What Should I Wear? to feel youthful confidence over 60

Pamela Lutrell on confident dressing over 60

It has been a week full of great conversation to inspire those of us in the second stage of life.  Today, I want to take WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? a little deeper and focus on those of you in the audience over 60.  How can we feel youthful, confidence over 60 and leave dowdy behind?  I am the young age of 66 with only about five months until that goes up, and I am aware daily of looking appropriately youthful in all that I do.  When I reached my sixties, I was asked if I was going to change the name of the blog…well, no.  The rest of our lives we are over 50, and hopefully feeling youthful and strong.

Pamela Lutrell shows what to wear over 60


  1. Wear clothing that fits your body well.  I really think one of the biggest mistakes that women 60+ make is to wear clothing that is too large in an attempt to be comfortable.  Comfort comes when we are confident in what we are wearing and what it says about us. Over sized, flowy garments do not necessarily deliver comfort and honestly may make you look older than you are.  I am beginning to ask myself when I look in the mirror…What Age do I look?  Right now, I want to be respected as a professional, an intelligent woman, and a woman with a large wonderful family.
  2. Wear current, appropriately youthful clothing.  This only means to leave your mother’s mu-mus where they belong…gone into the past.  We do not want to look like we are competing with 25 year-old women either…they will always win!  I have on simple pieces today, but pieces that have been current and classics for many years…always in style and always youthful. 
  3. Do not be afraid of color or accessories.  They add the pop of youth that makes each outfit special and really do not take that much time to add fact, it takes as much time to dress with confidence as it does to dress down and look dowdy or frumpy…the latter only means we are saying with our clothing that we do not care.  This messaging will take us down a road to depression and I do not want any of you on that road.  The two outfits I wore on Monday and Tuesday had more color in them and I confess, I felt younger in both of those looks.  I like today’s look, but I think the addition of color really helps!

Over 50 Feeling 40 in blue bracelets for spring

4. Embrace your imperfections.  Just as a master painter embraces his artwork and actually finds beauty in each imperfection within, so are you a masterpiece.  Today you are looking at a woman on this blog who is wrinkled, over weight, has funky feet with curled toes, has a ripped ear, is covered in age spots, and has a front tooth out of line!! I have had these same imperfections for a long, long time and still dress with confidence every day.  So what if high heels and earrings are in my past!  This is a new day with new fun accessories to enjoy.   It’s a new day, it’s a new life, and I am feeling good! (That’s a song lyric, right?)

Pamela Lutrell on confident dressing over 60

5. FInally, ladies, attitude is everything.  If you go out the door with a smile on your face, then you look younger…it is a given.  

Now, below is an outfit that I wear to work, but will also wear in retirement for many reasons.  Each piece here will stay in my closet.  I really love jackets with jeans.  I am really trying not to purchase what I formally called professional clothing, but have clothing that I can wear in both stages of life.  

Over 50 Feeling 40 2020 Style Goal #3



I believe there are many women who think that their personal style is done when they hit 60+.  Far from it, girls.  Style can be a source of strength and propel us forward into exciting segments of life like we have never known.  It is not too late to have amazing experiences and to look better than we ever have…yes, with wrinkles, bunions, hammer fingers…all of it.  Don’t close the door to your wardrobe just yet or put on outfits that tell the world you have given up.  Let’s have some fun!

We have had great, encouraging discussions this week!  Make sure you read the posts from Monday and Tuesday.  For the ladies 60+, what do you like to wear that makes you feel younger?  Please share your personal favorites!  I have some fun items in today’s slideshow (I picked items with feeling youthful in mind)………….watch out tomorrow for Today’s News for Women over 50….and make sure you



By Pamela Lutrell


  1. Thanks for the reminder that we can still look fabulous over 60 and not give up! I can’t wear heels anymore because of having had hip replacements at age 53 (I am 61 now) and I have the hammertoes too, which makes shoe shopping difficult at times. But I won’t give up! I still work part time in an office setting and like to look professional even though everyone else younger really dresses down. When do you think you will retire, Pamela? I am thinking of retiring this year as my husband is 5 years ago older and has already retired. I am trying not to buy too many more “work clothes” for that reason but since that’s been my main clothing purchases for the past 40 years it’s kind of hard to get out of the habit. I feel like I need to focus more on comfortable but stylish casual outfits for the next chapter. Thanks for all your tips and pics of ideas too! Kelly

  2. It is tough to know the right time for me, Kelly. Working through it right now with my husband. Shoes become so difficult with hammer toes because sometimes looking for the larger toe box makes the length of the shoe too long! Winter has been great because I could wear socks in my boots! I have an informative article on retirement that is going to be on my blog tomorrow. Hope you will return to read it.

  3. I always seem to lean to blue colors. Navy blue is a great color on you. I retired 3 months ago…..what a great decision after working 45 plus years. Few health bumps and bruises along the way but here we are working through them.

