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Pamela Lutrell asks readers if they would wear this look

Bonjour, ladies and welcome to Would You Wear It with a touch of French inspiration!  On most Saturdays, my friend, Jennifer, and I show current fashion displays and ask what you think.  We want you to tell us if you would or would not wear it and explain why it does or does not work personally for you!  Please offer your comments in such a way as to be constructive for other women.  We learn so much from each other in these posts. 

Pamela Lutrell offers French inspiration

After you comment here, I hope you will go to be inspired by one of my reader’s below who sent in her style adjectives for today’s slide show!  It’s so much fun to do this with the readers of Over 50 Feeling 40!  So, let’s begin, look at the mannequin above and tell us

Would You Wear It, s’il vous plait?

For those who like what they see in today’s fashion display, here is a slideshow just for you…………………………………………………………………………………….


Today, we are featuring style by Darla!  Darla would like to communicate with her clothing choices that she is confident, energetic, joyful, optimistic and strong!  All words that resonate strongly with me!  So, here is a style show curated just to inspire Darla and women like her….. (NOTE, all weekend on Soft Surroundings when you buy one top, you can get a second one at 40% off...many retailers are having MLK Weekend Sales).

 Now, please go over to A Well Styled Life, and tell Jennifer what you think of her mannequin. 


By Pamela Lutrell




  1. I think this outfit is very cute for a younger person, just not for me.
    The pleated skirt would not work well for my pear shape. The polka dot shirt is fine & I might wear that with jeans.

  2. I love polka dots so this whole display makes me happy! I would definitely wear the skirt and the boots. I like the black and white top but the neck line seems a bit low and the sleeves are a bit too poofy for me. I really like the polka dot dress in the background.

  3. I love polka dots! I hear they will be a big trend this spring.
    This outfit would be fine on a 20 year old. I don’t like the style here for me. I would look crazy in this. The dots are too big, pleated skirt no thanks, the belt no thanks, the beret nope. The top is a no for me — the neckline, the poofy sleeves no. I wore many bridesmaid dresses in the 1980’s and 90’s with those sleeves.
    Happy Saturday!

  4. I’m another fan of polka dots and have them in my wardrobe. I really like the pleated skirt and would wear that. I would not wear the top with the poofy sleeves. I think the boots on all the displays look like someone is trying too hard to be trendy. Some other kind of dressy bootie or pumps would be my choice. The beret is another “trying too hard” component in this particular outfit. I know women gravitate toward French style, but I’m betting you wouldn’t see this particular look on the streets of France. I do lIke some pieces in the slides show! For the display, yes to the skirt (worn with a shorter sweater for winter), and no to the rest of it!

  5. This is adorable on the mannequin but not for me, and especially the blouse is very wrong for my shape!
    I could try on the skirt but would be discouraged trying to find something to wear with it.
    I have a beret like this already and do wear it!
    This is sadly a “miss” for me, my age and my shape!

  6. I personally do not care for polka dots, puffed sleeves, or anything cut low, so this top is an all around “no” for me. I do not wear skirts and a pleated style is not my choice. I would walk right by this mannequin.

  7. It’s all a NO for me. Neckline too low and no to puffy sleeves. Not even crazy about the polka dots. Don’t wear skirts anymore but this pleated skirt would look good on a slim, younger person. The overall vibe is from another era and not mine presently!!

  8. I like everything about this outfit except the neckline. It’s a pretty design but I could not pull it off. Love the beret!

  9. Adorable look but not for me.
    I do love polka dots and love the sweetheart neckline but my shoulders are too broad for puffy sleeves.
    I seldom wear pleated skirts and if I did, I would not choose a shiny material.
    Shiny fabric accentuates every lump and bump, as evidenced by the bump showing in front of the lower tummy made by the top where it is tucked in.

  10. If I was a French Apache dancer I’d scoop it up! But, since I’m not, I’ll leave it on the mannequin. As someone else said, it’s too costumey. Polka dots always signal Spring is here for me, so I would go for a tamer version and let Minnie Mouse and the French dancers have this one.

    A simple blouse in dots would be great and more versatile. I’m not sure about dots on the lower half, but recall that was a real trend several moons ago. (With a matching blouse so you had either a dress when worn together or separates………really very versatile.)

  11. Knee jerk reaction; with its Parisian flair a cute ensemble for a cosplay character paired with a low pump heels (not boots). That said; as I do feel the pieces work together, I could see a young person wearing it to express a fashion statement. For myself; I do like the gloves, belt and boots but not a fan of pleated skirts. As for the top do love polka dots but for starters the style is too young for me with its low scoop neckline plus the sleeve cap/head is too full for shoulder/body type.

  12. The only part of this outfit that I would wear is the beret. Black and white are too stark for my colouring and the outfit is too girly. As you would say, it doesn’t communicate my style adjectives! I’m enjoying seeing all the different adjectives that your readers chose and the slideshows you’ve made for us. You’ll be happy to know that I’ve developed the habit over the past few weeks of standing in front of the mirror in the morning and running through my 5 style adjectives in my mind to make sure that what I’m wearing says what I want it to say. It’s helping me put the things that are already in my closet together in new ways and also giving me ideas what to look for when I go shopping.

  13. This is a wonderful outfit, but unfortunately not for me. It’s a bit too choppy with the gloves and ankle booties. I do love the french inspiration but think it is for a young woman.

    That being said, I would tailor this look for myself by pairing the skirt with a different polka-dot top — one minus the puffy sleeves and with a plain neckline.

    The beret is terrific!

  14. The display is very well done, & the outfit is cute & indeed very French. I would not wear it. There is nothing that would flatter my shape, but I could certainly see someone taller & thinner than I wearing it.

  15. What a great outfit for a petite woman…at almost 6’ I just couldn’t pull it off.
    Sleeves, big, puffy etc, are in this year but I look like a full back wearing them but I do love polka dots.
    For my style I need a longer skirt, black long sleeve tee with white polka dots & Ballerina Slippers.

  16. No , I could not wear this outfit except for the boots. I have a similar pair and wear them with dresses, jeans, everything! I have found that I am not comfortable wearing items with ruffles or poofiness ..I feel like I am trying to look girlish or something so the top’s sleeves are a no for me, although I do love and wear polka dots. I also would not wear anything that low cut. I don’t care for pleats because I think they make my waist look wide., so the skirt is a no for me. And btw, I loved the post yesterday with the link to the article about ageist interview questions…thanks so much. I am a 57 year old attorney looking to return to work after a 7 year absence caring for my parents and then dealing with estate matters after their death. I love how you got a new job at age 64. Very inspiring and great information!

  17. Love the polka dots, but the neckline and especially the puffy sleeves are a no. The skirt I like but it may be a bit long for me as I’m only 5’5″. MY DIL who is 5″10 and a stick would really look fantastic in this. I have similar boots and I’ve been wearing them to death this winter with tights. I like the blouse on the mannequin to the left of the pic … long sleeves and higher-neck.

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