Pamela Lutrell on a dinner date

It’s time for What-Should -I -Wear?- Wednesdays on over 50 feeling 40 where I discuss different scenarios and how I approach them with my fashion choices as a woman over 50.  Today, I want to discuss looking youthful, for me on a recent date night with Mr. B.  But, this discussion could apply to many events or even Valentine’s Day dinner.

First, I want to thank all of you for your kind comments yesterday.  You warmed the cockles of my heart!  And, whenever I need encouragement to go to the gym, I will read that post!  Yes, I am transitioning my style to shorter jackets and blouses, but until then I have many larger things in my closet that I will be wearing.  I do not have the additional income to go buy a whole new wardrobe right now.  I do love this look though.  The way this top falls is beautiful.

And when I put this beautiful white top (from Ming Wang) with faux leather leggings, and ballet flats (Clark – first shoe below), it just seems to work for me. This is a go-to look that I believe never goes out of style.  It is the leather-like leggings (these from Soft Surroundings) that is the youthful touch to this outfit.

Pamela Lutrell in Faux leather leggings from Soft Surroundings

Have you noticed all of the fashion-don’ts for women over 50?  There are so many, such as..

  1. Don’t wear leather or faux leather
  2. Don’t wear leggings
  3. Don’t wear dark eye shadow
  4. Don’t wear skirts above the knee
  5. Don’t wear maxi skirts
  6. Don’t wear statement jewelry
  7. Don’t wear skinny jeans…..and on, and on, and on

I know that yesterday, I gave you a list of fashion faux pas over 50 and I do believe Ines de la Fressange gives good advice.  BUT,  we all have to decide what works best for us individually.  What do we feel confident wearing?  What puts a smile on our faces when we look in the mirror? And always ask if the style communicates the style messages we want to say about us?  Just because it is a choice I might not make, doesn’t make it wrong for everyone.  I love purple eye shadow and wear it every day to make my eyes pop behind my glasses.  Some women feel youthful and fun in distressed jeans…I do not.  It is the opposite for me and I have not worn them…at all.    Many of you do not enjoy wearing a look that calls attention to you, so I get it.  But, often times, entering a room with bright confidence and joy will call attention to you…that is attention I believe we all should get accustomed to and enjoy it.

Pamela Lutrell recommends faux leather for women over 50

Some of you may be uncomfortable with wearing faux leather or leather pants or leggings.  For me, they provide a youthful touch to my outfit and I recommend them.  You only need to find the right brand for you that fits well and is comfortable.  Once you take the courageous step to go out in them, you most likely will never go back…like me.  Now, yes this Ming Wang tunic is flowy and oversized, but I do love it.  It has helped me through my body transitions to feel sexy, feminine and attractive.  There is actually a co-worker in her 30s in my office who wants this top.  It works for all ages!  When you are confident and smiling, you are ready for DATE NIGHT!

So, make sure you wear something that gives a youthful, current touch to your look.  If there is something you know your date hates, then I do recommend not wearing it (even if you love it).  You want to have a good time! Right? Most men do not care for or get pattern mixing, so I would also recommend to re-think that type of look for a date.  This is my independent research based on years of comments from men around me when I mix patterns. 

Would anyone like to add to this list of perhaps what has not worked for you on date night?  Or tell us how you feel about wearing faux leather leggings! 


Sharon is like so many of us during this new time of life with so many possibilities before us. We oftentimes have difficulty nailing down what we want to say about us with our clothing. It is especially hard for those out of the professional world, but important to do, however, so that we do not waste money trying to decide what works and what doesn’t work and so that we feel confident and joyful, ready to enjoy each day and whatever it holds. Sharon originally thought her adjectives might be current, classy, comfortable, fun and vibrant, but after cleaning out her closet she realized that she had more of a classic/preppy bent than she originally thought and that is a big message she wants to send.  So now her adjectives are classic, current, comfortable, fun and vibrant.  Here is a new slideshow for Sharon and women like her…meant to inspire this new direction.




By Pamela Lutrell



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