful fans! xoxo Sharon

  11. Forgot to say that I love the slideshow ! I share some of Shannon’s objectives and I would wear at least 2/3 of the styles. So helpful to have these examples!

  12. Pam, you look gorgeous with the shorter hair! You made a wonderful decision. You look like you’re ready to conquer the world!

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