Today’s News for Women Over 50 + One More Reader’s Style Adjectives

Pamela Lutrell with news for women over 50

Well, this week has flown by and it was a busy one.  I am happy to sit down with you over coffee and breakfast to discuss Today’s Headlines for Women Over 50.  This is where I search the web for news that may be of interest to you.  Granted, many news articles for women 50+ have to do with our health.  When you read something here that motivates you to make changes, then please talk to your primary care physician before you do anything.  Always good to have their opinion.

Pamela Lutrell discusses job interviews over 50

Since this past Wednesday we discussed interviewing for any type of job in the What Should I Wear segment,  I thought this article from the Ladders might be of interest to some of you.  Before you go to an interview, read 6 Ageist Job Interview Questions and How to Respond.


Pamela Lutrell presents news on aging well

The next articles all give us advice on how to up our game at this time of our lives.  This PBS interview is interesting with A NeurtoScientist Who Lays Out the Keys to Aging Well.

Pamela Lutrell shares a scientific study

Here is more from other scientists!  Scientists Say These 5 Healthy Habits Extend Your Healthspan 10 Years.

Pamela Lutrell shares about healthy oatmeal

The woman above this is eating ice cream, but there have been so many articles this month on the power of oatmeal.  I really need to do this!  Here are 5 Overnight Oats Recipes Doctors Swear By to Shrink Your Waistline Over 50.

Pamela Lutrell with news on shrinking belly fat

Add to that article this one on 6 Proven Ways to Get Rid of Belly Fat.  We can do this, ladies.  Let’s make a plan!

Pamela Lutrell with health news for women

But, Pam, you say….I have little time for exercise.  Here are two options for you to consider….

A 10-Minute Yoga Flow to Fire Up Your Metabolism Anytime, Anywhere

4 Workouts you can do in 20minutes or less

Trust me…every little bit helps!  Do you have any comments on one or more of these articles?  Please share!

Another Reader’s Style Adjectives

Let’s end this week with a look at another reader’s style adjectives.  Meet Lila (love your name) and she wants to communicate with her style that she is sophisticated, confident, young at heart, strong, and with Southern Charm!  So this slide show is for Lila and women like her.

See you tomorrow for Would You Wear It!

Happy Weekend, and KEEP SMILING!!

By Pamela Lutrell


  1. Fabulous links today! I did a lot of pinning and saving. Thank you so much for using your time to help all of us!

  2. These were interesting articles. I think to make exercise work for us, we have to first discipline ourselves to be consistent until it becomes a habit. It’s a process. It’s easy to skip a couple days, think we blew it so why bother. But we have to start again. Also, finding something we enjoy, that was a great tip. It’s much easier to do an activity if you like doing it than if you have to force yourself. I have found rewards work (even at my age!). My rewards are new clothes to wear for workouts. Somehow, having something new to put on encourages you to “show up” and do the workouts. It was great to see the reference to oatmeal! It’s such a treat in the cold weather, with lots of health benefits. I don’t know how you are nailing the slide shows for all these adjectives, but you are certainly doing it! It’s interesting to see how, even though we have our dominant adjectives, things from other descriptors can be so appealing. I love classic styling, but also like to look feminine and modern, so some of what is in the slide show today, that really does say “Southern Charm”, really appeals to me. A lot of these things seem to cross over and become a new way to interpret your adjectives. Intuition plays a big role here when shopping. I might love something on a display, but know it doesn’t fit my personality or lifestyle. Thinking through the adjectives of others while looking through the slideshows have been very helpful!

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