  4. Pam, you look fabulous in both those outfits. We don’t have to look like our grandmothers – grandma shoes and little floral prints on a dress. Come to think of it, I do not ever remember my grandmother wearing pants at all. Classic timeless styles, including jeans are perfect and last for years. I do have to resist going into some departments/stores that cater to the under 30 crowd – the styles are fantastic, but too young these days. Fortunately I had my bunions and hammer toes ‘fixed’ about 15 years ago, so shoes are not a problem as long as I can find them in my size — 11 narrow. It takes a long time for foot surgery to fully heal and I ended up having to wear Uggs with a long formal gown to a Christmas party…

  5. Pamela, I give the outfit at the top of today’s post 5 stars! The camel jacket coordinates nicely with your hair color. The cut/fit of each piece is modern and figure flattering. The jewelry is beautiful. This is a great style blueprint for you!

    My youthful after 60 tip would be a good hairstyle. The short, stiff, overly styled look is not modern or youthful in my book.

  6. Now that I think about it, I do not remember either of my grandmothers ever wearing pants!

  7. Im a faithful follower of your blog Pam and have learned so much! Im 73 years young, and am slowly learning to navigate retirement in many ways, but what i was wearing became a roadblock before you and Jennifer!
    I no longer keep clothes that are too big for me. I can see at my exercise classes and yoga class what people around me look like. So many retirees wear the baggiest clothes! Even black bootleg stretch pants and leggings designed for activity but sizes too large! Tops that could fit a small man. I looked around today and saw so many of these examples. I’m not suggesting skin tight anything! But clothes that fit! I finally looked in a mirror a few months back and saw I was hiding in my clothes. And I’m pretty thin. Thank you so much for your inspiration in what to wear and how to wear them.

  8. That tucked-in white blouse takes off pounds! You look great in your more fitted clothes! You are an inspiration!

  9. I laughed out load at your self description of wrinkles etc…..Me too! How refreshing to read that we are nor alone! What I find aging is dark background small floral prints….my sister calls them “ditsy”. Partly from reading your blog, I have been moving to column dressing, which I love. I don’t wear tailored jackets often, but I do wear flowy cardigan or knit jackets. Fluid tunics make me happy!

  10. I have a longgggggg way to go, but trying to take baby steps toward more fitted styles. Thanks!!

  11. I think column dressing is my favorite, Christine! I have to be careful or I would wear it every day! Thanks for being here, so happy to help!

  12. Love the turquiose bracelets Pam. Are they older? If not, please furnish links or a brand. Thanks.

  13. Both outfits here are wonderful on you! The jackets are things you can enjoy wearing no matter what stage of life you are in. It’s interesting to me how you said you’ve stopped buying the purpose made professional pieces. About a year before I retired I did a huge amount of prep work so I could walk forward knowing where I was headed, both financially and with my wardrobe. I remember the first time my sister and I went for our annual trip where I didn’t look for “work clothes.” It was such a freeing feeling. I kept many things, like you say you will, and I wear them and still enjoy dressing well. I loved your descriptors and could relate to most of them, with a smile because I’ve made my peace. Happy to be healthy and able to be part of life! This is a very good post!!

  14. I find that wearing horizontal stripes always lifts my mood. Love your looks today and your comments brighten my day, thank you.

  15. I look forward to reading your posts which are refreshing and informative to this 72 yr old. Thank you.

  16. Pamela, that more fitted jacket and proportions in the whole outfit is great on you; definitely flattering, slimming, fun, professional & comfortable appearing…keep up the good work!!

  17. Great tips again today! Thanks for the reminder that we can be comfortable & stylish. Those of us with bad feet can be grateful that there are so many pretty flats & fun sneakers available now. I think we Baby Boomers are changing the way how the world views the 60+ ladies.

  18. Wonderful post, Pam. I think we baby boomers refuse to get old and frumpy. I will always be interested in looking and feeling the best that I can. Fashion should be fun! You are an inspiration to all of us! Love your looks today, and your beautiful jewelry.

  19. While I like color, one of the biggest things I find aging is an overly matched, colorful outfit, especially if it’s synthetic and pastel. Watch what the younger people do … they don’t match “correctly,” they either work with tones or put one deliberately mismatched item on. And they look great (once you get used to it and ignore the “mother voice” in your ear lecturing you on the rules :)). I’m often asked by younger teaching colleagues how I manage to look appropriate but young, as they then talk about trying to help their own moms branch out. I always point out to them that I don’t match things as tightly as we were once taught … and it is always an ah-ha moment.

  20. Great post & you are looking fabulous in those two outfits! I’m finding my new flared leg slacks & jeans with a fitted sweater, cashmere now that it’s a little warmer, and a colorful vest, of which I have many, are my “feel young & hip” outfits.
    Really enjoying your posts & instagrams.

  21. I am still working on not listening to the “mother voice” so I completely get what you are saying Linda!

  22. I really wish we could get away with more cashmere…I just love it. Enjoy and thanks for being here, Lois!

  23. Hi, I just started to follow your blog,Pam.
    I do follow your friend Jennifer.
    I have been retired for 10 years, it takes some effort to continue to look “smart” when going out.
    My feet are the Bain of my Existence! So shoes often make the difference of what I wear.
    I love your idea of use of colour in jewelry !

  24. Beautiful post, dear. Your dressing style is so elegant and classy. Although there are no specific rules on how should dress up at a certain age but I believe you have brought out very good points in your post. When you dress up appropriately it does help to bring out the confidence.

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