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Please pour a drink, sit down, and let’s go through some of Today’s News for Women Over 50.  I curate headlines from the vast news outlets that I think might be of interest to you.  Make sure with the articles about health to speak with your doctor before making any health changes…always good to have their opinion!  There are some interesting…and fun articles here.  Then at the end, I have another slide show to highlight the style of one of our readers.  Feel free to comment on any or all of these…or the style messaging below. 

Let’s get started with the news…..

Pamela Lutrell shares news on over 50 fashion

I know I have been offering advice on your style for 2020 (and there’s more to come, BTW) but I thought you might enjoy this article from AARP called 8 Secrets for Updating Your Personal Style. I don’t see me making a vision board, but some of you might like the idea.  What do you think?

I know that for many of us those love handles on our backs are difficult to send away.  So here is an article from LiveStrong called The Best Ways to Get Rid of Low Back Fat for Good.

I am going to try this one for a while and see if I notice any difference. I like the benefits mentioned here.  At any rate, it is a calming exercise before bed.  Read The One Hot Drink Doctor Swear By To Help You Shed Fat & Burn Calories Before Bed – It’s Not What You Think!

Here we have a crazy trend!  I guess since I go to Walgreen’s over CVS, I have never noticed this.  But, never-the-less, it’s a trend!  Would You Wear It? CVS Scarves are officially a thing!

This isn’t funny and could have been tragic, so I am sorry I laughed when I first heard the story. I could so easily see this happening to me!  We should all watch our backs!  And be careful when you donate clothing.  The story is Woman Rescued After Being Stuck Inside of Clothing Donation Bin for 3 days.

I noticed this article since my word for the year is TODAY.  Alleviating Anxiety? Always a good thing! But I was going more for anxiety about tomorrow.  Read from the Ladders: Learning to Live one day at a time eliminates anxieties about yesterday.

 Now, for some style fun!  If you are new to this blog, then you might want to read my post 2020 Style Goals: Know Who You Are to understand what we are doing here. I believe the best way to understand who were are with our clothing is to define our style in five adjectives.  It helps with organizing your closet, selecting what to wear, knowing what to purchase, and, of course, confidence.  Many readers have sent me their style adjectives so I can prepare a slideshow of clothing currently on the market for them and others like them to consider….and to be inspired for new ways to communicate their style adjectives.  I am going to do more with this in 2020 than I have ever done, because I am convinced it works and helps.

Today, I am looking at Linda M.  She wants to communicate that she is polished, confident, interesting, creative and aware.  What a fun grouping of adjectives! So here goes for women like Linda M.

On Wednesday, in the comments of the What Should I Wear Post, Connie said this: “Nice post today, and I like seeing the scarf tied up close to the neck – which seems to further the Parisian vibe. Fun! I have an outing with two of my friends coming up the 18th of this month: about an hour and a half worth of driving north (to the next bigger city), enjoying lunch out, and then a 2 p.m. performance at the symphony hall of “An American in Paris” – the musical. Could you suggest something that would wear well in the car and yet be stylish enough for our afternoon? Also, it is likely to be cool and rainy. Oregon, after all. ? Thanks!!”

I am going to respond now, but please offer your suggestions as well and then there is a slide show for Connie, below this.  My response is:  Hi Connie, I am so jealous!  Would love to see that with you!  Sadly in our society today, many dress down to go to a 2:00 theater performance (even at night as well), but I think lunch with friends and the theater is a reason to bring out your casual chic finest!  Look your confident best and have fun with it.  I would go with either a nice, dark wash denim or a quality ponte knit pant which would wear well in the car ride.  Then top it with a fun, print or stylish jacket.  I have some in the slide show below which might give your ideas and inspiration.  The pants (especially in the colder climates) are chic and comfortable this time of year.  A stylish boot is the perfect way to top of this look.  Of course, I do not know your tastes, adjectives, or body type, but I wanted to give you some ideas in order to help you pick something out.  Let us know what you wear and have fun!!  By the Way, I think sequined jackets look amazing with jeans!  For the rain…umbrella!




By Pamela Lutrell


  1. Good Morning! Thank you so much for the lovely suggestions for my outing. I am especially drawn to the patterned gray jacket and black velvet topper, both from Chico’s. I have black ponte straight leg slacks and will likely choose those because they do travel well as you point out. I am 5′ 8″ and wear size 14 in tops, 12 in pants. I hope other readers offer their opinions as well. Will let you know what I ultimately wear. Thanks again!!

  2. The scarves at CVS…I have seen, and purchased, some really pretty scarves at drugstores. They are usually low in price, and some have become my favorites. I also found a sundress at Walgreen’s when I was in SC with my grandson, and bought it! Sounds odd, but goes to show you never know! I like your suggestions for Connie. I’d definitely go with a “dressier than denim”, ponte knit pant and a blazer or nice jacket. I think it’s sad that people don’t dress up very much anymore. I love having an occasion to dress up a little for. Going to lunch and a musical performance of that quality is certainly an occasion! I love that jacket with the fur cuffs!

  3. Really enjoyed all the helpful articles today and the slideshow. I agree with Karen that ponte knit pants would be great for a matinee for Connie. You cannot go wrong with a Chico’s jacket! It is fun to have an occasion to dress up, so go for it! I’ll have to check out my local CVS store for scarves!

    1. Full disclosure, everyone….the CVS scarf article is kind of a joke! People are making scarves out of their very long receipts and posting them on social media as a trend. I am not advocating to shop there for scarves! I thought some of you might find the article and trend to be funny!!

  4. Interesting articles today! Yes to the vision board. I created one on Pinterest awhile back that helped me identify my personal style. No to the CVS scarf though I’ve been tempted to order a Storiarts scarf. Have you seen them? Very cool for anyone with a literary bent.

    I like your suggestions for Connie. I would choose the black pants as opposed to jeans. You’ve shown some great jacket choices in the slideshow.

  5. Agree with Elaine above as some very interesting reads and the article on CVS scarves definitely was amusing.

    As to a Vision Board I use the styling of actress Helen Mirren as guidance since her ‘overall choices’ on the most part not only appeal to me BUT we are close in age, very similar in body type (though I’m slightly taller), fair in complexion etc. All said; regardless I do not have her lifestyle or bank account (though the latter how I wish …. lol!) I find taking a cue from her wardrobe and how she dresses, has been a benefit to me.

    Last but not least; I too love your suggestions given to Connie as feel they are spot on. -Brenda-

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