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Time for Today’s News for Women over 50!  This is where I curate news headlines just for you, the incredible strong women over 50.  I seek out news that will be interesting and relevant to your lives during this particular time of life.  However,  I do ask that if you read something here that prompts you to make a change in your health, that you will consult with your primary care physician before making the change.  Never hurts to have a second opinion!  Well, let’s get started…shall we?


Today's News for Women Over 50 on Over 50 Feeling 40

I am certain there is a bag in my kitchen somewhere right now…fortunately they are not there as often as they were when our three children were at home.  I confess to a love of the CRUNCH.  Here is a sobering reminder of the dangers associated with this one food.  Read THE ONE SUPRISING SNACK NO ONE SHOULD HAVE IN THEIR KITCHEN ANY MORE IN 2020, ACCORDING TO A NUTRITIONIST.  


How Pamela Lutrell eats

As we have just witnessed, there are so, so many articles out there today about what we should or should not eat.  But, I really like how this doctor has simplified it and I am going to keep his graphic around.  Look at  A top doctor’s ‘daily dozen’ takes all of the stress and confusion out of heathy eating.


Pamela Lutrell discusses retirement

This article is sobering, but good.  The topic is a daily one lately at my house. My husband wants me to hang in there for three more years, because his CPA brain agrees with what is being said here.  We will see if his CPA brain or my tired of professional life brain wins!  This article is very good for those looking retirement in the face.  Read This Social Security Statistic is Shocking.


Over 50 Feeling 40 with Top Headlines

Girlfriends are the best!  I have been so blessed by the new and the old friends of my life. Making new friends at the gym over the past six years have been such a blessing.  But I recognize that it is not easy for some.  Today’s article states, “The daily time Americans spend alone more than doubles between the ages of 20 and 80.”  If you are one who struggles later in life to make friends, you might enjoy these tips.  Read Making Friends as an adult is hard, but these simple tips can help.


Pamela Lutrell on comforting others

One of the reasons relationships are more difficult on this side of 50 is because so many people we care about go through difficulties later in life.  I thought this article might be good since we all have to support our friends during this time.  Read 9 Ways to Help a Friend Going Through A Crisis.


Today's News for Women over 50 on Tumeric

This is so easy to test on our dark spots that I am going to do it!  Read GET RID OF DARK CIRCLES AND AGE SPOTS WITH THIS DIY TURMERIC TREATMENT.



Project Runway Designer

Tonight is Project Runway on Bravo and 64-year-old Nancy Volpe-Beringer is now in the top five designers.  We will find out tonight if she is allowed to design a collection and go forward to New York Fashion Week.  She did win last week’s challenge with her gorgeous gown for an Olympic wheel-chair athlete.  Watch that Olympic episode here before tonight.  Have you also noticed that Project Runway star designer and mentor, Christian Siriano is now designing collections for JJill?  I put some looks in the slide show below.  Have fun with all of this and by all means,


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  1. I’m definitely going to start using the turmeric and lemon on my spots that seem to be appearing more and more on my legs. I’ve had chemical peels done at the derm on my face, neck chest and backs of my hands and I’m adamant about using sunscreen now. We used to just cook ourselves at the beach with cocoa butter and no sunscreen.

    The coral shift in the slide show is one of my colors, but I’d like it a little bit longer, maybe touching the top of the knee.

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